‘Lucifer’ 3×06 Review: “Vegas With Some Radish”


Lucifans….holy hell, was Vegas With Some Radish a kickass hour! We mixed things up tonight with another one of Lucifer’s stand alone hours, as Ella and Lucifer headed off to Vegas to investigate off the books, while Chloe celebrated her birthday with the awesome Dr Linda.

Needless to say, it got interesting, adventurous, drunk (no wait that was Linda and Chloe), eye opening, and topped off with one awesome dance number! I hope you watched the episode, otherwise that sentence is complete nonsense.

Let’s dive into Vegas with Some Radish, shall we?

Birthdays start off with a bang

Chloe Decker is a lucky lady, quite literally as her awesome friend Ella Lopez, in signature style decides the best birthday gift is surprise police strippers in the precinct. Throwing dollar bills was literally icing on the cake. The bigger surprise comes in the form of a phone call alerting Lucifer that his ex wife Candy is missing in Vegas. Lucifer jets off with Ella in tow to Sin City, assuming headdesk that Chloe being in the dark is better. Lucifer dear I love you, but like many idiots in the world, you need to learn lying does not equal protecting….EVER.

Which is why I don’t blame her for being pissed off and marching straight to Linda’s office, aka the truth revealing couch. I’ve asked for new mix ups of these characters for a while now, but I couldn’t have anticipated how blatantly wonderful it was to see these two ladies let loose in Lucifer’s penthouse. Happy Birthday Chloe, rock those sunglasses and drink ALL the alcohol that the Devil paid for ha!

Ahem moving on….

Vegas is the city of murder & mayhem

Mayhem at the blackjack table, to be more specific. Lucifer and Ella’s team up to find the missing Candy, quickly ascertains she is alive, in hiding and a casino is the best place to find her, dressed to the nines. Taking a sentence to say whoever does wardrobe is brilliant, because that dress and Aimee Garcia had me drooling (yes I have no shame, so sue me.) Ella Lopez is indeed the enigma we all wish to get to know better, and while I was not surprised at the excellent shot, and lock-picking skills, her past at the casino put to light a struggle she wasn’t quite ready to talk about yet. It might have been put on hold for now, but I look forward to getting to know Ella Lopez even more this season because let’s face  it, she can do everything, haha.

Which includes giving out some amazing advice that Lucifer needed to hear so he wouldn’t keep his head in the sand about “bluffing is not the same as lying about going to Vegas” rationalizations. Lord almighty, he is a deeply caring man, but he’s so stubborn about avoidance it makes me want to borrow it for my self discipline towards fast food.

Lucifer’s devilish desire trick opens the investigation to be even trickier than their detective work, as Candy finds them alive, and in a gorgeous wig attempting to track down the killer of her friend Alli. The key of solving this enigma, I’m sorry murder mystery, is in fact a deed to a Vegas club once owned by Candy’s father.

Cue the Vegas team up!

Dancing your heart out to the end

Back in LA, the alcohol induced therapy makes fast friends of our Dr Linda and Chloe Decker who insists she is “not jealous” and any romantic involvement with Lucifer is strictly in the past. If I didn’t type just one sentence here, I’d have put in that “Sure Jan” gif that you all can picture in your head here right now.

Linda, the wise lady she is, even under the influence knows that hurt feelings like the ones the last time he went to Vegas stirred up, are not so easily healed. With good reason, considering he left to torpedo the relationship he believed was doomed because of his father. A belief reexamined upon a flashback into how Lucifer met Candy in the first place.

Lindsey Gort killed that cover of ‘Fever,’ but it doesn’t take long for Lucifer to see past her foolproof crying routine, resulting in a bonding session over Snuggies, booze and ice cream. His proposal was admittedly the most hilarious way to ever ask someone to fake marry you, but it was the talk beforehand that turned me into a puddle on the floor. Lucifer’s explanations will never fail to be confusing to those who don’t know the truth, but it was the first time I saw him state bluntly that Chloe is someone he cares a LOT about. While I was internally screaming then, it was nothing to the noise that came out of my mouth at the very end. However let’s not skip past the fabulous end to the Vegas murder mystery….

Mirrors are the windows to the soul

Lucifer’s team up with Ella and Candy to find the killer who stole the deed turns into a full Vegas show. Literally, with the Devil singing ‘Luck be a Lady’ *swoon* and Ella in a full stage girl costume undercover dancing with a gun tucked away. The show is a success in more ways than one, with the murderer revealing himself to be a bartender deep in debt and desperate to sell the land worth millions the club stands on. The mirror trick with Candy was hilariously brilliant, and an awesome denouement for the second appearance of this lady. Her prodding Lucifer about Chloe only reminded me more of why I enjoy this character, and I hope we get to see her again in the future.

All of it leading up to the ending, where I drowned in a bucket of my own Deckerstar tears. Tom Ellis gets a lot of well deserved credit for how well he portrays Lucifer, but some of the best work in my opinion, is when he drops Lucifer’s guard and let’s out what he’s actually going on in that storm filled heart of his. When he walked up to his bed and found Chloe asleep there, my heart burst at the expression on his face because it was as if he wasn’t really home until he saw her.

His entire confession to Chloe who was “sleeping” was honestly perfectly written, and as much as I want to go over every single word, really it speaks for itself.  Even if he resorted to “bluffing” for a period of time he listens when people don’t expect him to, and Lucifer above all is a man who abhors lying.

Lucifer’s heartfelt birthday gift reminded me that while Lucifer is indeed a “nontraditional man” he is in fact himself for it. Exhibited quite literally by making a necklace out of the bullet Chloe shot him with as he so lovingly explained: “Well I thought, since I’ll never likely penetrate you, I’d commemorate the one time you penetrated me.” Yes, I did burst out laughing right with Chloe, but when you end this fantastic hour with a Deckerstar hug, you know there’s a lot of good (and shipper feels) in the world right now.

Lord knows we could all do with that these days so I tip my hat to you Lucifer writers for a phenomenal stand alone that didn’t even feel like a stand alone episode.

Final Thoughts

  • There’s no way the lock to the safe wasn’t the alphanumeric form of Chloe. That’s canon and I’m sticking to it.
  • I missed Amenadiel, Maze, Trixie and Charlotte this hour, and we only got a glimpse or two of Dan (hilariously with a drill to get sh*t done) so I’m hoping we get treated to more of these lovely characters next week. Marcus would be okay too, if he doesn’t try and pull more crap over on Lucifer.
  • Ella Lopez particularly shined tonight between the unfolding more of her casino card counting past, shooting straight, lock-picking, and frankly that there’s still more to learn about this awesome lady.
  • Lucifans thus far this season has been a roll, but tonight was the first episode this season I’ll admit I was bowled over with Deckerstar feels multiple times. I have missed that more than I can say, and while I know this is a stand-alone I have faith the story they told tonight won’t be ignored as we get farther into this season. Hang on tight guys, we are in for a ride worth waiting for.
  • “Miss Lopez, you are an enigma in a hoodie under a jaunty ponytail”

What did you think Lucifans? Did you enjoy tonight’s adventurous outing to Vegas?

Lucifer airs Mondays at 8/7c on Fox.



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