Lucifer Rewind: Top Moments from 1×13 “Take Me Back to Hell”

Here we are Lucifans, we have arrived at Take Me Back to Hell – the last top moments of season one, and they certainly went out with a bang. I’ve really loved rewinding the first season, and I’m being unequivocally honest when I say this is my absolutely favorite episode. But I’m getting ahead of myself. We ended last week with Lucifer being arrested for the murder of the street priest in Lux, and Chloe pointing her gun straight at him.

    • The opening of this episode, I admit broke my heart a little. To see Lucifer so broken at his assumption that Chloe has lost all faith in him was sad. I understand why she did what she did, she’s a cop, and she has to do her job, but the second Amenadiel grabs him and she has time to think she knows the truth: Lucifer is innocent. A deeply ironic phrase, but while he may be a troublemaker, he is not a cold blooded murderer. She understands that just from knowing him, but has to use logic to sway Dan to her side…until he sees the gun used to kill the preacher is the same one he gave to Malcolm.

  • Character peaks are abundant in this episode, but I loved how Amenadiel set aside his pride, admitted he was wrong in hurting so many people and wanted to set things right. Starting, of course, with asking for his brother’s help to send Malcolm back to hell, where he belongs. Lucifer happily agrees on the way back to Hell, since he’s given up being on Earth at this point in time. (Keep watching!)
  • As much as I’ve loved Lucifer and Chloe teaming up throughout the whole season, it was something special and different to see Chloe teaming up with Maze to track down Lucifer before he gets into real trouble. Their personality differences aside, our ninja bartender does get her eyes opened to the appeal hunting for murderers with Chloe Decker has for Lucifer.
  • Both of these angel boys get surprised by the bad-ass lady team in this episode and it is PHENOMENAL! Amenadiel, after getting stabbed by a demon blade from an on-the-run Malcolm is saved by Maze using her only angel feather to heal him. Even as she admits she doesn’t fully understand why, the action itself shows this sarcastic bad-ass demon has a soft spot for him. Even if she won’t acknowledge it in the immediate future, that’s enough humanity to prove that Earth has an effect on everyone who steps foot here, even Mazikeen. Lucifer on the other hand, runs into Chloe while hunting down Malcolm, and assumes she’s going to arrest and be done with him. To his immense surprise she puts her gun down, and most emphatically informs him she’s believed in him all along and that she won’t rest until his innocence is proven in the eyes of the law. After everything that’s happened this season, it was wonderful to see when Lucifer had his back against the wall his friend is there when he needs it the most. It’s a testament to how much has changed between them since the season began.
  • If there’s one twist I was not expecting to see this season, it was a glimpse of the dimension Lucifer used to call home, especially AFTER asking his father for a rather substantial favor. Which in of itself would have been unusual, but after being shot by Malcolm (GRR) he’s lying on the floor dying, and yet the only thing that matters to him is saving Chloe, even if he has to give up everything he’d left Hell for. It’s a testament to how good the writing is for his character and to Tom Ellis for acting the hell out of it (no pun intended). At the end of the day, when it comes down to it, my favorite Devil in a suit has it in him to put someone ahead of himself. I can’t wait to see how that affects him in season two.

It wouldn’t be a stellar episode of Lucifer, if we weren’t left with a jaw dropper, and let me tell you when I watched this episode air live in the spring I literally yelled “What?!” to my TV screen. Lucifer and Amenadiel’s mother is coming to town, and given his honest fear of this lady, I’d wager we are in for some hell raising fun next week.

Lucifans, it’s been wonderful rewinding the season with you all and I can’t wait to start reviewing season two come next week.


Lucifer returns Monday September 19 9/8c on Fox.

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