‘Lucifer’ SDCC 2017 Interview: Ildy Modrovich & Joe Henderson Tease Season 3!


Lucifans, our show-runners are in the house! Well hotel, technically but we got to have a sit down chat with Ildy Modrovich & Joe Henderson who had insights & a tease or two for Lucifer’s upcoming third season.

Launching straight into the biggest surprise (so far) of how in the world did they manage  to land Tom Welling of Smallville fame for, ahem Lieutenant Marcus Pierce? As it turns out Mr. Henderson’s first spec script he wrote was for Smallville and thereafter was a big fan of the show and T2, I’m sorry, Tom Welling’s acting chops. (Which I identify with, owning all of Smallville on DVD, but moving on.)

The lure of Lucifer was the role of Marcus Pierce itself, as Ildy explained “You’re not going to see the mild mannered Clark Kent at all, he’s got a little edge,” Joe chimes in he’s “got a little chip on his shoulder.” Alright guys, I am officially curious about Mr. Welling’s character (still Deckerstar for life though, Lucifans, I promise haha.)

One of the best elements and surprises of Season 2 was the continual ‘pairing up’ of characters who had not spent a lot of time together. Out of that created friendships that might have been unlikely when we first met them (Maze & Linda for example, lord I love those ladies.)  Joe related a big part of it is “taking these characters pushing them really hard seeing if they break more importantly seeing if they bend & seeing how they grow and learn.” If I say bless these show-runners will it be too ironic? Ah oh well I’m going with it, and if I’ve learned anything from Lucifer is it’s only going to get better from here in Season 3 :)

For the rest of our interview, check out below where Ildy & Joe touch on their storytelling & some more character mix ups in Season 3!

Lucifer returns for Season 3 Monday Oct 2nd at 8/7c on Fox.

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