‘Lucifer’ 3×18 Review: “The Last Heartbreak”

Well, “The Last Heartbreak” was a blast to the past, with a heart focused hour that included a broken-hearted killer, jealousy that wasn’t at all subtle, and all around heartbreak. I do include my own heartbreak in this one Lucifans, because as much as I loved the character angst, it didn’t make it any easier to watch.

The case of the week featured a copycat killer who connected back the original “Broken Hearts” Killer that Pierce was on the trail of in 1950’s L.A. Finding couples where one was actually a cheater and brutally staging them, culminated in some revelations I should have seen coming.

But let’s not skip ahead, my dears and dive into one hell of an hour.

Pierce, Chloe & Lucifer Part One

I am not going to lie here Lucifans, after last week’s rather ominous cliffhanger with Pierce staring at Chloe and Lucifer, I wasn’t sure what to expect next. Which made me instantly suspicious at Pierce having a turnaround on being open to more “dates” with Chloe after their awesome concert night. After his conversation with Lucifer, and experience from the 50s I decided to initially give him the benefit of the doubt. Especially as it was made clear how truly lonely his existence has been, from turning woman down at a bar and running scared from one lady he truly bonded with, who worked there back then.

As much as I sympathize, it didn’t really distract me from how nuts his behavior was making our poor Devil, who was, as Ella pointedly said “freaking out.” Lucifer’s inability to wear anything but his heart on his well dressed sleeves makes it easy to see, but as hard as he tries to push Pierce away, the more he finds another to walk straight back into Chloe’s life. In the middle of all this immortal tug of war is Chloe, who after everything she’s been through simply wants to be with someone who will let her in.

Which is something I think all of us can identify with, but it’s getting harder to see these two circling each other with her in the middle without her knowing the full truth. Impatient? Yes, definitely, but I’m not going to sugarcoat after that ending, and having a certain feeling things are going to come to a head with these three.

But more on that in a bit….

Maze & Dan to Amenadiel & Charlotte + Linda

While those three are dealing with a broken hearts killer, Maze is off killing the rest of her friendships, and sadly for the first time I don’t mean literally. I felt as if I was watching her self destruct her own life in real time, between having a drunk rock group crash at the house, and then sending Trixie to school with pot brownies. I didn’t think it could get worse than tearing her friendship with Linda to pieces, but calling Trixie a brat and leaving her running away in tears turned into “What the hell are you doing Mazikeen?!”

I’m officially pissed off at my favorite demon, and moving out means hitting a place that’s somehow lower than the literal Hell she left with Lucifer. For the love of Dad, Lucifer writers, I hope Maze wakes up because right now I feel it’s going to take a massive wake up call for that to happen.

Speaking of wake up calls, Amenadiel’s comes in the form of Charlotte shocking him into saying things that he definitely shouldn’t be spilling about….Mom. Going to Linda was a smart choice after rattling both him and Charlotte who assumed, (like I did) that he knew Charlotte had survived all this time. As good as her advice was, he’s as bad as his brother is at following it, and spills the beans that he has a lot….to explain to her. Oh Amenadiel, I know you follow what you’re feeling, but I can one hundred percent guarantee this is not going to end well for Charlotte, who’s already been through enough as it is.

God help us all.


Pierce, Chloe & Lucifer Part Two

The case, as fascinating as it was to go back between the past and present, it made for a better story rooting the present day in the decisions we’ve made. Lucifer, every day since he’s learned the truth about Chloe, as much as he’s struggled, has always fought for her to have her choice. Whatever happened to him, however much he hates his father, none of it mattered if she was safe, and happy. A romantic rival was never something that came to the front of his mind until Pierce/Cain walked through the door. Every choice he made this hour, even when up to his neck with jealousy, came from an honest place that he admitted to my favorite Detective.

On the surface Pierce was doing everything right that Lucifer wasn’t. He was patient, and kind towards Chloe and, said all the right things when she was clearly reluctant to pick up where they might have gone after he turned her down. I almost believed he truly wanted to open his heart, when the bombshell came.

He’s not getting close to Chloe because he just wants to let his walls down. He wants to become vulnerable by getting her to care about him so he finally can freaking die. I know I said this last week, but Pierce is one sly son of a biscuit farmer for pulling this crap. It pissed me off for the second time tonight, because here’s the Devil being honest about his insecurity to the woman he loves (yes, loves, I’m not holding back), while Cain’s putting his plan into motion.

The stage has been set for these last few episodes, and as excited as I am to see how it all plays out, I have no doubt it’s going to be a roller-coaster.

Are you ready for the ride Lucifans? I know I am.

Final Thoughts

  • We actually had everyone in tonight’s episode! Which was awesome, and partly strange. Mostly for the sake of, I wonder how much communication goes on between people when Chloe finds out Maze is moving out at the very end, and Amenadiel only now just found out about Charlotte.
  • Lucifer finding subtle ways to barb Pierce was entertaining as hell, especially as Pierce one hundred percent focused on his mission didn’t so much as bat an eye.
  • Favorite comedy part hands down, was Morgan from Chuck giving Chloe, Lucifer and Pierce a tour about a serial killer on segways wearing helmets and rain jackets. I don’t know who comes up with these ideas, but oh my god, haha kudos.
  • If you can guess, I’m not a huge fan of Pierce’s choices toward Chloe, but damn does Tom Welling play this character and period costumes without fail.
  • That last scene, with Chloe and Lucifer showcased a lot, but it was the little things that made me hold my breath. Lucifer coming over to explain his behavior (that Chloe already figured out), and wanting her to have room for any relationship she chooses no matter his feelings about it. Despite all her honesty about really liking Pierce, she still would have chosen to sit down and have coffee with Lucifer and only called Pierce after he turned her down. I swear God is staring down at this and yelling “GET IT TOGETHER YOU TWO” as much as the rest of us.
  • Ella is the fangirl I wish I could be best friends with because of course she knows the one radio show modeled after the 50’s one called “Chance’s Chocolate” that busts a jilted lover’s soon to be ex.

How about you Lucifans? Did you enjoy “The Last Heartbreak?”

Lucifer airs Mondays at 8/7c on Fox.

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