‘Lucifer’ 3×07 Review: “Off The Record”


I’m going to be extremely blunt here and say that the first sentence that came to mind when Off The Record finished was: “What the hell was that?” I won’t lie, this hour was an impeccable example of how taking a new perspective for just one episode can really open your eyes to how strong a show is, and that’s exactly what Lucifer did tonight.

Before I dive in, I need to dedicate kudos, bravo and a room of applause for Patrick Fabian. He came in and absolutely killed it as Reese Getty, becoming the audience’s eyes to our favorite characters for every second he was on screen.

Let’s dive into it shall we?

They say some stories have a beginning and an end. Sometimes, however the two are one and the same.

Starting in flashback land, a few weeks into Lucifer’s partnership with Chloe is where Reese comes in, devastated and pissed after waking up in the hospital to find his “wife” sleeping with Lucifer. Lucifer, in typical fashion opens up a hole big enough to fit him, Lux and his sex toy collection upon his suggestion Reese punish the sleeze sleeping with his wife.

Cue investigative reporter instincts being put to use and Reese believes he’s hot on the trail to proving the “Devil” is a fraud and a liar. Sadly, outside of Dan’s pudding grudge everyone loves Lucifer and Chloe, completely in character, has zero patience for press of any kind.  A lead only takes him on a path of “terrible activities,” a run in with Maze and the first plot twist of his “wife” being none other than our very own Dr Linda Martin. Emphasis on the quotes there, as two years into their separation Linda is clearly at the end of her rope.

Jumping ahead, I wish I could say I was surprised Lucifer would sneak illegal contraband in the form of edible sex toys through customs, seriously how you got that on screen is beyond me, writers. However this show knows how to surprise, and as much as we had our case of the week of a serial killer, Deckerstar banter at top form, this was by no means a normal hour.

Reese, as little time we spent with him, made clear he’s a person who lives determinedly in the path to a Pulitzer in his profession, and to the detriment of his personal life. I can’t really emphasize what it was like to watch what barely felt like an hour turn into emotions crashing down one right after the other as a human being, as alive as you or me, spirals out of control.

Lucifer’s ability to be completely oblivious at his effect on people has at times frustrated me. However, it’s an entirely different experience when a domino effect begins as we started in flashback land when he met Reese and move up to present time, as he spends a whole year researching him and everyone around him to find his proof from the day he saw Lucifer scare a suspect with his Devil face. Side note, holy crap I forgot how terrifying that face is, points to the Lucifer special effects team.


Choices are the definition of who we are

I’ve never seen a single episode of television that takes an outside view like this, and really at points it goes beyond words into just feelings, and emotions. Reese’s journey is captured in his interactions with many people, but most notably Linda and Lucifer. Unveiling a piece of Linda’s past opens up more about this fantastic lady, and it shows us how Reese’s inability to let go, as she asked him repeatedly to do, led to his downfall. However, his exposure to Lucifer is where the real heart of this hour lies. Lucifer is impulsive, short sighted, and deserving a smack upside the head at least once a day, I wager, but as Linda stated he’s a good man, and her true friend. The people who know the Devil accept him as is, and that’s something hard to see when all you want is to embrace the well worn phrase “the Devil made me do it.”

Coming to life in a gruesome way, when a girl dies right on the grounds of Lux, when Reese is actively trying to kill Lucifer, struck a chord entirely of it’s own stature. Chloe’s spirited defense and understanding of Lucifer after everything we’ve watched them go through, only reminded me why they truly work *cough belong cough* together.

I think a long time ago somebody wronged Lucifer. I think he avoided dealing with it, and he hides behind the partying and the women and the drinking and who knows what else. And with the LAPD, working on each case, it gives him an opportunity to right those wrongs, to fight back.

The clock can’t be turned back though, and neither can Reese’s choice to work with a serial killer, and as much as I’d hope he’d learned his lesson, his last conversation with Linda revealed otherwise. I’ve seen Lucifer punch people, break limbs, and commit violent actions more than once, but I was never as terrified of him as I was of Reese in that moment he struck Linda. He tried to channel his energies for so long into busting Lucifer, then using him to win her over and, unfortunately it was too late.

Lucifer knew where he’d sent his own soul, because the Devil may be responsible for punishing humans, but the sins and really, the choices, are on us. Way to be subtle and not subtle at the same time, Lucifer writers, I commend you. As glad as I am he decided to take down the serial killer, it didn’t save him in the end. I didn’t want him to die, but the story and the message sent were powerful enough to stand on it’s own.

As fitting as it was to have a second chance be his own personal hell, it only reminded me we often live in a hell of our own making while we are still alive. So take it from me or from this fantastic hour of television, your choice, your life.

Final Thoughts

  • I honestly didn’t know what to expect from a perspective outside our normal cast, but if you had to put one word on it to commend how difficult it can be to make a distinction in today’s TV world it would be this: unique.
  • Flashbacks touching on the little things about these characters was impressive as I really felt I was back in season one. That change was enough to remind me how far they’ve come since then and that I haven’t missed a second of it.
  • Deckerstar was not quite so prevalent this week, but honestly if you have Chloe reprimanding Lucifer and her speech to Reese I didn’t actually give a damn because little or a lot these two are amazing in every dose.
  • This week we only had brief glimpses of Ella, Maze, Dan and, no Amenadiel, Charlotte, Trixie, or Pierce so while the honed in quality worked well for the story I’ll be glad to see more of my favorites, i.e. everyone next week.
  • Who knew Dan suspected of Lucifer stealing pudding way back in season one? Ha!

How about you Lucifans? Did you enjoy this even more unusual hour of Lucifer?

Lucifer airs Mondays at 8/7c on Fox.



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