‘Lucifer’ 3×20 Review: “The Angel of San Bernardino”

Lucifans, I’m not going to sugar coat this in the slightest: this episode was sheer PAIN. It was also the kind of episode that makes you go: “what am I watching” and “where in God’s name is this writing going?”

I’m probably overstating things, but the Angel of San Bernardino in no uncertain terms ripped out my heart, and it left me wondering how in the world can things ever get repaired between some of these characters that I love (and now want to punch, in some cases.)

This hour’s case of the week focused on the black sheep of the wealthy Winstead family. Add in an Angel surprise, and it made for one heart wrenching episode of Lucifer. I can’t deny it was compelling writing that drew me into the fray of the story, but that doesn’t mean I agree with all (most) of the writing choices here.

Let’s dive into it one character at a time, shall we?


Before I start, I’m taking a second to say Tom Ellis knocked it out of the park, especially during the stay awake montage. Can this man win awards now?

For Lucifer however, I never thought I’d say this, but please God, can you give the Devil a break? The man has been through the wringer at this point! Full disclosure, I know my favorite Devil in a suit can be an impulsive man child at times, but I’m staking my opinion to say he does not deserve this. From the moment he found the angel figurine in this room, I had a bad feeling, which only grew into a horror show for my heart upon finding out Lucifer had been soundly screwed with as part of a scheme to keep him from Chloe.

I’ll be discussing Chloe and Maze later, but it was heart wrenching to see him try so hard to prove he wasn’t this angel. He just spun out of control to the point where he was mixing up episodes of Bones with the actual murder case. Chloe knows him well enough to try and get him to sleep after he spent a week off in No Sleep Land, but in the end it was no use.

The one time he decides to throw caution to the wind and tell Chloe the truth about Pierce, is the exact moment when she absolutely wasn’t going to listen, and it was both on point and pure PAIN. I’ve never been more impressed with Tom Ellis and Lauren German, but my Deckerstar heart was left in pieces.

Kudos Lucifer writers for knowing where to stick the knife in, but good lord! Whatever Lucifer’s sins, and I know he has plenty of them, there’s a reckoning coming for everything that’s happened to him since his wings came back. I just hope it ends in some much needed truths coming out.



My dearest detective is living with an open heart in a so called “true” situation, which made the reality of it even harder to watch. Lucifer writers, I know you must have a reason for this, but Chloe Decker deserves better than to be used, and moved around like a chess piece on a board.

I, along with many others, would LOVE, to see what real happiness like this does for her, if it wasn’t in the middle of a manipulative storm courtesy of the world’s first murderer. Yes I’m being harsh on Cain, but quite frankly it’s mind boggling to me to see this brilliant detective surrounded by so much deceit. It’s a double edged sword seeing her feel she’s being treated as she deserves by someone who’s only putting on the perfect act to get what he wants. Especially when I know in my heart, the person she truly wanted to be honest about how he feels is Lucifer.

I want to believe there’s a reason for writing her like this, because quite frankly I’m angry at the amount of lies stacking up around her. Lucifer has needed to come clean about a lot and that’s on him, but now knowing what Pierce has done, and what could happen, the lies are just too much. I’m sticking it out till the end of the season, but the reasons are gone, and now we are onto only excuses for why Chloe still doesn’t know the truth. I have a rather strong feeling (mostly prayers) it’ll come to a head in the season finale, but as always we’ll have to wait and see how these last episodes play out.



Amenadiel + Charlotte/Dan

Charlotte’s newfound knowledge of the Almighty, and angels lent her a zest she hasn’t had since, well the first time she was alive. Walking around doing whatever she wants without a care in the world couldn’t have been funnier and more awkward when it led to a man busting Dan naked in a closet he was about to have some “good” times in with Charlotte.

Amenadiel fears about her knowing about divinity rang true for me after seeing her throw off her worries, assuming that because she knew angels who could travel to Hell meant that they could also go to Heaven. I can understand the logic, but I’m glad Amenadiel set her straight.

I know Charlotte relapsed and admitted it, but I refuse to believe she’s doomed to hell regardless. She still has a choice to make to not give up in living her life to put others first, and learn from what mistakes she made in her former selfish years. I doubt she had any kind of self awareness then, which makes all the difference now.


Pierce/Cain + Maze

Now we come to my least favorite person, (plus our resident demon) right now, because I am not afraid to say this guy is a garbage douche-bag. Harsh as that may be to state, I promised I would never hold back, and quite frankly garbage still doesn’t come close to the kinds of choices Pierce made in this hour especially in regards to Chloe. I know he made an eleventh hour swerve and backed out, but I’m sorry, that’s not good enough.

My heart broke at how, without a care in the world except for himself, he manipulated Chloe as easily as he lies to everyone else. Starting with going along with Maze’s idea to screw with Lucifer massively so he can woo Chloe into saying I love you to get his mark off to die. He sped full speed not giving a damn, until he chickened out at the last second and hurt Chloe even more. Look, I can understand having revelations hit you at the last second, and as much as I appreciate this centuries old idiot choosing to try and not hurt Chloe this *single* time, it doesn’t make up for everything else at this point.

Mazikeen has officially hit rock bottom and landed at the “I don’t give a damn about anyone else” stage of this fall from “grace.” Which translates to now I just want to punch her in the face and call her an idiot. It’s the easiest way of expressing how much I hate what’s happened to her, and now I’m wondering how she’ll ever find her way back from this. Lesley Ann Brandt playing innocent to maximize the pain to Lucifer was the scene I cried the hardest at. Romantic angst I’m experienced with, but friendship/family angst will always hit me particularly hard. DAMN YOU LUCIFER WRITERS!

The game changer I did not see coming before the season finale was his mark getting removed anyways. I don’t buy for a second it’s because Cain’s plan worked. Mostly due to: when God is involved things are never as they seem on this show, and I will never believe no matter what happens next that Cain likes or loves Chloe Decker the way that Lucifer Morningstar does.

Lucifer has spent all this time learning, taking one step forward, two steps back, and shaping him into the person he is, and is still becoming. In the midst of all it, whatever his selfish instincts drive him to (mainly a lot of things that make me want to smack him upside the head), the fact is the one thing that’s one hundred percent real is what’s between him and Chloe.

There were no ulterior motives, there is nothing but sheer affection, trust, and loyalty that’s been massively toyed around with by the people who either are on a mission or are out for revenge. I have to believe the journey is worth it through this hour and the last four episodes of the season, because otherwise what would be the point of watching?

Suffice it to say, we’re bound to find out in the next month. Hang in there Lucifans, it’s going to be a hell of a ride, screaming included.

Final Thoughts

  • We were only missing Trixie this hour, but our time with Ella and Dan were mostly glimpses while the big stories were for the people I just ranted about. I didn’t mind too much as I can only handle so much character heartbreak at a time.
  • Having Lucifer binge Bones and then compare him and Chloe to Booth and Bones gets all my love because it compared my first TV love with my current TV love. Seriously I was an avid Bones for eight years, and it took six of those for Booth and Bones to get together, I’m good with the slow burn, just let Chloe in on the truth!
  • Yes I’ve yelled about/at these characters quite a bit but it’s out of a place of deep love for these people, and impatience to see them get it together.
  • It’s noted that when you turn into your evil self, you get a new hair color, which Mazikeen looks fabulous in because it’s literally impossible for Lesley Ann-Brandt to look anything but gorgeous on top of being an amazing actor.
  • Thank God for Linda skipping to the point of what’s really bothering Lucifer before things got crazy. I swear I don’t know what anyone would do without you.
  • Lauren German doesn’t need anything other than her facial expressions to make me laugh so hard my sides hurt, my God woman you are talented!
  • How long till Deckerstar is happy again? I’m counting the episodes till then!

Lucifer airs Mondays at 8/7c on Fox.

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