‘Lucifer’ SDCC 2017 Interview: Tricia Helfer teases a whole new Charlotte


Lucifans, we sat down with Tricia Helfer aka Charlotte Richards, former goddess and brand new human being, and what a fun time we had. Going into season 3 as not Mom, but instead Charlotte Richards, doesn’t mean Tricia can tease much more than she did last year,  however that doesn’t mean we didn’t get some intriguing information.

Fresh off her ahem divinity time (sounds weird, I know) Charlotte will be joining the ranks of Lucifer characters facing an identity crisis of sorts. Tricia explains “it comes from a place of not knowing anything” during the time when Mom “took over her body.”

Her path forward won’t be an easy one, she warns, as on top of the “space of time that’s just missing,” crossing paths with the people who she won’t remember will make it…interesting.

Clarifying “She’ll feel a familiarity maybe with Lucifer but she doesn’t know why,” which I imagine will be quite entertaining. For us, I can’t speak for our lovely character group….yet.

After the events of last season, even as Mom came back to life, Tricia points out Charlotte did indeed pass away (I can’t write “die,” it feels too mean.) Since there are only “two places in our world that you can go when you die,” exploring where she may have gone is looking to be in the cards. Damn I cannot wait!

For the rest of our interview with Tricia, check out below as she talks the possibility of anything lingering effects of her time as Mom & the exciting challenge of a brand new “character.” 

Lucifer returns Monday October 2nd on FOX.

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