‘Lucifer’ SDCC 2017 Interview: Tom Ellis Teases a Romantic Rival, Character Dynamics & More


Hello Lucifans! We got to spend some time with Tom Ellis aka the man who brings to life my favorite Devil in a suit at San Diego Comic-Con. Never mind TV doesn’t do the man justice, hot tub high school t shirt (I wish I had one) and all, he was kind enough to tease a few things for our well dressed Devil.

One of the best parts of this show (and there are quite a lot) is the character dynamics we are treated to every time Monday rolls around during TV season. When it comes to the exciting material the cast are thrown Tom relates “anything that is thrown at us, we sort of relish.” Especially when it comes to as he puts it “cross combination” of the characters, when next season he gets “a really fun episode with Aimee (Ella).” Color me excited and intrigued.

However when it comes to the introduction of Tom Welling’s Lieutenant Marcus Pierce (how fancy) will be a force our Devil has never encountered until now: romantic rival.

Having a man of literally equal height (they go toe to toe here) is eye opening as Tom explains “Lucifer has never felt insecure or threatened in his feelings towards Chloe or Chloe towards him.” Marcus, however will be giving him reason to pause as Lucifer is faced down with this question.

“How does Lucifer cope with Chloe having feelings for someone else?”

In his very own special way if I had to guess but I imagine it’ll be a rollercoaster season to get that answer. Along with every other one we have for our dear Lucifer Morningstar in Season Three. (*cough mystery wings cough*)

Check out the rest of our interview with Tom Ellis where he talks pushing the boundaries on Lucifer’s storytelling & the origins of his Hot Tub High School shirt!

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