Lucifer 3×24 Review: ‘A Devil Of My Word”

So, here we are, Lucifans, in a place I didn’t ask for or ever wanted us to end up at. However, we are here nonetheless, and I am happy to say that whether it’s a season or likely series finale, “A Devil Of My Word” brought it in every possible way, cliffhanger and all.

I’m going to get the painful part out of the way right now, Lucifans. I cried my eyes out and was utterly heartbroken when the news came out Lucifer had been canceled. It was worse that I was fairly certain it wouldn’t be and was caught entirely off guard. The fact that all of us rallied together to make a social media roar loud enough that WBTV is trying to shop the series around to save it has been my one saving grace the past few days. I believe they will try their hardest and I believe in us to keep talking about it online, but truth be told I can only handle so much TV nerve wracking news (blame Timeless for that one as well). So I’m framing this review as the last episode of Lucifer I will ever write about.

Despite the pain and tears, I don’t regret a second of loving this show, its writing and ultimately its characters. As much as I was cursing the network that made the monumentally stupid decision to let the show go, Lucifer has given me so much happiness, and that is never something that can never be taken away.

Let’s hope the #SaveLucifer & #PickUpLucifer campaigns tonight made the power of this show loud and clear!

So without further ado, let’s dive into “A Devil Of My Word.”

Mazikeen + Linda

I need to start with these two ladies, because as much out of the action they were, if I never get to see them again, thank God we got to see what happened tonight. Maze waking up chained in Pierce’s place, and being looked down upon by evil goons was as frustrating as it was thrilling to see her wipe the floor with these idiots.

Mazikeen has come a long way since we met her as a carefree, living-life-however-she-wants-it bartender at Lux. Being on Earth has opened up so much she never anticipated from the second Lucifer was introduced to Chloe Decker. She’s learned to embrace humanity, found true friends and family, then lost them when she lost herself and learned the hard way of how bad pain and emotion can be.

Our amazing Dr. Linda (who I’m going to miss so freaking much) nailed it simply saying “emotions are hard.” Yes, they truly are, and as a master of understanding and deciphering them for our celestial and demonic friends she’s been a saving grace so many times. Tonight though I was just beyond thrilled to see her immediately embrace Maze when she came barreling in to save her and scaring the wits out of her patient, haha so classic.

Words have never been Maze’s strong suit, and she’s right in that actions can be easier. I don’t think anything yells “you matter so much” in killing twelve of Cain’s men and running four miles to make sure Linda was safe. Maze has learned though, that because actions are easy, words can bring it home. Their apologies followed by that embrace was everything I was hoping to see so much of this season. So thank you, my dears, for finding your way back to this wonderful friendship, and I raise my glass to Mazikeen Smith aka Maze and Dr. Linda Martin.

Daniel Espinoza + Ella Lopez

As crazy as this roller coaster of an hour turned out to be, the one I was continuously wishing to hug and root for was our very own Daniel Espinoza. Dan was on fire, and not hiding his grief but letting it propel him to find the person who killed the woman he loved. Pierce trying to use it against him to send him home set my blood boiling, and when Dan found Charlotte’s investigation on him cleaning up her things I went from ugly sobbing to ecstatic victory.

Dan wasted no time bringing the evidence to Chloe and Lucifer, and the latter immediately confirmed what Charlotte found out: Pierce has been the Sinnerman all along. I know Lucifer defended himself at telling Chloe (and everyone including Dan) this truth, but I was on her side when she made the point saying he’s immortal is different than identifying as a criminal they could catch. Keeping it on the down low was key and Lucifer realized that, turning Dan’s angry punch into a hug in the precinct. Whatever differences they’ve had in the past, Daniel is now his true friend and he believes in him to help him find justice for Charlotte.  

Dan refused to give up, even though the odds of catching Pierce were slim given his immediate control of the situation. Thank God he, Chloe and Lucifer are some of the most brilliant people we know and manage to figure out the evidence on scene was a frame job. Bringing in Ella was a saving grace, and her embrace of Dan on the stairs encapsulated so much of why I’ve loved her character.

Ella was a beacon of light that stepped onto Lucifer in never hiding everything about who she is and what she believes in. Her compassion, kindness and sheer belief brought out so much around the people that matter to her and every time she spoke I loved her heart she wore proudly on her sleeve. Dan was a man on a mission, but Ella saying he needed to go home had the opposite effect the first time I heard these words because they came from a place of concern for her friend and I could see that affect him.

Thankfully it didn’t stop him bringing Ella into the mission, and her badass lying skills got Pierce to send one of his evil Sinnerman network goons to kill Dan – who instead got caught in a brilliant trap by our detectives. The man refused to speak on account of his “sister,” but Kevin Alejandro needs to win all the awards for admitting he was a corrupt cop (hypocritical to the extreme of Cain ugh you b*stard) and all the choices he’s made to do bad things for good reasons. Making it clear he’ll keep up these kinds of dark actions for good reasons and there isn’t any better than catching the son of a b*tch who killed the woman he loved.

Lies or no, Dan scared the crap out of me and I want Kevin Alejandro to win all the awards for that scene alone. Mr. Espinoza, it’s been amazing knowing you, and while I hope to see you again (come on WB), if I don’t, you’ve been a character worth caring about.

In regards to my favorite crime scene lady, Ella’s struggle with the truth about Pierce even as she doubted what was going on from Dan’s story, caught exactly the same look that tipped Chloe off. These ladies know a liar when they see one and there wasn’t one bigger than the world’s first murderer. I’m glad she helped with the plan, but seeing her struggle with faith for the first time ever rang how human it is to doubt when so much bad stuff keeps happening. In the end though, with the actual Devil encouraging her to not also hold God responsible (holy crap), Ella never gave up.

She’s a lady who I am so happy to see come to life and I will be saying this a lot, but it bears repeating if this is the end, I am so happy I got to meet you. My dear Ella go off into the universe and be unabashedly you cause the world is better for it.

Chloe + Lucifer

Now we come to the two people who made everything about this show worth caring about. They bared truths and found revelations tonight. As much as I wish to see what happens after, if I don’t then my God it’s been a hell of a journey and so hard to say goodbye to. Deckerstar has been my OTP from day one, and that is no small part from how amazing Chloe Decker and Lucifer Morningstar’s journey have been.

Tonight they worked in step to solve a murder close to their hearts, and despite their personal conflicts of Lucifer’s “metaphors” coming to the forefront, the closeness they found last week from their kiss and Lucifer’s honesty was palpable. Chloe has come to terms after everything she’s gone through, and is in the place where she wants the truth. Lucifer, taking a cue from his brother who did in fact recover his wings, is accepting that his wings, and Devil face appearance and loss respectively were not his father’s but his own doing. His choices and his consequences so to speak.

Lucifer’s belief in himself, however, can spill over to arrogance as once everyone crucial was on board, his betrayal and proof of his crimes was needed, Lucifer decided to blow the door open to bust Cain for Charlotte’s murder. His conversation forthwith was a little (or well a lot honestly) vindicating after Lucifer found out he meant to kill Amenadiel and shot Charlotte instead. Lucifer, for the first time in I think the entire show, shares his brother’s belief in their own choices being more powerful than God’s will. Chloe’s love wasn’t what removed Cain’s mark (she never actually loved you, you idiot); it was putting someone else first that he cared about for the first time in his miserable life. Lucifer may not have said it outright, but his belief in this occurrence (which I’m a hundred percent on board with) confirms his awareness his vulnerability around Chloe stems from his love for the lady detective. I just wish we’d gotten to hear him say it to her face.

All of their growth over the past three seasons has led right up to these final scenes, and my God did Tom Ellis and Lauren German kill it in every sense of the word when they fell into Cain’s trap. Chloe’s bravery in choosing to protect Lucifer and try to take Cain down, risking her life in the process, was completely and entirely Chloe Jane Decker. Thankfully, the Devil and man who loves her wasn’t going to let anything risk her life, even if it meant bringing out his Angel wings, the things he’d hated all season, and yet ended up being the one thing he could use to protect her and whisk her to safety.

Marching back into the firefight to take down the goons before doing battle with Cain, the world’s first murderer, was a hell of a fight scene, but his conversational take down was even more brutal somehow. Cain had no regrets over what he did, but that doesn’t mean you’re cleared to go straight to Heaven after all you’ve done. The slate is not wiped clean because you decided to turn your back on it, and despite what he said I’m certain that when he finally breathed his last his soul is firmly in the place the Devil knows so well.

Lucifer Morningstar was an Angel, formerly Samuel the light bringer, and fell from grace to turn into the Devil Lord of Hell. On the surface it’s a lot to take in, but the deepness to everything about him was made visceral in his struggle to accept responsibility and become the person he’s meant to be. I think there’s still a lot of his journey left, as his speech condemning Cain to Hell brought back the Devil in his glory right when Chloe walked into the room seeing the Devil in his true form.

My wish was granted, and Chloe Decker – FINALLY – learned the truth. To be left there is a stop not an ending and I’ll be clear at how painful and heartbreaking it’ll be if this show isn’t given the time it needs to truly finish this story.

However, if this is all we’ve got, then my God it’s been a hell of a journey up to here for these two characters and I’m so glad we got to see how far they’ve both come since their first hilarious conversation at the piano in Lux. I don’t care if it wasn’t said on onscreen – I will go on record saying it is canon that this show ended with Chloe learning that the man she loves is the Devil, and Lucifer Morningstar’s celestial reality was brought into full view for the woman he fell in love with. From the moment he met her, he knew she stood out and he never gave up to get to know her, leading us to a partnership, a friendship and a love story I’ll never regret watching on screen.

It’s hard as hell to say it (and I’m literally crying writing this), but I will never forget how much you made me believe in the impossible, in never giving up and letting doubt cloud your feelings, and there is so much strength to be had in believing in yourself. Chloe Decker and Lucifer Morningstar are characters that were easy to get attached to and love, cry with, shout at and root for whether they were learning things about themselves on their own paths, sharing adorable and/or heartbreaking scenes, and want to embrace when they made you cry, laugh or sometimes both.

So I’ll repeat myself one last time: I am going to miss the HELL out of you two, and  as much as I pray this might not be a true last time, I’ll never forget what you gave to everyone who loved you.

Bravo Lauren & Tom, and thank you for bringing to life these characters that will always have a special place in my heart.

Lucifer I bid you adieu, and Godspeed in getting a fourth season because everyone who isn’t a You Know Who executive knows you deserve it and beyond.

Final Thoughts

  • Given the abrupt ending I sincerely wish x 10000 we had gotten to see Trixie tonight and for Maze to apologize to her young friend, whom I know she truly cared about. So I’m giving a shout out especially to Scarlett for making that little girl her own character and person every time she was on screen. Young lady, I hope to see you on screen many more times in the future whether as Trixie Decker in a miraculous fourth season or any other role you bring to life.
  • There aren’t really words for how amazing every actor was tonight in this episode and how much I will miss seeing Rachel Harris, D.B. Woodside, Lesley Ann-Brandt, Kevin Alejandro, Tricia Helfer, Aimee Garcia, Lauren German, and Tom Ellis on my TV every Monday. They breathed life into all of their characters, and made them so real the fans are fighting tooth and nail to bring them back. Whether that succeeds or not, the gift they’ve given us is very real for the past three seasons. Thank you to all of you, and I hope to see you all again sooner rather than later.
  • Cain finally freaking died and as brilliant as Tom Welling was, I’m glad we saw this bastard pay for this crimes. Good riddance, and Cain, say hello to the Fox Execs down there in Hell cause it’s where they’re going to land for canceling this show at a cliffhanger like that.
  • It goes without saying I’m so mad we don’t get to see what happens next, save the effort to bring the show back succeeds, but I’m going to put a shout out to all the fanfic writers out there. If you want to heal Lucifans hearts with your versions of this story for forever if Lucifer isn’t able to come back please do so it would do us a world of good.
  • Lucifer writers, and especially Ildy and Joe, I hope you know I, and every Lucifan, out there are so grateful (despite all my rant complaints) for what you’ve given to the world in this show. There’s been so many laughs, ugly crying, squealing and surprises along the way. I’ll keep my fingers crossed, but for the three seasons we definitely have, I thank you, and bravo to all of your wonderful talented people.
  • Deckerstar is THE OTP I never imagined, but loved for every second they were on screen. It isn’t the ending I wanted for you but my God was it fantastic to ship and root for you from the piano beach to the kiss on the beach to finding the truth.

So Lucifans, it’s been a pleasure covering this show, and make no mistake I’ll come running back if that campaign pulls off what we are all hoping for. Just in case, I want to say thank you to everyone who’s ever said a positive word about my reviews, as it’s meant the world to me to write about this show. I’ll never forget any of this gift I stumbled upon when I first watched the pilot, and everything that’s happened since then.

Farewell, my Lucifer, it’s been a pleasure. And to answer the question he’s always asked, my deepest desire is what we are all wishing for.


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