‘Lucifer’ 3×15 Review: “High School Poppycock”


Lucifans……I’m not going to lie, the two words that come to mind for this hour are literally, HOLY CRAP! High School Poppycock was a roller coaster in every sense of the word, and kept me glued to the screen from start to finish. Before I start though, I have to say that opening dream sequence just about gave me a heart attack. I was fairly certain it was a dream, given Lucifer was walking towards her with his wings open, but the reveal it was a frankly anxiety dream was heartbreaking. Which made the ending all the more poignant.

However, let’s not get ahead here, and dive into what turned into a tantalizing and emotion high hour.

High School is everything it’s cracked up to be if it’s in a book

Lucifer stands on the brink of a open problem, and likely for the first time in centuries has lost his inspiration to solve Pierce’s curse mystery. Despite his instinct to go to Linda for every answer, it doesn’t go the way he wishes, because of course she has all of them. Linda is brilliant my dear Devil, but she’s right in the fact that you can’t always hunt down inspiration, it has to come to you. That doesn’t stop him, of course and leads down a path of pursuit of an afterword in this week’s homicide case: an author famous for her high school drama novels.

As much as I cracked up at his attempt to borrow an improv technique from Dan, inspiration is not so easily found, especially when there’s a murder to solve in one of the strangest experiences a human will ever have: high school. Chloe’s lack of one glaring back at her in this case made me want to send hot chocolate, and cuddles her way, with the Devil if I had the choice. I won’t lie it was a whole new experience watching her step into Lucifer’s shoes of getting caught up in the drama of it all. From staying up all night reading books, because who hasn’t done that, to getting caught up in gossip at a high school reunion, flawlessly undercover, haha. Lucifer stood in as the responsible one and as funny as it was to see how annoyed he got, he never stopped looking out for her and focusing on the case. Refusing a five way in the process, and what sentence did I just type?

Secrets are easy to keep…until they aren’t secrets anymore

Meanwhile on the other side of drama, Amenadiel and Linda are continuing their romance in private while openly admitting their cowardice in lying to Maze. Between Amenadiel volunteering to go check on Maze and their honest conversation, I’ll admit, that started to sell me on these two because I’ve been hesitant about how this has gone down. The checking in sadly only lasts long enough for Trixie to cover for Maze, and point out (correctly) that Linda and Amenadiel are scared to tell Maze the truth. The lying however doesn’t justify that, and getting the truth out of people has always been Maze’s talent.

Her methods however, leave a few things to be desired. Case in point, as hilarious as it was to cleverly getting Linda to agree to a blind date with the real and deeply nerdy Todd, who needed to skip a reunion, as a double date with Amenadiel, I was yelling at my TV “Maze you evil genius!” Todd only made it better with his habit of making his own toothpaste, but Lesley Ann Brandt and Rachael Harris both stood out and shined in these scenes.

Sadly it doesn’t take long for Linda to figure out Maze knows the truth and calls her out for the torture. Maze fires back on the lying and sneaking around taking shots at both of them before Linda bursts out that for once, she put herself first in choosing to date Amenadiel. It was utterly enthralling and completely heartbreaking to watch this play out and as much as I knew it had to happen it was not easy to see this wonderful friendship suffer from the choices they’d been making.

The truth hurts, and it led to another honest conversation where Linda broke things off with Amenadiel. One of the reasons I love this show is how it takes it’s time to let their characters be the flawed people they are. Linda admitted she ignored her better instincts about dating him, because of how much she truly cares. Sadly that doesn’t mean she can choose to willingly hurt Maze and decides lets him go. Amenadiel may not like it, but he respects her choice which I can always appreciate seeing.

That High School doesn’t hold a candle to real Life

Lucifer and Chloe’s foray into the reunion world brought some of the most hilarious investigating I’ve ever seen once they learned the author/victim based her stories on her own experiences and classmates. Sadly, their hunt for the killer is nowhere to be found in those hallowed halls, and takes them to interrupting the “blind date” to the frankly creepy ice cream shop. Lucifer’s mission to break his mental block by finding what broke hers ends tragically, as the editor reveals he destroyed it because he hated the “boring” ending that was grounded in peace. Everything else aside, that’s got to be the most ridiculous motive for murder yet on this show.

His despair at never finding inspiration hit me harder than I was expecting, but then it gave way to one of the sweetest and tease heavy scenes yet for my OTP Deckerstar. Chloe walks into Lux, and Lucifer, the Devil and former Lord of Hell surprises her by asking to her very own prom. Chloe and Lucifer dancing to “Only You” was the gift I didn’t know I wanted till I saw it and every moment had me on the edge of my seat more than I thought possible.

The looks on their faces spelled out how much this dance meant to them beyond a throwback to high school days, and that no matter what happens in the future, these two are it for each other. I will admit it though, I’ve stopped trying to guess where the writers will take these two given their unpredictability in their case, but I have faith wherever they end up it won’t be a forever dragged out dynamic if you catch my drift. Full stop, I nearly believed they were going to kiss again when he dipped her (heart-clutch), but I’m saving that particular hope for the season finale, Lucifans….or just for tonight I’ll say my fellow Deckerstar fans.

Kudos Lucifer writer’s on a fantastic hour of up and down emotions that brought so much good character drama to the table, a startling beginning scene, and ending with a melting on the floor feels worthy dance.

Final Thoughts

  • Missing this hour was just our man Pierce/Cain. I did not miss him in the midst of all the action, but I do wish we’d gotten to see more of Ella, Trixie, Dan and Charlotte.
  • Ella encouraging Chloe to let loose and have fun with wigs I want them to wear all the time was everything. Chloe calling her “Babe” was just icing on the cake for this lady friendship I always want to see more of.
  • Dan, Dad love you, but you will never be as subtle as you think you are switching from Charlotte to Ms Richard mid sentence.
  • I know it’s likely an inconsequential thing, but Lucifer writers, I have to ask why would you ever have a 17 year high school reunion?
  • Deckerstar dipping, dancing, sharing looks of intense adoration and affection while one of the most romantic songs ever killed me and I have died a fangirl death. It’s been nice knowing all of you!
  • Ella having too many ideas, Dan’s improve techniques and hunting for an afterword couldn’t replace inspiration literally striking Lucifer from, who else Chloe in how to help Pierce die by “rewriting history.” That of course will all go to plan, and everyone will live happily ever after, and oh who am I kidding I need it to be next week NOW!

How about you Lucifans? Did you bite your nails when Maze confronted Linda and Amenadiel or die of feels when Lucifer and Chloe shared their Prom dance?

Lucifer airs Mondays at 8/7c on Fox.

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