‘Lucifer’ 3×23 Review: ‘Quintessential Deckerstar’

Lucifer I got to say….it’s really good to see the show I love truly back in fine form with “Quintessential Deckerstar.” I’d be lying if I said the show has always been this good this season, but honest criticism aside, the penultimate hour of season three took me through a roller coaster that ended on a devastating note.

The case of the week delved into a lady named Devon married to a famous baseball player with ties to Charlotte’s past as a defender of the rich criminals who could get away with anything given their money. Her nightmare hell loop with the baseball player tipped me off this wouldn’t be an ordinary episode for our turned defender of the good, but my God did Charlotte shine brighter than ever fighting for justice with Amenadiel.

Without further ado let’s dive into the explosive events of tonight’s Lucifer.

Mazikeen & Pierce/Cain

Talk about the worst evil partnership I’ve ever seen, and for once I’m really relieved that was true. For a while now I’ve been wondering (or praying if you will) on how far Maze would fall in her mission to go to Hell. As it turns out, the line was drawn at the people that hurt her in the first place – Amenadiel and Linda.

I’m glad Amenadiel didn’t (and I’m not sure how) pick up on the fake crying, cause Maze strikes me as the cry silently type of person, but the sincerity and truth of his words struck a chord with our resident badass demon. I was thanking God a lot in that moment, especially since I wasn’t sure I’d see the character I’ve missed. Turns out when someone *cough Cain cough* who has no morals or scruples threatens people you care about, it can wake up the humanity you were trying to abandon. Mazikeen, when you wake please listen to what Amenadiel said and go fix things with….well, at this point, everyone! You’ve got a lot of work to do, but I’ll be happy to watch you try to mend things and maybe help kick the world’s first murderer off the planet.

He put up an impressive fight tricking his way into knocking Maze out to go kill Amenadiel, but now he’s about to pay the price for his eternity that he’s trying to cheat his way back to. I’d say sorry, but I refuse to apologize that I’m altogether certain his comeuppance is about to be delivered in the season finale and I won’t be sad to see him pay the price for all the pain he’s caused.

Chloe & Lucifer

As excited as the title had me for tonight’s hour, I admit I was not sure what to expect of “Quintessential Deckerstar” in between the squealing when Lucifer was the one to utter the title out loud. Linda, who really has earned a tropical vacation with a legion of handsome men serving her hand and foot for this kind of patience, wastes no time in prodding Lucifer to open up at what he was going to say before Chloe’s engagement. He decides to run his chicken routine by doing a “Greatest Hits” down memory lane with him and Chloe to get things back to “normal.” If it weren’t for how it ended, I think my eyes would have rolled back so far I’d see the inside of my head. Lucifer’s antics to run around his feelings worked a lot in the past – but this is the here & now and Chloe is not holding back how much it hurts to see him make a parody of everything they’ve gone through since they met.

Lucifer’s intentions pave the road to insensitivity, and his typical craziness, but there’s not a bone in his body that would choose to cause Chloe pain. What made the difference this time is he did the one thing that he’s struggled with ever since Chloe met him – he listened. His realization that Chloe is perfectly capable of solving crime on her own (which *we* all knew), opened up that all this time his work with her has been of her own choosing. It just took this much for him to finally and truly see it.

Lucifer has spent so much time running away from where his heart lies, because as he admits to Chloe, he’s terrified of showing who he truly is to her. No more, and even though I know Chloe didn’t believe him in the way he meant it, I about choked up when she said “Not to me.” For her side of it, she’s done denying what’s going on and being honest with Ella about why she agreed to and then broke off her engagement with Pierce, was nothing short of an epic fist pumping moment of truth. Ella, I love you. First for the “Wow,” second for apologizing for not truly checking in with Chloe, and third for being her brilliant self this entire hour. You just had me singing with happiness.

It all culminated in that moment where Lucifer, to his credit, tries to truly impress who he is on Chloe. Despite the lack of angelic revelation, it didn’t take away from how much heart he poured into that confession and meaning it with using her name – Chloe. I was afraid I was dreaming when they shared their second real kiss, but thank Dad I wasn’t.

I just wish the hour had ended there. But that brings me to the characters who, despite the shipper squeals I was experiencing, brought out the most emotion tonight.

Amenadiel, Charlotte + Dan

It took this long to see it, but now I understand why they chose to have Charlotte live beyond her tenure in Hell. Her story this season has been interesting, hilariously crazy, but ultimately a lesson we could all learn about how our choices shape who we are. Charlotte may not have remembered her courtship with Dan in season two, but their chemistry was hard to ignore as they navigated romance in the minefield of modern day dating. Their brief happiness doesn’t take away that I was so happy to see Charlotte embrace it while she was still here. Now more than ever though I wish Dan could know the truth of where she landed.

When it came to Charlotte and Amenadiel’s friendship post her angel enlightenment, despite my initial reservations it become one of the best surprises of the season. Seeing how it came to this ending was both heart wrenching and utterly poetic. Amenadiel has spent two seasons looking above to divinity as to why he fell from grace. His father to him had all the answers, but as Lucifer was slowly learning from Linda, that when it comes to His intentions, it really is all a guess. Charlotte helped him see that as much as he elevated himself, when it came down to it, angels have far more in common with humanity than they do with divinity on Earth. That lesson he shared with Lucifer in the bar came true when he accepted it was entirely on him about his wings. In that moment he earned them back himself, and the first choice he made with them was to take Charlotte home. In this world, God may provide the hints, the paths, but ultimately we are responsible for our own choices, and their consequences.

It can go badly, but as Charlotte proved it can also prove to be our redemption without ever realizing it. She fought hard to catch tonight’s killer, and while it was partly motivated by her own guilt at what she did in the past, she risked everything to catch him now. Chloe’s faith in her showed that, despite all of her doubts and fears, she DID change after her time in Hell.

So now comes the paragraph I cried my eyes out writing.

Charlotte Richards. Mother, lawyer and freaking amazing person. I wish now we had spent more time with you, but I’m glad that I was right about believing you would not go back to Hell. What made it such good (painful) writing was the timing – her life was coming together, fighting to help catch bad guys and had opened up to Dan, who I want to send a thousand hugs to. Last, but certainly not least, I have to give ALL the praise to Tricia Helfer who brought it in this role distinguishing Charlotte so well from her stellar performance as Mom last season. I’m really going to miss you, but I know Amenadiel will keep you safe until you’re in Heaven, so RIP my dear.

Final Thoughts

  • We didn’t miss a single soul tonight, and while our glimpse of Trixie was brief, it truly felt like all the stories came together in a cohesive narrative that has felt missing for a long time. I stand by what I’ve said and criticized about the writing of this show for a good part of the season, but my God do they know how to pull it all together in the end, and this isn’t even the season finale. Bravo, Lucifer writers. Please keep this level of writing quality up for all of next season, because I refuse to believe there won’t be a fourth.
  • Lucifer’s confession tonight was full of shipper feels, but I cannot deny it had a feeling of foreshadowing in it as well. If I am indeed right, and Chloe finds out the truth during next week’s season finale, I’ll be hitting the roof on happy freaking out time. I just hope that if anyone dies this season it’ll be Cain.
  • Chloe coming in hard and fast cracking to Dan about how Lucifer doesn’t know what women want. Lucifer, as charming and debonair as you usually are, I’m with the lady on this one as jewelry is no replacement for heart warming gifts and love confessions. So glad you got on the latter train, so dear lord what’s going to happen next week?
  • Despite the antics Lucifer got up to, I loved all the callbacks to classic and squeal-worthy moments in Chloe and Lucifer’s history. His projecting and avoiding aside, the fact that he chose them all means whatever he denied along the way every one of those memories meant so much he brought them all out in full devilish display. Starting with their first meeting, to his game night with her and Trixie, to the most romantic dance of all history in Lux. Now would you please tell Chloe you love her? I’m dying over here!
  • I don’t often make shout outs to this but the music choice in the last scene, was one hundred percent perfect. It added to the devastating beauty of Amenadiel lifting Charlotte into the sky to when Dan hugged Charlotte tight not hiding any of his grief.
  • So for the love of God, Lucifer writers, can DAN GET A FREAKING BREAK NEXT SEASON?! The man deserves true romance, a perfect day with all his friends and family, and all the sweets he needs to get through this.

How about you Lucifans? Are you excited/terrified for next week’s season finale? I know I am…

Lucifer airs Monday at 8/7c on Fox.

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