‘Lucifer’ 3×04 Review: “What Would Lucifer Do?”


What would Lucifer Do? Turns out that’s a interestingly dangerous question to stick out there. Between Amenadiel literally strolling in Lucifer’s shoes, Lucifer learning change cannot be so easily denounced, and Lt “Fuckface,” as my friend Shana so lovingly dubbed Mr. Pierce, channeling new levels of “dickishness” it was a mind popping hour.

Why don’t we dive in Lucifans?

People don’t change, they simply put on new pants

I realize the ridiculousness of that statement, but I swear it applies to Lucifer at some point. His mission this hour is to prove that people don’t change. I understand Lucifer’s hidden talent is to hone in on an obsession with such accuracy you wonder if he has built in zoom on his eyes, but lord was he driving me nuts. His intent to prove he’s the same Devil as always comes in orbit with the case of the week, the death of a counselor at a high end reform camp.

In the spirit of people seemingly aren’t changing is Lt Marcus Pierce back this week to as Dan pointed out be “a dick to everyone.” I’ll say this Tom Welling was perfectly cast in this role, given he managed to rise my eyebrows more than once with literally just the man’s facial expressions.

Weaving in the Devil’s story is his brother Amenadiel taking a literal and metaphorical walk in his brother’s shoes for a change. See what I did there? I’ll admit to cracking up at his attempt to imitate his brother (Amenadiel sweetie NO ONE is that blunt about sex), which of course lands him in jail for hooking up with a call girl. Oh thank goodness for his good friend Daniel Espinoza who kindly bails him out after hearing his wonderfully hilarious explanation.

Drugs aren’t the answers, kids

It never ceases to amaze me what this show gets away with (I swear Joe Henderson and Ildy Modrovich must have magic powers in this regard) because I sat on my bed watching Lucifer trot out a horse running a drug operation with teenagers. If there were a head-desk icon option here I’d be putting it. Between that and Ella’s shameless shipper fangirl side coming out saying Pierce is digging Decker which she is a badass but Ella dear Deckerstar is where it’s at. I can’t hold it against her especially with those ridiculously not subtle moves with a…folder of all things, haha.

Jumping ahead between Lucifer threatening a teenager’s life off a cliff, and then getting called a good influence after scaring him half to death. I see you Pierce praising Lucifer where he won’t notice to get under Chloe’s skin….hmm. I won’t lie Chloe working hard to prove what we already know to be true was getting under my skin.  She’s a badass, an amazing detective and brilliant to boot. Ella pointing out the first and then her turning it around on Pierce was satisfying in a way only the Lucifer writers could deliver in a single episode, but damn that’s a good job of character moments building up to always having a meaning. I wasn’t expecting the Lieutenant to get shot so quickly, but I do appreciate him saving Chloe and she sincerely thanking him despite all the crap he’d given her.

What he said though about understanding the, ahem “effect” she has on Lucifer threw a theory into my head about our newest Luci-member. He may be human as you or I, but I don’t think he’s quite a normal one either. We’ll find out eventually, but hey a little speculation never hurt especially since considering the twists of this show I’m usually wrong, haha.

I have to say though, their ability to never for a single second, waste time on their stories, and especially their character’s development makes Monday night my favorite night of the week (and that’s saying something haha.)

Family is a test and a rock all in one

Amenadiel is doing a lot of learning these days, but for the first time in a while I was really proud of him when it came to how he reacted to Lucifer attempting to dig under his skin. Lucifer’s drive to send him to beat the man who nearly killed Chloe may not have been understood by him, but Amenadiel did. The look on Lucifer’s face that he wasn’t there when Chloe was in danger said it all (DECKERSTAR FOR THE WIN) and to get straight to it: Amenadiel was right. Lucifer has changed, he chose to punish himself for not being there for Chloe, called out by his big brother.

Refusing to take the bait when Lucifer told his story of a soul in hell was a low blow that I found myself yelling “hell no you take that back” to my TV. However if there’s anything that’ll hit Lucifer right in the heart it’s any conversation about his ahem “care” for Chloe. How this is going to go, I can’t being to guess, but I’m perfectly happy with the idea that Lucifer will come to the truth about himself, and find peace.

That’s a bit of a ways off so let’s jump so some final thoughts.

Final Thoughts

  • First off I missed Maze, Linda, and Trixie to pieces this hour, but the friendship moments between Chloe & Ella, and Dan & Amenadiel nearly made up for it.
  • The comedy was off the charts between Lieutenant Pierce straight facing through all of Lucifer’s antics, and Dan being up for this Union Rep job on the fly.
  • Nice one with the wings bit, especially because I want Lucifer’s wings to stay FOREVER, I don’t care who gave them to him but I’m glad they’re back.
  • If there’s a place so laid back Ella can get away with those motions, I have only one question: why can’t I work there?
  • Taking a moment to say Tom Ellis’s work tonight in that last scene with Amenadiel was my favorite family moment in a long time. His pain run deeps and, while he does a great job of hiding it it’s hard to conceal anytime Chloe is in danger. He’s in a struggle and the fact that it can’t be so easily dealt with reflects how it often is in our world.

Next week Charlotte is back! ….and kissing Lucifer apparently from the trailer oh lord.  Did you enjoy this hour Lucifans? I know I did.

Lucifer airs Mondays at 8/7c on Fox.

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