‘Lucifer’ Casts Graham McTavish from ‘Outlander’

Oh you heard right Lucifans! Per TVLine Graham McTavish, formerly Dougal McKenzie of Outlander, is set to recur in the upcoming fourth season of Lucifer…as a priest. While I manage to restrain my laughter given what I’ve mainly see him on screen as, I’m very excited to see Mr. McTavish in his new role as Father Kinley.

Per official release, “A kind, deeply empathetic and revered priest, Father Kinley is profoundly committed to guarding his flock. That includes doing whatever it takes to keep mankind safe from evil.” Welp, Lucifer is going to be in for a challenging time next season between the new priest in the mix and the aforementioned Eve coming onboard.

Between these two new castings it appears the upcoming fourth season will be delving deeper into world-building of the biblical kind and that can only be a good thing in a show like Lucifer. For it’s first three seasons we’ve met a few of his angelic siblings, and his mother while his father has only been heavily dropped in by name for the most part. Getting the chance to expand it even farther as we enter the new realm of “Chloe knows the truth,” is a season I CANNOT wait to see.

Is it next year yet?

Lucifer returns with season four on Netflix in 2019.

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