‘Lucifer’: 5 Questions We Want Answered at SDCC

Lucifans, we left off with that jaw dropping cliffhanger to a pair of newly christened Angel wings, Mom sent off to another world (literally!) and my favorite Devil in a suit coming THIS close to telling Chloe the truth.

Since Lucifer’s joining up with a slew of WB shows at SDCC we’ve got some significant questions to ask about the upcoming third season.

Lucifer has got a pair of all new angelic wings! Who gave them back and more importantly – what will this mean for our favorite Devil?

Let’s face it, this is going to open up a whole new can of worms for Lucifer and Dad help me, I’m ridiculously excited to see which way it leads. We haven’t seen Lucifer’s wings since he burned them in Season One. How he reacts and how this affects him going forward is sure to put another weight on his shoulders – literally and figuratively, as it turns out.

Season two ended with a few surprises, including Mom being sent to a whole new world after her and Lucifer reconciled. Is this the last we’ll ever see of Mom? Or more, importantly Tricia Helfer?

Tricia Helfer coming onboard as Charlotte/Mom was one of the best elements of Season 2, adding a deep layer of history, mystery and equally complex family member after Lucifer and Amenadiel. Watching their dynamic was a wonder to behold and I’m excited to see what  or who comes next.

Will Lucifer choose to reveal the truth to Chloe in the upcoming season? #Deckerstar

We were literally a car ride away from Lucifer telling the truth, and you better believe I threw a stuffed animal at my TV at him being angel-napped right when he was about to spill the beans to Chloe. Deckerstar is the ship that kept surprising me in climbing the hills of truly epic OTPS.

I have a feeling they’ll climb even higher in Season 3 come October.

How deep into Lucifer Maze’s & Amenadiel’s world will the rest of our cast, Dan, Ella , etc dive into?

Dan, and Ella have respectively made some good friends with Amenadiel (surprisingly) and Chloe, which was one of the best parts of Season 2 (especially the lady friendships, but I’m a little biased there.) I’m excited to see mix and match more friendships among the cast as they especially since there’s a whole lot more to come…

With the establishing of Heaven, Hell and even other worlds, how’s the world building going to surprise us in Season 3?

I won’t lie anytime we as an audience had our eyes opened to the ever expanding mythology of Lucifer’s world between the different blades, ways to get to Hell (mostly dying) and other siblings I’m anxious to see how they could make it even more epic. (Knowing these writers it’ll happen when I’m least expecting it and holding something I want to throw at my TV haha.)

Lucifans, Dad help us all SDCC will bring us some answers, or just enough to get us through the hiatus till October (WHY FOX, WHY?) when Lucifer returns with its third season.

Lucifer returns Monday October 2nd at 8/7c on Fox.

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