Lucifer at SDDC: 5 Things We Learned

Lucifer at SDCC

Lucifans! How about that Devilish panel eh? Alright forgive the joke I’ve had a crazy week. I had the chance to attend the panel for Lucifer at SDCC and let me tell you it…was…tantalizing. So much I’ve gathered the top five takeaways from my time with the cast & producers to share with you.

  • The biggest surprise at the panel, was the casting &  literal waltzing onto the stage announcement of Tom Welling, joining as new series regular Lieutenant Marcus Pierce. Mr. Welling himself teased he’ll be an interesting character to shake up the show, especially as he’ll apparently have his eye on our very own Chloe Decker. Well….this should be interesting (re bring on the angst haha.)
  • Show-runners Ildy Modrovich & Joe Henderson, kindly relayed how identity is going to be the theme this year especially for Lucifer. The return of his wings reopens some less than pleasant feelings for his father, in short he’s pissed. Suffice it to say we will be treated to a ride into some serious Devilish behavior in season three.
  • In the upcoming season we will be treated to not only four standalone episodes, but some intriguing adventures for our characters. Teasing an epic road trip for Ella & Lucifer to Vegas, singing with alcohol for Linda & Chloe (in Lucifer’s penthouse no less), and Ella meeting Amenadiel for the first time.
  • Honing in our characters a little closely, Lucifer will be asking who he is after his wings have grown back. We’ll also be diving into Linda’s backstory this season, Dan will be continuing his improv classes to deal with “Charlotte” no longer recognizing him (Amenadiel I hope you brushed up), and Charlotte herself will be doing some soul searching post her time as a Goddess.

  • Last but certainly not least, the show-runners revealed it was a conscious choice to choose a writer’s team of not only half women and half men but also very diverse backgrounds. As strong as they work as a team, they see each writer adds in their own subtle touch to each episode they write. Lending the entire show a quality that, in my opinion, is not easily matched in the current TV landscape. Simply put, bravo Lucifer writers.

P.S. I am ALL FOR the Hip Hop episode Tom suggested, also Ella gaining superpowers sounds cool too.

Lucifans, I have three words for the upcoming third season of Lucifer after passing along these tidbits:


Lucifer returns with its third season Monday Oct 2nd 8/7c on Fox.

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