Lucifer is Back for Season Four At Netflix!

Lucifer is back, and let just say this: HOLY SHITTAKE MUSHROOMS LUCIFANS YOU DID IT AND I AM DYING OF HAPPY RIGHT NOW! Per TVLine Warner Brothers Television struck a deal with Netflix to revive Lucifer for a ten episode fourth season!

To say the least I am thrilled and dancing in my seat at the news. as losing this show like we did hit me pretty hard. I have to thank every single Lucifan out there who fought hard on social media to show how much we love this show and will follow it wherever it would land. Netflix I will never cancel my subscription to you for saving it, and thank you Warner Brothers for fighting to save it.


There’s no word on a date, but my likely guess is we won’t see this new season till 2019 at the earliest. personally I don’t care how long the wait is my favorite show is coming back and my year is made.

How about you Lucifans? What was your reaction to the news?

Lucifer will return with a fourth season on Netflix!