‘Lucifer’ 3×05 Review: “Welcome Back Charlotte Richards”


Welcome back Charlotte, indeed. Between an hour of  loophole swear words, death by poisonous pudding, and Charlotte’s introduction back into the fold, it was another crazy episode of Lucifer.

Before I dive it I need to take a moment and say how wonderful it was to have Tricia Helfer back as Charlotte. I didn’t know what to expect, but no matter which Charlotte she’s bringing to life, she knocks it out of the park every time.

Without further ado, shall we see what goodies Lucifer delivered the night before Halloween?

Pudding is a one way ticket to…scalding? 

I’ll say it right now, I’m not sure I’m going to eat pudding again for a LONG time, after watching this homicide turned suicide by pudding play out on screen. Thank god for dairy intolerance, which is a sentence I’ll never type again, I’m sure. Getting on topic, let’s say this hour was an exercise in the different avenues people will go down for a second chance. Something all too familiar tonight for Lucifer, Simon (our victim, poor guy) and most, especially our titular character for the hour: Charlotte Richards.

That woman can make an ENTRANCE. In this episode she’s representing the pudding company, who are, unsurprisingly, not cooperative in handing over key footage for a homicide investigation. If I could put the headdesk emoji in here, trust me I would. Lucifer’s focus this hour was to ignore any attempt or assumptions about his father “interfering” in his life. Which lasts as long as you’d expect, even with Chloe, who has the patience of a saint by his behavior reminding him.

Solving the case was less of finding a murderer, than finding out who was responsible for this man’s pain and conflict of discovering the pudding was poisoning him and many other innocent people.

To be honest, even if I went into every detail that I remember, it still wouldn’t do this episode justice, because at the end of the day it comes down to how much this show lets you connect with these characters.

Fighting for ourselves is as hard as wrestling demons

Charlotte’s return, as evident, is anything but easy for this woman. Her life disappeared for months, and pretending everything is okay without her memory takes a toll, no matter how strong you are. In the midst of her turmoil is Lucifer’s assumption her return *has* to do with God.

Thank goodness he abandoned that one after she launched herself at him at his apartment. Under normal circumstances, I don’t think there’s any other man (or woman) who’d turn her down, but sadly that’s not the case with the Devil, haha. Lucifer’s absolute disgust had me falling over with laughter, but then unexpectedly, it turned into one of my favorite scenes of the hour. Faced with the fact that her judgement was wrong as sound as the clues were, she lets herself unravel in front of the Devil.

His slow understanding of who was truly before him led Lucifer to do one of the best things human beings are capable of: showing compassion and kindness especially when others in pain need it. The reveal that while Mom possessed her she was sent her to hell was a chilling discovery. However, given everything Malcolm did back in season one, I couldn’t be surprised at the lengths she was willing to go for the sole purpose of “cleaning her ledger” to avoid going back to hell.

Lucifer, understanding that, jumps into fighting to help her and, to the be honest, the whole making sure she was alright spoke volumes of how far he’s come since we met him. He may have a hard time facing his own guilt in regards to his life choices, but he’s let awareness creep in to acknowledge his own accountability for Charlotte. They may have just stood there, shared a glass of red wine and simply talked, but it felt like I was seeing him more than I have all season. I know we aren’t more than five episodes in, but Lucifer’s struggle with guilt and how it’s affected his behavior has more than once made me want to knock him upside the head.

Charlotte may no longer be his mom, but I do believe she may become his friend. Connecting is the hardest thing to do in a world increasingly ruled by distrust and selfishness, but if a woman who spent months possessed by a Goddess and the Devil himself can find it, then there’s surely hope for all of us.

Final Thoughts

  • There wasn’t a ton in the way of Deckerstar, but their witty banter kept me alive through Lucifer ogling the entire sexy angel set to sell…pudding, ugh. Lucifer’s guilt at not being there for Chloe is prevalent no matter how much he denies it, but I get the feeling we aren’t done visiting how much it’s affecting his actions anytime he steps into that precinct.
  • Trixie’s lesson about swear words and loopholes is the kind of adorable character development I wouldn’t see anywhere less, bless you Chris Rafferty on that note. A swear jar may be an outdated idea, but honesty never is especially between a mother and a daughter like Chloe and Trixie.
  • As character packed this hour was, I missed seeing Linda, Maze and Amenadiel. I know Pierce was stuck up in a hospital bed refusing to stop working, but if he wants to take a while to heal that would be fine with me (I whisper quietly so he can’t overhear me.)
  • Last, but certainly not least, Dan you utter sweetheart, I hope you can enjoy non poisonous pudding in the future. I’d skip it on your coffee you’re going to have with Charlotte sometime soon though. As cold as Charlotte was, I was glad she apologized to try and make a fresh start of her second chance.

How about you Lucifans? Did you enjoy Charlotte Richard’s return as much as I did? I’m excited to have her and Tricia Helfer back, as it would have been sad to lose her and Mom.

Lucifer airs Mondays at 8/7c on Fox.

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