Lucifer 3×14 Review: “My Brother’s Keeper”

My Brother’s Keeper came alive in ways I didn’t realize existed in tonight’s Lucifer, and my God, was it fascinating to yell at my TV about it. This was an hour rich in character drama, and it perfectly captured the evolving dynamics between an ensemble that literally seems to get better and more seamless by the week.

Let’s not skip ahead though. I prefer to dive in headfirst, don’t you Lucifans?

The Murder Mystery that brought the true meaning of Family to light

Let’s face it, family is the one thing we are used to fighting with, and simultaneously counting on for our lives in this world. Our characters, divine or human, are no different as Ella’s brother Jay was caught up in this week’s murder involving a diamond scheme. Ella’s faith and optimism ,despite what crap gets thrown her way has always been one of the qualities I’ve admired most about her because, let’s face it, it’s f*cking hard to do that in any reality.

One of the best aspects it brought out this week was her partnership with Maze to track down her wayward/potential criminal brother Jay. Maze’s time on Earth may not have turned her anywhere near a normal person to interact with, but it was hard not to smile watching Ella get under her skin talking about family. Their successful hunt of Ella’s brother ends in disappointment when his lies about what actually happened and his involvement only make it worse when the “cops,” aka Deckerstar, show up at the crime scene. Ella’s instincts to believe the best in her brother despite everything broke my heart for her, especially whenshe yelled at Lucifer to say “I told you so.” Lucifer’s hesitance instantly reminded everyone he may be thoughtless, but he is not heartless, and would never choose to hurt Ella.

Speaking of Family, I vote that Brothers are the most annoying

Speaking of the Devil, Lucifer this week is completely on track, tying Ella’s brother role in the case to his own older brother issues when Amenadiel refuses to help him find a way to kill Pierce/Cain. Lucifer truly wanted his brother’s help so he could figure out a way to help his friend die, but unfortunately his brother’s perspective is usually not the same as him. It didn’t surprise me that he’d refuse, given how much he has faith in God’s decisions, but the twist that he was the one who personally marked Cain was an eye opener.

Chloe, God bless her, can see through Lucifer’s personalized brothers version of the case in about five minutes, and they successfully go “undercover” as a fake engaged couple to bust the crook in the diamond store that was robbed. I’m not sure I’ve ever laughed so hard, but Chloe and Lucifer were in fine form and were the full embodiment of bickering married couple more than ever and I can die happy now. Okay where was I?

Oh that’s right, Deckerstar knocked my socks off, between Chloe giggling, calling Lucifer cheap, her future husband, future ex husband and the only thing about the entire affair throwing Lucifer off was being called cheap. Amid the impromptu undercover, their break in the case opened up the question of why a diamond authenticator like Ella’s brother would be involved in this….

In the meantime, I hear therapy is a good option

On the other side of town (figuratively speaking, I’ve never been to L.A, sue me), Linda faced a shock in the form of Charlotte Richards showing up on her couch at Lucifer’s recommendation. Her complete shock and fear at seeing her was excellent acting on Rachael’s part, but felt completely real given the last time she saw this woman she sliced her abdomen open and nearly killed her.

On the other side of it, Charlotte had nothing to do with what Mom did, and her struggle in trying to find some kind of help for what she’s been dealing with was easy to sympathize with. My heart was breaking for both of them, and I was glad Lucifer made that point that his mother is gone, and Charlotte is an innocent woman in a lot of pain. Linda apologizing and starting fresh for *both* of them felt completely right. Also nice point on poking her to prove she was human again Linda, haha.

On the topic of therapy, I wish it had been an option, for Amenadiel and Cain after the latter figured out the former marked him, thereby cursing him to be an immortal human. Their fight dragged out way longer than I expected, I mean come on, if two immortals just kick the crap out of each other it’s hard not to roll your eyes a little while laughing at them “having fun.”

Talk about a surprise, I didn’t expect Cain to be the person to call Amenadiel out for doing the same thing he did, attempting to kill Lucifer and using others to do it when he first got here. The world’s first murderer wanted to cause the person who marked him pain, and he succeeded, despite Amenadiel’s protests otherwise. The look on his face on his past choices regarding Lucifer said it all, courtesy of D.B.’s immense talent. The fact is, despite the vastly different circumstances, I’d be lying if I claimed what Cain said didn’t make sense on how Amenadiel has hurt his brother in the past. Difference is Amenadiel *isn’t* Cain, and after what happened during that fight I’m really glad for it. (I’ll explain shortly I promise.)

At the end of the day, you know who your Family is

The case gets solved after Jay’s cop showdown leads him to track down the actual murderer, who nearly shoots Ella. After the wing-tipped corporate liar has been ahem defeated, Chloe deduces in seconds Maze was the one to knife the guy down to save Ella. She knows your knives, Maze haha. Violent ending aside, Jay is in the clear….until Lucifer shows up to bust him for lifting the stolen diamonds. Lucifer’s time on Earth has had him coming up short on a few things, but if there’s one thing he can spot is an opportunity someone can’t resist going for.

Jay’s defense of his choices to take care of his family, including Ella, was dripping with a kind of arrogance that had me more disappointed than any of his criminal activity. Lying might as well be up there next to murder when it comes to the Devil, and I’d bet all my money Jay will take Lucifer’s warning seriously to never disappoint Ella again. It hit me then he was acting quite like a….big brother to our brilliant, lock picking, optimistic, heart on her sleeve lady and damn that made me proud. Kudos Lucifer.

What ended this hour, however left a chill down my spine. Lucifer’s discovery of the immortal human/angel fistfight aftermath led to an illuminating conversation. Lucifer is quite confident, that he doesn’t need his big brother’s protection even if he does now appreciate it. He’s on a path he chose because he promised to help his friend die. Lucifer’s desire to help Cain die is something I can understand, incurring God’s wrath not so much. Amenadiel’s reluctance is as valid as his brother’s point of view, as Cain proved just how dangerous he really is, hitting Amenadiel where it really hurt, and preceding that threatening strangers lives since why would they matter, he killed his own… It was the first time, I felt, where Cain showed that side that led to his violent act that cursed his life, and it doesn’t bode well for the mission he and Lucifer have set on.

Cain showing that side is the only point where I felt truly scared, and  had me agreeing with Amenadiel on this opinion: that Lucifer’s alliance with Cain won’t end well. However it doesn’t I’m rather certain that potentially terrible outcome will involve Chloe and, God help me I hope I’m wrong.

I have a bad feeling it won’t take very long to find that out. Even if we have to wait THREE WHOLE WEEKS!! (I know it’s the Olympics, but I’m allowed to whine for a bit here Lucifans.)

Final Thoughts

  • No missing people tonight! We got a glimpse of EVERYONE, it was heaven, though I do wish we had gotten to see more of Trixie, and Dan, but despite that it was a character filled hour that embodied classic Lucifer.
  • Trixie and Ella’s first meeting couldn’t have gone more perfect in my mind. Between Ella’s (cough Aimee’s cough) terrible British accent pretending to go along with Trixie’s door greeting with KNIVES and then discovering their matching shirts was beautifully written, kudos writers and can we see more of these two asap please, please, please?
  • Deckerstar has a talent for sneaking up and surprising me in these episodes, and their teamwork this hour had me on the edge of my seat in full fangirl screaming mode. I swear on the life of my stuffed dog Charlie, their dynamic was full on bickering married couple more than ever. My favorite moment though had to be Chloe catching Lucifer admitting he was wrong on the sly. She knows him so well, and its hard to imagine ever tiring of their dynamic connection.
  • Maze teaching Trixie how to handle demon blades on dummies. Because, really why not?
  • Ella and Maze’s team up was even more hilarious than I could have imagined, and I’m glad for it. They are wildly different people, but Ella’s honesty in being who she is, can’t easily be ignored, and despite herself Maze still stuck her neck out to save her from being shot. Maze may have spoken about how her family weren’t close and just tortured each other (lord if only you knew Ella), the truth is there’s more than one kind of family.
  • THREE WHOLE WEEKS?!! Olympics I hope you make the next three weeks fly till the next hour of Lucifer.

Lucifer airs Mondays at 8/7c on Fox.

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