Lucifer Rewind: Top Moments from 1×05 “Sweet Kicks”

Watching Lucifer get his quite frankly literal “sweet kicks” in this quite serious episode, was a lesson in of itself. Following the shooting event on the previous episode, Chloe is once again put into a “partnership” with our favorite Devil in a suit, and while it’s not the lighthearted affair I’ve grown used to, by the end of it we really get to view our characters in a different light.

Without further ado, let’s dive into the top moments of Lucifer’s “Sweet Kicks”…

  • A fashion show in Los Angeles is not an event I’m surprised to witness (even if it’s solely for footwear), but watching Lucifer want to flirt with danger is an experience all on its own. Despite Maze’s clear disapproval the potential for actual pain and danger has turned into a rush for the Devil. It’s an honest question, but if he’s truly excited by the idea of mortality, is it only because he’s always been invincible, or is it the closest he’s ever stepped foot into humanity’s world? Food for thought, and deeply entertaining to boot (side note 6K for just shoes, I’d go with the clothes haha)
  • Lucifer as a character is fascinating to watch, because as much as I like him I also enjoy the other people in his life pushing back. Between Maze, Dan and Chloe, none of them for their own respectful reasons will let his arrogance and desire to do as he pleases run rampant without a smack in the head reality check. Maze, who while lives in naughty behavior, does not appreciate recklessness from her formally invulnerable boss. Dan doesn’t want Chloe to be put in even more danger because he’s flat out looking for it and honestly as much as I agree with Lucifer that Chloe is fully capable of looking out for herself I respect his decision to go there and stand up for his loved ones, current family situation notwithstanding. Lastly, Chloe simply refuses to indulge his behavior at all for the sake of doing her job. Through all these interactions, I love seeing the mix and match of our ensemble and how much more depth it’s giving everyone as the story moves through the procedural case of the week format.
  • A demon and an angel sitting in a coffee shop in the city of angels is something I cannot pass up to touch on, even if the irony is rooted in fiction, haha. Maze, as much as I can see how uncomfortable she is, doing something she knows would be seen as a betrayal in Lucifer’s eyes, she truly believes he, along with herself, belong in Hell, not on Earth with mortals. It may be child’s play to take shots at the high and mighty Amenadiel, but she’s trying to help Lucifer, as loyal as she is, she has a mind of her own and won’t be persuaded otherwise.
  • It might be a pure action sequence, but seeing Maze come in to save Lucifer from a gang fight was nothing short of amazing. It was an exhibition, to witness a lady come in on full on badass mode and honestly I had a huge smile on my face the whole time. Detective Decker really hit the nail on the head with the ninja bartender nickname, haha.
  • Chloe & Lucifer’s banter is always enjoyable to come across the screen, but in an episode as serious as this one, it reveals things about our characters in the process. Chloe, in her authoritative I take no crap mode and you believe it, openly calls Lucifer out on his love of “doing favors” and while I really get a kick out of her busting his balls (figuratively speaking to Lucifer’s entertaining frustration), it also speaks volumes about her. Despite common sense telling her to stay away from this strange “man” she still tries to understand why he is the way he is. She has so much natural compassion (and while it understandably gives way to frustration and exasperation when it comes to him), she won’t give up so easily, and say he’s not worth her time or energy. By the end of it she accepts him as her partner and while I know she does want to keep an eye on him, I’m left even more curious how this partnership is going to go if they’re on tentative equal ground.

How about you Lucifer fans? Are you excited to see how the chips land from all our favorite character’s choices here?

Lucifer returns Monday September 19 at 9/8c on Fox.

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