‘Lucifer’ 3×17 Review: “Let Pinhead Sing”

Well….that was a bit of a heartbreaking hour, Lucifans. I won’t lie, I wasn’t sure what to expect from “Let Pinhead Sing”, but my suspicions about Pierce came true, and I haven’t been this impatient for next week’s hour since….well, last Monday.

The case this week dealt with a self centered diva, as she calls herself, who ends up under police protection due to two attempts to “murder” her. That path involves fireworks no one wants, shots that endanger Chloe/freak out Lucifer, and a singing duo of “I Will Survive” in Lux.

Off that note, let’s dive in  shall we?

Lucifer & Chloe Part One

Coming off last week’s bomb scare, Lucifer decides the best way, going forward after his attempt to defy God, is put Chloe at a distance so she won’t be in God’s spotlight. It takes about five seconds for Linda to see through his excuses, and to see that this is entirely about Chloe nearly dying, before getting caught up in her own demon drama. Truly, though I really wish I could have asked if Lucifer had ever read the Bible, because the likelihood of God missing the walking miracle is not very high. As hard as he tries, and lies to himself about needing to spread the love, amazing T shirts for Ella notwithstanding, the only one he’s convincing is himself, and barely at that.

I must have called him an idiot at least three times tonight, and while I adore him, his razor sharp focus on the “spotlight,” I figured would come back to bite him in the ass. Before that happened, Chloe stole my heart with her “reverse Oprah” speech to the Devil tonight. She knows him far too well to not understand where his behavior comes from at this point. Her experience as homicide detective, gives her the advantage of knowing the risks of losing people you care about, like him. However, for the immortal Devil it’s a struggle to come to terms with that kind of fear, when I don’t believe in all his years of life he’s ever faced down.

To be continued my dears…

Maze, Charlotte & Linda + Dan, Pierce & Amenadiel

Well aren’t those a couple of crazy trios? Picking up on the fall out of a few weeks ago, Linda’s attempts to make amends with Maze go nowhere, even when she shows up with a literally wrapped ax. Damn, that’s some wrapping skill doctor. Fast forward to the mediator session, moderated by our very own Charlotte Richards, who attempts to heal the divide between Linda and Maze. That goes about as well as you thought it might, sadly. Linda pours her heart out, but Maze won’t budge from her anger over the betrayal of “Hoes before Bros” which sends the possibility of forgiveness and restoring their friendship right out the window.

It broke my heart to see Linda trying to make up for the choices she knows she made in error, and Maze shutting her out without moving an inch from the brick wall she’s turned into. Anger is easier to hold onto, when you are not used to the kind of pain that doesn’t come from throwing a weapon at someone. Maze breaking the weapon in half only solidified her choice, and as confident as she might be now, I don’t doubt she’ll learn the hard way of feeling the human emotion of regret, when it comes to her friendship with Linda. I pray they patch things up later in the season, but for now I think we could all use a drink.

Just in time for the bar hop to Dan attempting to be there for Pierce (at Ella’s behest dear Lord), and when that takes him way out of his comfort zone, he invites his other friend AMENADIEL! Dan running from the tension was a classic subtle humor moment of the hour, and for once the fallen angel, and cursed human sit down and have a rather honest conversation. Faith is a choice you keep making, and as hard as it can be Amenadiel still chooses to believe despite everything that’s happened. Pierce’s experience of being alive and miserable, has stripped that away….until he takes a look at Chloe Decker and Lucifer Morningstar.


Lucifer & Chloe Part Two


Lucifer’s denial of the spotlight takes him all the way to bodyguard status for the self centered diva after the second attempt on her life. The smoothie disaster, leading to a failed seduction (thank God) puts the spotlight where it needs to be. Axara, as she bluntly pointed out has eyes, and anyone with those and half a brain can spot his connection to Chloe a mile away. His belief of needing to put her at a distance to keep her safe may have seemed like the best choice, but at the end of the day keeping who you love out of your life begs one irrefutable question.

What’s the point then of living?

Turns out to be an open ended question as she jets out the door and ends up in a singing duo with the Devil on a rendition of “I Will Survive.” I’ll admit I’m thrilled anytime they find an excuse for Tom Ellis to sing, and his comedic timing in between the singing had me smiling the whole damn time.

Then the killer showed up.

It’s the assistant turned murderer who loves Axara so much she wanted to scare her out of the spotlight so she didn’t have to share her anymore. Lucifer and Chloe try to talk her down, but not before Lucifer dives to take a knife in the chest to protect Chloe. After spending all hour, declaring everyone around her as super important, our detective wants to know why he’d jump in front of a knife wielding killer. As Lucifer made quite clear,

“It’s not me I was worried about, Detective.”

Unfortunately the conversation with Axara came too late, as Pierce hones in on a new plan, with some connecting of his own and the sly bastard invites himself to go to a concert with Chloe. The slow realization of the consequences of his choices, watching Pierce and Chloe walk off till he comes into Linda’s office, skipped past my heartbreak over Linda and Maze and instead tore it out on the floor. Tom Ellis acted those moments to perfection right up till he walked into Linda’s office, with a quiet devastation.

Lucifer accomplished his goal of attaining distance from the lady “very dear” to him, at the exact moment he realized it was a mistake.

God help me, is it next Monday yet Lucifans?

Final Thoughts

  • Missing this hour was only the youngest and fabulous Trixie. Lord, do I hope we get to see her soon, because I think everyone needs her cheer after this hour. Dan, I really do wish we could hone in on him a bit more. His struggle to gain his bosses respect and overcome his bad choices in the past I feel has more story potential.
  • Deckerstar fans, as sad as this hour was, I’m here to say hold onto hope. I may have no (lots of) problems enjoying and crying at the journey, but the writing is on the walls on who’s endgame in this “love triangle.” Hang tight we are in this together.
  • I don’t speculate often, but the one time I was right in that Pierce tries to get romantically close to Chloe for his own….reasons, was the one time I wish I wasn’t right. I don’t trust you with a ten foot pole Cain, so if Chloe gets hurt you better believe I’ll tear you apart….with my words.
  • Only Ella would think a compliment box composed of random pick me ups would work on a brooding, singing on the guitar lieutenant who’s arms are ridiculously buff. God bless her though I wouldn’t want her to change, if only she can convince people to get out of their comfort zone like Dan did.
  • One last question: WHAT THE HELL IS GOING TO HAPPEN NEXT?!

How about you Lucifans? Did you enjoy (cry) at tonight’s devilish hour?

Lucifer airs on Mondays at 8/7c on Fox.

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