Lucifer 3×13 Review: “Til Death Do Us Part”

You know, I never understood the gravity of the phrase “Til Death Do Us Part” until now, Lucifans. Frankly, I think we all came away with a clear understanding of how hilarious it is when you put the Devil and Cain, the world’s first murderer. undercover as a happily married couple!

However, don’t let me get ahead of myself and let’s dive into what made for a fantastically twist turned hour of Lucifer.

Friendship is the Foundation of Marriage

The case of the week opened up with a lady, and former ecstasy cook, stuffed into a wood chipper in a nice domestic everything’s sunshine neighborhood. I hope you read my sarcasm in that last part, because it quickly goes from normal murder investigation to topsy turvy undercover mission for the boys. I’ll say, though I didn’t expect the full on Luciferification of the neighborhood in the process, haha.

Leading into that, Lucifer is determined to blindly follow his end of the deal and find a way to kill Pierce, ahem Cain. Pierce’s impatience, however, shows up rather fast, and quickly loses faith Lucifer can do anything to help him after one of Maze’s demon daggers fails to do the trick. Pierce’s impatience didn’t surprise me, but it did seem he gave up a little too fast.

Lucifer, however doesn’t give up so easily, and Maze’s suggestion of finding what makes Pierce vulnerable sets him on the path to discovering how the man ticks. Pierce, who is rivaling Lucifer in stubborn choices, refuses to let Lucifer past that sky high wall he has and how he works. Thankfully, the case requires a couple to go undercover in the neighborhood the body was found in and lo and behold LuciPierce was born! (yes I completely made up that ship name, moving on)

In all honesty I don’t think I’ve laughed so hard at Lucifer’s turn at undercover work in his eagerness to get to know Pierce and play the doting husband for his husband. The dinner with the “normal” domestic couple was brilliantly unsubtle in the writing. At the end of the day though, Pierce may be immortal but he’s worlds away from accepting a blind check of death from the Devil.

A normal life is a study untaking

Meanwhile elsewhere in the universe, Charlotte is literally sniffed out in her office by Maze, and I don’t know how Lesley Ann Brandt does it, but she made sniffing sexy as hell. Charlotte is understandably weirded out, but at the end of the day she gets a place where she knows what she needs to keep going and find a normal life.

I can’t say I’d suggest an entirely normal path, because besides undercover shenanigans the only thing more hilarious was Dan’s question about a threesome. Mr Espinoza….what a surprise, I didn’t think you had it in you. Charlotte however, had the time to really take a look at her life, and knowing it will be hard to get to the point where it can be even somewhat normal. Dan’s promise to wait until she’s ready because she’s worth it had my heart melting onto the floor.

Honesty works best when you have to “Lie”

Meanwhile Lucifer’s attempts to get to know Pierce whilst undercover bust up spectacularly. In order to catch the killer they have to host a neighborhood get together for hand writing samples after they caught the domestic husband sneaking around leaving threatening notes.

Despite everything going on, Pierce and Lucifer have it out, and frankly as harsh as I know it was to hear Lucifer’s assumption that people will always take him as a man of his word is not always true. Walking away is easy when something like killing a human who’s cursed to live feels impossible, especially given who Pierce has become in the thousands of years he’s been here. Chloe, in spite of not knowing what’s going on, knows how to get through to Lucifer when he’s giving up.

Lucifer and Pierce’s reconciliation speech doubling as being honest about what they’re trying to do, was far more heartfelt than I ever expected, but brilliant in that double entendre the writers are so skilled at weaving into their story. I never expected their friendship, but despite everything I’m afraid could go wrong in this mission, I’m glad they’re on the same page.

Because if there’s one thing Pierce is right about it’s that his version of immortality has been far harsher in he’s lived to see people he cares about die over and over. Which is why I fully appreciated him being upfront with Chloe about their connection. Chloe isn’t subtle as much as she tries, but talking like adults rather than letting drama surround them is a welcome change.

Final Thoughts

  • Missing this hour was Trixie, Ella, Linda, and Amenadiel. Dang I missed you guys, but the character focused hour was definitely needed for Lucifer and Pierce to find their understanding.
  • Deckerstar was not front and center this hour, and while I don’t mind Chloe and Pierce being honest with each other I’ll say it again I still believe in a Deckerstar endgame. Enjoying the journey is part of that, and frankly I get the feeling this is all going to come to a interesting conclusion. (and by that I mean her finding out the truth, yes I’m getting impatient sue me lol)
  • “Wolverine rules I get it” COMIC REFERENCE FOR THE FREAKING WIN!
  • “You lovebirds ready to go back to surburbia?” LOL Chloe I love you so much for this
  • I’d be lying if I said I didn’t deeply enjoy watching Lucifer get away planting a spontaneous “reconciling” kiss on Pierce while undercover.
  • Pierce in a plaid shirt was giving me Smallville flashbacks, but throw in his “Resting Pierce Face” that Tom Welling has perfected makes me glad they managed to cast him since I don’t think anyone could have done this role better.

Lucifer airs Mondays at 8/7c on Fox.

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