‘Lucifer’ 3×21 Review: “Anything Pierce Can Do I Can Do Better”

My God, Lucifans…..I’m not sure how else I could start this review outside those words. Though I admit, “Anything Pierce Can Do I Can Do Better” brought out emotional whiplash, as my character loving heart soared high and came crashing down at multiple points during this hour. Now with only three episodes left this season, it set the stage for what is going to be a full angst ride till the season finale.

Truth time before I dive in, because I’m going to make it absolutely clear what I see. Lucifer Morningstar and Chloe Decker love each other, and not because other people are making comments about it. Everything that happened this hour underlined how complicated and human lives can become when we don’t say how we truly feel. The lesson was learned the hard way, and now for the first time in a while I’m truly looking forward to seeing how everything plays out, even in angst land.

The case of the week flew into the competitive world of Prima Ballerinas, and at the heart of it was a story of fear affecting our ability to tell the truth about what we feel, and especially to those we love. Subtle, Lucifer writers are not, and for once I’m really glad about that.

Let’s check in one character at a time now shall we?


I’m starting with our resident demon and former bartender/bounty hunter tonight, because despite all the romantic angst, Maze is the one who hurt me the most. Her single eye on the mission to get what she wants, regardless of any lies she has to tell and people she’s going to hurt leaves me standing on the one question I never wanted to ask.

Am I ever going to see a reason to hope for her again? Her plan to frame Lucifer and ruin his life to get back to Hell is the worst thing I can imagine her doing to my favorite Devil in a suit. It’s nearly as bad as pretending she wants to be friends with Chloe again to enact that plan.

The one and only moment I thought I saw the Maze I miss, the one underneath the granite wall she has up, was her happiness and sadness at seeing Trixie walk in and back out. Despite what Pierce said (and lied) to her about she’s never going to give up until she finds a way back to Hell. Her tenacity is as vicious as she can be, but I’m certain by the time she finds that way back to Hell, she’ll take one look at the carnage she left behind and it won’t be that simple anymore. Well, I can hope for that at least, but I can’t lie I’m hanging onto my faith and trust in this show’s writing by the threads.

Amenadiel & Charlotte

I got to say, I never expected the former Goddess of the universe and a fallen Angel to become an effective detective duo, but hey I was digging it. Amenadiel lands on Lucifer’s side, because of his mission and test from God (that I am losing track of how windy it’s gotten), to get Pierce out of the picture.

Recruiting Charlotte with as little detail was smart, given she’s drowning in alcohol and got on board to fight for “God” which was easy to see through, but frankly who can blame her? I died laughing when she tried to seduce Pierce to get out of being caught tailing him, but it’s a relief that these two aren’t giving up on figuring him out and helping Lucifer. God knows he’ll be needing all the help he can get now…..


How is it possible one man can be so infuriating he outpaces the Devil in this regard? I mean, honestly this man’s judgement on how he feels, and what he wants jumps back and forth so fast I’d have lost my head trying to follow it. I don’t think (for once) he’s lying when it comes to how he feels about Chloe, and wanting to spend his life with her. I do however think his theory about his and Lucifer’s vulnerability is close to the truth, but not quite, because honestly Chloe’s actions this hour disproved it.

Pierce has spent an eternity trying to break his curse so he can die. He has that right in front of him, but instead of letting Maze kill him he’s doing what he wants, free of the consequences of being immortal. I realize a lot of us, myself included, have been monumentally pissed at how he’s lied, and used Chloe in his quest, but even this man can’t control who he has feelings for.

Sadly in the end, it doesn’t matter. When he told Chloe he loved her, her feelings were made perfectly clear in that moment. Chloe cares for Pierce sure, likes him a lot, but….she doesn’t love him back. If she did you would have seen that get to her, and it DIDN’T. Kudos to Lauren German for her acting prowess at showing so much in a short scene, and Chloe laying down the law on his “I love you” being just words.

Her words made it clear that, Lucifer and Pierce have become vulnerable because of how THEY care about Chloe, not the other way round. The second he decided to put her first, because of how HE felt (for one single moment ugh) is when he lost his mark. Chloe’s feelings can’t be taken into account, because as Linda pointed out, her choice has been taken away from her without the full truth. Which leads me to….


I don’t know how many times I can say this, but for the love that is all good and holy:


She has been through the wringer this season, and everything she did tonight alone, was trying to protect herself from more pain. Someone give this girl a thousand hugs, cuddles, and sanity in the meantime because now I’m officially pissed off. Chloe Decker does not deserve to be yanked around and lied to – by anyone mortal or immortal, period. Enough is enough, and right now the only thing I want for her is a break from all this romantic drama. I stand by what I wrote earlier in terms of her feelings, but no matter what it does not excuse that her choice has been taken away from the ridiculous amount of lies. I mean, what gives Lucifer writers?

Her anger with Lucifer was justified and struck a chord that won’t be forgotten by her or him. As much as I hated seeing her say yes to Pierce’s proposal, I have a strong hunch it won’t last past the next episode. Saying yes though in the first place made my head spin, and as much as I was thinking: has Trixie met this man, and why are you rushing into this, the fact is she went through an entire emotional roller coaster. The man she truly loves missed his chance to FINALLY be honest, and there’s another (seemingly) good man in front of her offering his heart to her. Also let’s face it, it’s awkward as hell to turn down a marriage proposal from your just now ex boyfriend.

Do I like it? – HELL NO, I hate it in fact, and I wish that the writers had chosen a less soap opera/ridiculous route to go, but for the first time I can, maybe, see where they are going. Next time don’t take so long to get there and drag out the drama for drama’s sake. Your characters suffer, and in turn the entire show suffers, because if we don’t care about what’s happened to the characters that’s it.

Pardon the rant Lucifans, but I saved the most complex for last….


Oh my dear Devil….you were just too late this time. Lucifer Morningstar has been one of the most complex, and entertaining characters I’ve ever gotten attached to, but it hurts to see how long it’s taken him (and the writers) to get to this point where he wants admit his feelings. He spends so much time focused on what’s right in front his eyes and what he can do to “prove” what he doesn’t need to – when all he had to do was admit the truth.

His antics to make it into a competition hurt Chloe deeply, and what’s more he knew he screwed up worse than ever before this time when Linda walked in.

I was cheering when Linda called him out (FINALLY) on using his dad as an excuse to not be honest, because she was 100 percent right. Lucifer has spent far too long blaming his father, and continuously spiraling about what may or may not be real to avoid looking in the mirror and truly examining what’s in his heart.

Everyone on this show, him more than anyone, has been guessing at what God’s intentions are. Fact is – another truth Linda got right, bless this brilliant woman – NO ONE knows what they are. Lucifer can’t keep driving himself mad trying to figure it out, because in the end it won’t give him the answer he wants. He can only focus on the here and now, and as sad as it was to see it be “too late” I’m not convinced it’s going to resolve itself that easily.

Pierce’s feelings may be genuine (ugh), but the Devil makes it clear there never was a competition at all, when Lucifer’s true desire was for her choice to be him.

Now it’s a total freaking mess, and for the love of storytelling sanity PLEASE FIX THIS CRAZY SITUATION WRITERS! I want to have no doubts about what’s going to happen in this show and I’ve had so many lately I’m writing to review and to call crap out.

Let’s just hope this engagement lasts exactly one episode as that’s about as long as I can tolerate this writing choice.

Final Thoughts

  • We actually got a glimpse of everyone tonight, but as per usual Dan, Ella and Trixie were massively underutilized. Please have more character story balance as I miss seeing more of these three on my screen other than being their awesome selves.
  • Fangirl opinion time: I don’t care if I’m right and it only lasts one episode I will never find it anything less than soap opera ridiculous and WTF writing that Chloe agreed to marry Pierce. Come on I know you guys can do better than this, so please show it next season.
  • Please do the above re: bringing this storyline to a sane place, as I hate being so mean, but I refuse to lie and write praise in lieu of honest feedback and criticism. I don’t write these sentences down just to bash for no reason, I LOVE these characters and I want the plot to serve them, not the other way around to drag drama out.
  • In spite all of my complaining, the prima ballerina story combined with what was going with Lucifer and Chloe only reinforced my point about their feelings for each other. SO SAY IT LUCIFER COME ON NOW!
  • Dan, though bless him, for being on Lucifer’s side and spitting out the lemon bars Pierce made in a show of solidarity.
  • I don’t know if anyone will remember this, but hearing Giselle at the beginning of this episode gave me romantic angst flashbacks to the Angel episode, “Waiting in the Wings.” Did you guys do this on purpose? If so kudos, if not it’s still a really weird coincidence to me, haha.
  • I hated Ella supporting Marcno I appreciate my girl standing up for Chloe and fighting for her friend’s happiness. Can she be let in on how terrible Pierce has been to Chloe now?
  • Charlotte Richards is a badass when fighting for God, and then stealing a motorbike to chase down Pierce.
  • Linda Martin, you wonderful, wise, beautiful and brilliant unicorn. THANK YOU for finally saying to Lucifer what I’ve been dying for him to hear all season. Dad is not an excuse to not be honest, and taking his signature question and turning it around on him when he needed it most. You are a true friend.

Hang in there Lucifans, I’m with you till this angst high and weird writing choices season ends next month. Till then, how are you going to survive Chloe and Pierce’s (gulp) engagement?

Lucifer airs Mondays at 8/7c on Fox.

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