'Lucifer' 3x19 Review: Orange is the New Maze

‘Lucifer’ 3×19 Review: Orange is the New Maze

Well holy crap on a cracker. So that’s where we are going, Lucifer writers. I gotta say, it’s been a long road to get here and while this was another entertaining hour aptly titled, “Orange is the New Maze,” I wish it had come sooner.

Tonight’s murder mystery comes with a twist where the potential killer is none other than our very own Mazikeen Smith, who’s caught on camera pulling her knife out of the victim. Chloe’s determination and skill reveal the frame job truth, but not without some serious changes in the relationship status quo that shakes things up going into the final run of episodes.

Let’s dive in shall we Lucifans?

Relationships Are Complicated When You Aren’t Honest

When we are in a messy situation you try your hardest to make things as “okay” as possible thus increasing the awkwardness. Which was the case multiple times as Chloe couldn’t even bring herself to admit she was dating Pierce after he walked into her house, to Lucifer dancing around their obvious (ugh) affection. Pierce is putting on the super hot, nice understanding guy act around Chloe hard core. While I don’t blame her in the slightest for choosing to date someone who’s “open” about what he feels, the subtle manipulation of pushing her away from Lucifer was hard to miss. Especially when he flat out asks about her feelings for Lucifer, and she didn’t even deny she had them. Not to mention pushing off the bullet necklace she’s wearing as just a “joke.” That was NOT a joke, how dare you write that?

Chloe, sweetie, God love you, but no one who really wanted to just date you would buy this, which is why it’s working on Pierce. It’s painful to watch her try so hard into following through on her choice, when it’s rather obvious where her heart really lies, no matter how much she likes Pierce.

Lucifer, on the other hand surprised me with his, shall we say restraint in his shenanigans towards Chloe and Pierce. To be fair he had his hands full with Maze, who I will get to in a second, but the Devil standing on the sidelines he stuck himself on is equally painful, and let’s face it frustrating as hell to watch.

More on that in a little while….

Feelings Are A Bitch

To be fair, so is Maze this hour, who gained the spotlight in a very crappy situation, but highlighted how fantastic Lesley Ann-Brandt is in this role, who had the best scenes of the night. Maze is done with Earth and humans to the point where she makes it clear she wants to go back to Hell. Lucifer refuses to on the grounds he doesn’t want to put Chloe in danger, which as true as that may be, I wish he had been honest in the first place that he didn’t want to lose Maze.

Instead she decides to go the illegal way around. When the mother of a former bounty hunter frames her for murder, instead of trusting anyone with the truth, she gets herself arrested to hunt down the perpetrator herself. Maze’s spiral is obvious to everyone who’s familiar with her, but seeing the humans she caught break down how awesome she is, brought to the surface what she’s been struggling with and called the Devil out for.

Since the moment she found out about the lies from Linda and Amenadiel, it’s been a downward slide from everything and everyone she used to embrace. When you aren’t used to humanity the way we really live it, it can be the hardest experience in the world to learn the painful side of it firsthand. Her scene with Chloe broke my heart and not just cause Lesley and Lauren are phenomenal scene partners.

Chloe never missed a single beat in knowing that Maze didn’t commit the murder, and as much as she truly cares about Maze, along with Trixie, you saw in that moment how much the pain had consumed her. The torture of feeling alone, and hurt by people she cared about, was worse than anything she’d ever felt before. So she tries to paint herself as evil to shove those feelings down, and desire to go back to the place where she won’t “feel” like this anymore.

I wish it were that easy. Sadly Lucifer’s attempt to be there for her after her name is cleared only makes things worse. I don’t believe the Devil had any intention of hurting Maze, but as I said he should have been honest in the first place, when Maze feels she’s never put first. As much as I know how so many people care about her, I can’t blame her for thinking this and concluding feelings suck. Let’s face it, they do sometimes, and we’ve all been used to it all our lives.

I said it once, and I’ll say it again, Lesley Ann-Brandt was the MVP of tonight’s hour and I can’t imagine anyone else bringing to life a complex character that as hard as she was working to prove she’s an “evil demon” never felt more completely human.

Too bad it’s about all to get shot to hell.

The Truth Will Set You Free & The Lies Will Bury You

As fantastic as the focus was on Maze tonight, the “love triangle” side of what’s going on with Lucifer, Chloe, and Pierce is starting to really exceed the amount of times I can roll my eyes. I’ll be clear this has been an overall good story, but it’s taken so long to get to the point where things are really speeding up and it makes me wish it had been paced better.

Lucifer is so caught up in his feelings to the point where he and Chloe can share the land of denial about each other and what they are “really” okay with. The truth is easy to see when you see how in sync they are, and their ease displays the connection Ella hit the nail on describing and that that they’re both too scared to confront. I love Deckerstar with all my heart, and right now they are farther from each other than they’ve ever been, and that’s including when Lucifer showed up with a fake exotic dancer wife last season.

So for the love of God, I am putting my faith in these writers to straighten out how topsy turvy everything has become for all our characters. Pierce is making evil plans to maybe get rid of the cat aka Lucifer, being the stereotypical boyfriend to Chloe so he can die, while Lucifer has no idea of his real intentions, and Chloe is stuck in the middle of all of it WITHOUT knowing any of the truth that one more person learned tonight.

That’s right, Charlotte is officially in the know after Lucifer and Amenadiel in a slightly comedic communication fiasco spill the beans of what really happened to Charlotte. The poor woman has been through the ringer and rightfully assumes she’s insane for believing what was told. Until the Devil opens his wings, and….the look on her face was the picture of relief and understanding to the point where it overwhelms you.

I don’t know how this will go from here, but the game has changed with Linda and Charlotte in the know, and I’m hoping this trend continues to add Chloe before the season ends.

I think she’s going to need all the truth she can get, after Pierce appeals to Maze to form a truly unholy alliance to “both get what we want.” Oh dear….this has disaster and death written all over it.

Good thing we have three weeks to guess how crazy things are going to get in the last five episodes. Lucifans, I think we’ll need it!

Final Thoughts

  • Everyone except Trixie made an appearance this hour, and while I still continuously wish Dan had more story/screen time, it was good to see a glimpse of almost everyone tonight.
  • The story is finally kicking into high gear, and while I’m really glad to see it charge forward at full speed now, I stand by what I said. The pacing of the overarching story has been far too slow going, and while I know the stand-alones contributed to that, it would have been a lot better to see this play out where I felt more eager to get to the next episode.
  • I love these characters, but honesty is the best policy, and I’m truly pissed off right now. I’m mad that Pierce is manipulating Chloe, and Maze to get what he wants, Chloe still doesn’t know the truth, and Lucifer has no idea the woman he loves (yes love), is being drawn into a likely life or death scheme. I have no doubt this will get worse, BUT HOW COULD IT GET WORSE? WHAT IS GOING TO HAPPEN?!!
  • Third time’s the charm, but Lesley Ann-Brandt brought it 100 percent tonight, and I cannot wait to see her eventually kick Pierce’s ass when she realizes what she’s gotten into. I’m also hoping she apologizes to Trixie for hurting her because let’s face it she deserves the apology first. She’s precious and sassy, all in one.
  • Challenge accepted Lucifer writers. I love this show, and I’m riding this strange up and down slow going coaster till this season ends with a cliffhanger.
  • You had to twist the knife by having Chloe take off the bullet necklace Lucifer gave her, didn’t you? Man am I excited for when this evil plan blows up in Cain’s face.

How about you Lucifans? Are you excited to see how crazy things are bound to get in three weeks? Impatient might be a better word, but hey better late than never!

Lucifer airs Mondays at 8/7c on Fox.

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