‘Lucifer’ 3×16 Review: “Infernal Guinea Pig”

Not to be completely cliche here, but the two words that came to mind the second this episode ended were literally: BLOODY HELL! “Infernal Guinea Pig” had so many twists I kept asking, “when will I get a moment to breathe?!” If I had to be straight, one criticism is that the plot threw me around so much there wasn’t much time to process what was going on most of the hour. That being said, overall the debut of Abel did not disappoint, and left on a note that assured of one certainty. Things are about to get even crazier on Lucifer. 

This week’s case dealt with a lying drug dealing Hollywood producer, the assistant who ended up getting inhabited by the world’s first murder victim, one explosion that nearly lead to a second one, and some serious Bolivian drug cartel killers.

Shall we dive in Lucifans? Tonight I’m going to change it up a little as my mind was thoroughly taken aback, and focus in on our characters tonight.

Lucifer & Pierce aka our very own Cain + Amenadiel

Lucifer and Pierce’s mission heats up when Lucifer proposes to reverse history by reviving Pierce/Cain’s long dead brother – Abel. Which is made easier by the fact with his brand new wings he can now fly down to Hell to grab a soul without dying. The convenience of this makes me suspicious, but the mission is in fact a success….until Abel mistakenly lands in a young woman’s body, and has no idea he’s not in Hell anymore. Amenadiel enlightens him to the gender of the body he landed in, and suggests the best way to defeat his recurring Hell loop is to die another way, and places a gun right in front of him/her. That goes well for about 0.5 seconds and Amenadiel ends up head to head with his brother on this mission he’s embarked with Cain.

I’m not going to lie, I can understand both sides of their argument here, but ultimately I sided with Amenadiel. I’ve said since the moment this partnership began, Lucifer made a deal to help a man – no friend, find peace from the curse he’s under. While that’s admirable, the increasing danger of their plans became all too apparent with Abel on the loose in a murder victim of Chloe’s case. Amenadiel sees that defying God is dangerous because unlike the first time he rebelled, Lucifer….honestly has so much more to lose now. Lucifer’s anger is too strong to listen in this moment, but as per usual he does in the end understand.

I’ll explain a bit more in Part 2!

Amenadiel & Maze + Linda & Charlotte

Quite a few of our characters had some eye opening experiences tonight, starting with Maze and Amenadiel “fighting” it out post friendship blow up last week. Maze’s pain was in plain sight, stirring up any conflict she could and lashing out at Amenadiel. Punching him might have felt good in the moment, but at the end of it she’s hurt more losing her friend than by the angel standing in front of her, willing to take a beating. It was difficult seeing Maze like that, knowing she felt this way all the while assisting Lucifer and Pierce on her first hand knowledge of Abel. Who she knows because he was the soul she learned how to torture from!

The history behind these characters is frankly wide open, and every time they bring a little piece of it in, it opens up the world and makes me want to learn more. Which brings me to Charlotte and Linda, and the former’s reluctance to trust Linda with what she’s truly dealing with. Even though she has no clear memory of the time she spent down in Hell the experience has left emotional scars beyond anything we see in real life. When she chooses to trust Linda after some eye opening, her description of what we know to be her “hell loop” broke my heart.

Reliving watching a different person she freed kill her family over and over while she’s powerless to stop it. She doesn’t know it, but fighting for a second chance to redeem herself is a drive I understand more completely now when she shared that. Tricia Helfer absolutely *killed it* in that scene and I can’t say enough about how well she’s made the real Charlotte distinctive from the Mom we knew last season.

Lucifer & Chloe & Cain Part 2

The mission to track down Abel turns into a success, and a temporary one unfortunately. Albeit a really strange one as Lauren Lapkus about cracked me up in her scenes, especially when trying to flirt with Chloe using the word flock multiple times. Abel is terrified of Cain killing him again, but after 2000 years apart the brothers finally get a chance to make peace. Which is of course, when everything goes to hell.

Lucifer, Abel, and Chloe end up stuck in the producer and actual killer’s house having to disarm a bomb. Lucifer’s priorities became rather clear when he insisted Chloe get out, but her being the badass, and brave woman she is refuses. I’ll admit I was sweating until she disarmed the bomb, but what caught me more off guard in terms of timing was Lucifer’s decision to break his deal with Pierce.

Amenadiel’s earlier words came to life before Lucifer’s eyes. Despite his long standing reputation of never breaking a deal and potentially angering the world’s first murderer, the one fact that he couldn’t ignore was that he put her in danger. The possibility of losing her is too great and worth breaking a deal with Cain of all people.

I’m not going to lie, the amount of character drama and growth in this episode, was fantastic. Chloe was right in the middle of the action, and never have I wished more for her to know the truth about what’s going on. Mostly because I wished she knew Pierce had no intention of stealing her partner, but her busting Lucifer about loyalty while Dan gave him the “you know what you did” look was priceless. In the end though, Lucifer proved who he will always stand by.

Honestly as much as I loved the romantic dance last week, Lucifer choosing to put Chloe first before his desire to help Pierce, and simultaneously screw over his father spoke volumes. I can’t imagine what the consequences will be, especially after Abel died instantly, but I have three words for that: Bring. It On.

Final Thoughts

  • First off we were missing Trixie, and Ella this week and god I missed those two. I do like it when they focus in for character drama, mind but it makes me wish we could hone in on Dan, more than with a sniper rifle turned camouflage camera light.
  • That entire Z prophecy scene was a guy dripping with crazy conspiracy theories, and it couldn’t have been done better. Aka yes I was cracking up laughing.
  • Maze’s history opened up when she spoke about learning to torture, by torturing the first soul in hell: Abel. Whose hell loop was never escaping his murder at the hands of his brother. Talk about world building, Lucifer writers, wow.
  • Deckerstar may not have been in the forefront, but Dad help me if my heart wasn’t beating as fast as Lucifer’s was when Chloe was disarming a bomb that *would* kill her.
  • I have to give props, kudos, and frankly all around hell yes to Lauren Lapkus hilarious performance as Abel. Who knew if you saw a woman act like a man does, it would show the “other” side of that kind of flirting haha. Okay, just kidding boys.

How about you Lucifans? Did you enjoy meeting the famous Abel?

Lucifer airs Mondays at 8/7c on Fox.

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