Lucifer 3×09 Review: “The Sinnerman”


Well, that was definitely an eye popping hour of Lucifer. Yes, I know it’s a terrible pun, but I’m hoping you’ll forgive me, Lucifans, because “The Sinnerman” had my eyes glued to the screen from start to finish. Kevin Carroll’s introduction as this season’s villain was fantastic, and I cannot wait to see how sinister his time here becomes.

Real quick, I can’t ignore the question of the hour is definitively posed and not quite answered (yet) by our lovely Dr. Linda Martin. Did Lucifer’s power to draw the deepest desires out of others shape who he is, or did it come as a result of who he grew up to be, his choices?

Ahem, before I sink too deep into the dangers of babbling, shall we dive into the penultimate fall hour of Lucifer? 

Favors, as it turns out aren’t for life

Lucifer’s new found desire is entirely set on his mission to be “himself.” Unfortunately his lifestyle of favors has turned far more deadly than he bargained for. A young man named Joey comes doe eyed into Lux for a favor months earlier, only to end up dead with his legs broken as a head nod to his running for the mob. Chloe is on the case to kick a murderer’s ass by throwing cuffs on his wrists, but Lucifer is clearly leaning towards neck wall squeeze method to dealing with, as it turns out, the Sinnerman.

Lucifer, for once, is entirely correct in his assumption that Joey’s killing is the first message to him from the man in the shadows. Chloe’s desire to follow the evidence, as is her right, leads right down to the same conclusion, but not without a few speed-bumps. The first being Lieutenant Marcus Pierce returning to work and dressing….in his office. Damn it Tom Welling, no one should be that buff, I can’t blame Chloe for talking anywhere but to him when she asked for a personal day.

Lucifans, I’m going to say it right here: I am a Deckerstar fan all the way, and have complete faith in their endgame. However, people are free to disagree with me on this, but I feel the chemistry there between Chloe and Pierce, a little bit against my will. (And yes my bias fondness for Tom Welling is playing a part I admit it.)  I just wish that it didn’t come in the middle of a hell storm that Lucifer’s now caught up in.

Friendship stands tall against Feelings

I had a feeling two weeks ago about that beach scene with Amenadiel and Linda. I felt those vibes, and I sat back and wondered….would they really go there with these two? Well question answered! I can’t lie that Rachael Harris and D.B. Woodside play off each other so well as Linda and Amenadiel, like holy wow! But when Maze burst into the room I could feel my shipping heart tear in two right then and there.

Let me take a moment though to say, WELCOME BACK LESLEY ANN BRANDT AS MAZIKEEN SMITH! Thank the Devil you are back, because I’ve missed you like hell. Pun intended, and I’m sure Maze would smack me in the arm for it.

However, Maze, the consummate demon, picks up on the tension in the room and does not quite buy that her best friend and her ex were just “hanging out.” As fast as they try and convince themselves later, a kiss can’t be taken back, even if was immediately declared a mistake on Linda’s part. Her loyalty to Maze is strong, and I can’t blame her for not wanting to dive into what’s between her and Amenadiel. Personally, though, I can’t lie, I am torn here. I’ve missed Maze and Amenadiel for a long time and have loved them since season one. However, my love for Linda can’t be denied, and it’s hard to decide what the right choice is here.

Damn you Lucifer writers for creating a well written ship and friendship dilemma!

I don’t know how it’ll end up going in the second half of the season, but Lucifer, as terrible as he was being to Maze (one smack upside the head to you sir), was right on one point with this statement: “So you don’t want him but nobody else can have him, that’s awfully greedy of you, Maze.” Oh Lucifer….that will come back to haunt you….literally.

It was Maze needed to hear, however, and I was proud she came back to tell the truth about her feelings to Linda. I know she tried to make her feel better describing Amenadiel as her sloppy seconds (lord almighty), but I will be confident in my prediction this will not get resolved as easily as Maze thinks she just did.

Ladies & Gentleman…meet the Sinnerman!

In murder mystery land, Lucifer’s hunt, after another lady he did a favor for turns up dead, goes on a one man mission to track down this criminal. His impatience costs him time in a locked up meat freezer to meet the one and only…..Sinnerman on broadcast TV. I won’t lie, Kevin Carroll’s ability to send bone chilling shivers down my spine, and simultaneous ability to mess with the Devil (and all his knowledge of him) was pretty badass.

During lock up Chloe was off dealing with her own internal struggle against the handsome, buff, and way too suddenly friendly lieutenant and she takes Charlotte on a mob shake down, as it were. Charlotte doesn’t take too long to figure out, she knew she couldn’t stay on script with Frankie the knife. I don’t think Charlotte deserved to feel as hurt as she did, but I also can’t blame Chloe for distrusting her after the “Charlotte” she knew did nothing but screw with her and people she cares about for months.

As Mr Espinoza wisely said, being good is not easy and you will mess up sometimes. But it’s important to keep trying, which Charlotte clearly is.

Chloe, on the other hand, is trying to resist in the opposite direction of the Lieutenant, who after some light Decker prodding opens up about his connection to the Sinnerman. Pierce and Chloe bonding over losing a brother and father respectively isn’t what I’d count as romantic, but these two clearly connect over something that isn’t easy to talk about. As I said earlier, I don’t expect any kind of endgame, but if a straight laced handsome and relatively sane Lieutenant is liking Chloe, I can’t blame her for liking him back for the time being, when Lucifer is in the throes of a season long identity crisis.

An eye for an eye….or two in this case

The stakeout is successful in hunting and catching this shadow villain from the dark, but not without some consequences for our characters. Lucifer, eyes wide open, notices the connection between Chloe and Pierce, and you can bet he doesn’t like it one bit. Just wait my favorite Devil, it’s going to be hard, but you’ll learn……eventually, maybe, I can hope/assume here people! Sadly his ability to draw desire will, for the time being, be completely useless with the Sinnerman as he walks into interrogation and HOLY SHIT!

HE GOUGED OUT HIS OWN EYES?! Oh god that was horrifyingly scary “hit the nail on the head,” cliffhanger.

Question is…..what is this “man’s” plan, and what will happen next for our conflicted characters? Personally I’m praying for some happy times free of supernatural or strange incidents for a while.

Final Thoughts

  • Everyone should listen to Ella ALL THE TIME! I lost count of her brilliant moments a long time ago, but she never ceases to amaze onscreen. Bravo, my dear.
  • I’m officially putting in an appeal for Linda to earn sainthood after everything she’s gone through, been dealt with, and kissed apparently, she deserves it.
  • I will say it again, it was wonderful to have Lesley Ann Brandt back as Maze. I’ve missed her a lot this season, and her brand of terrifying affection will never get old for me.
  • Chloe asking for a personal day for the anniversary of her father’s death was too much for a moment there. She absolutely deserves it, and dealing with the struggle of catching the true criminal doesn’t take away what happened to him. I’m just glad she felt safe enough to talk about it, even if it was with Pierce.
  • On that note, I’m going to emphasize here ship wise – I support every single Lucifans ship choice on this show. I don’t care if it’s canon or not you have a right to ship who you want. Personally I am a strong Deckerstar with an annoying weak spot for Pierce (mostly cause Tom Welling) and how he treats Chloe when he’s not being a dick, with no idea on where I stand on the Amenadiel/Linda/Maze situation. I imagine I’ll make up my mind, but agree or disagree, I’m with you Lucifans, don’t doubt it for a second.
  • This was a character heavy hour here, and the only person I missed was of course Trixie Decker. I hope we get to see that spitfire soon, and having some fun aka messing with these guys.

How about you Lucifans? Did you enjoy the “Sinnermans” introduction? Or are you intrigued as to what this evil smartypants villain is planning against our favorite Devil?

Lucifer airs Mondays at 8/7c on Fox.

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