‘Lucifer’ SDCC 2017 Interview: Rachael Harris


The doctor, Rachael Harris, aka Linda Martin is here, Lucifans! Thank the lord she’s alive, which was literally the first thing we said to her haha. Diving straight into her character, she revealed at the very beginning the writers made it clear Linda would never be a “fringe character.”

From the pilot she and Lucifer started out having their “weekly” conversations only for her to grow into a fully realized character outside of her therapist expertise in helping Lucifer and others. The creative process, Rachael explains, plays into that as the show has come farther and farther.

“What’s great is that the writers they write for you, if they see an avenue that seems like it’s going to work” [for her character].

The joy she (and the entire cast) have in getting to portray their respective characters comes out on screen and there’s really nothing better in the world when you’re at a press room in my opinion.

Season three however, will be even more eye opening for my favorite doctor after her deeply traumatic experience of nearly dying at the hands of the literal Goddess of Creation. Linda, however won’t be looking at it that way, at least initially.

“I think she thinks she should be able to process it just fine because she’s a therapist and a psychiatrist so she minimizes it and doesn’t cope with it until she’s forced to cope with it.”

Down the road we’ll see an “unlikely ally” come to help her when this comes to the surface…intriguing my dear doctor. My curiosity is officially piqued Lucifans, how about you?

For the rest of our interview with Rachael check out below as she chats a little more about Linda’s “coping” in Season 3 and Lucifer’s move to LA! 

Lucifer returns for Season 3 on Monday Oct 2nd 8/7 on Fox.

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