‘Lucifer’ Season 2 Review: The Devil Takes Us for an Epic Season High Ride


Lucifer was a show that quietly broke onto the scene last year and slowly, over it’s sophomore season, turned into one of the more slow-burn thrilling hours of the week I’ve seen on television for quite a long time. The premise of the Devil taking a vacation from Hell to come run a nightclub in LA with Maze, a former demon enforcer turned bartender/badass bounty hunter, stood out to be sure. But truly what drew me in week to week were the unexpectedly original story-lines, world building and PHENOMENAL character writing.

I’ll be getting into more detail about all this in a minute, but the biggest surprise Lucifer sprang, personally, was it turned into a show that I completely wrote off when I saw the initial promos as ridiculous to one of my absolute must-watch-live favorites. It’s been a privilege and a gift to cover this show’s second season and I look forward to all the writing (i.e. gushing) I’ll be doing for the upcoming third season.

Without further ado, let’s dive into this season review shall we?

Overall Impression

Lucifer’s second season hit the ground running from the cliffhanger of Season 1 and, in my opinion, it never stopped climbing upward. I mean forget sophomore slump, the writers took a stand to develop their characters from the ground up, and it only got deeper with the addition of Tricia Helfer goddess turned human Charlotte/Mom and Aimee Garcia’s brilliant & nuanced Ella Lopez. TV shows have grown numerous in their count in recent years, but what was refreshing on top of the original story-lines given their premise, was how Lucifer’s story in spite of him being the literal Devil was more relatable than a lot of mainstream TV I’ve seen in years. You identified with his struggles of identity, reconciling with family and his ever growing feelings for a woman who is his equal in every way (save type of being but whatever minor detail.) It was truly a gift from premiere to finale for every Lucifan out there.

        What Worked

     Story & Character Weaving

Let’s be honest, Lucifer is many things, but bless it definitely isn’t subtle. Every week I’d be surprised at how the story, or more often “case of the week,” would be weaved in and out so smoothly with Lucifer’s internal struggle. Yet it never felt forced, even when it wasn’t just him at times, but Chloe, Dan, Maze etc. A lot of issues I’ve seen on TV stem from story to character disconnect, when plot and “cleverness” is given more importance than the characters themselves. Lucifer truly never had that issue, they used the plot which was most of the time clever, to service the characters instead of the other way around, which sadly has become more common on mainstream TV these days. Kudos to the Lucifer team for this one, since you could have the most original story to date, but it doesn’t matter worth a damn if your audience doesn’t care about the characters and, by God, I love every single one of them.

                        Stellar Character Development

 Across the board over the course of the second season, there wasn’t a second of screen time that was wasted for our cast and especially with my favorite Devil in a suit. One of my many favorite aspects of this show, as I cited above, was how it always puts it’s characters first. Lucifer himself, as the season rolled by, was confronted with many dangers, obstacles and frankly crazy situations that frequently challenged his worldview. Therein affecting how he handled his life, especially in regards to protecting the people who matter most. Between Lucifer learning to embrace humanity and overcoming long sitting internal struggles with his family, Maze taking a step out into the world to find who she was without her longtime boss/companion, and Amenadiel struggling with his identity after losing his angelic gifts, it was a season rich in the kind of conflicts we ourselves face, albeit without the supernatural element. Not to mention Chloe’s experiences of being a newly single mother and Dan’s acceptance of being there for his family instead of with them as it used to be. I’m here for it all!

      Lady Friendships

If there was one hour that had me forever yelling LADIES NIGHT FTW it was the evening Chloe, Maze, Ella and Linda bonded over drinks, stealing cars, phone sex jobs, and being a former enforcer in hell. One of the best surprises of the season was how strong the friendships grew between Chloe & Maze, Maze & Linda, Chloe & Ella, and frankly, it was fantastic. Don’t get me wrong I love a good OTP romance as much as the next fangirl (as I’ll be discussing later), but there’s something so blatantly refreshing about friendships being given as much importance in the narrative. Lady friendships especially, as more often than not I see conflicts between women being the fallback for story “drama,” than actual friendships. I hope we get to see even more of these awesome friendships (and maybe even see Chloe and Linda strike up a rapport as they’re both amazing).

                              Lucifer, Amenadiel & Charlotte aka Mama Morningstar

Lucifer & Amenadiel’s goddess mother walking onto the scene in a hot woman’s body definitely wins on the original awkward parenting drop-ins I’ve ever seen, and yet they made it work. Tricia Helfer knocked it out of the park in the role, and despite the fact that in real life her, Tom and DB are relatively close in age you never questioned their family bond. Charlotte was complex, determined, and more than once I found myself grinding my teeth at her choices to “help” her family. Underneath it all though, you could never doubt at the end of the day she was a mother who truly cared about her family and loved her children deeply. On Lucifer & Amenadiel’s parts they were unexpectedly given the opportunity to reconcile that part of their family that had been broken millennia before. They might be thousands of years old, but much like us you never act the same around your parent and you hold them to a different standard from anyone else. Lucifer, even though he held a deep amount of anger because of his mother’s manipulation, let her find her happiness in a place she had a chance to get it without letting revenge or the past taint it. Their last scene on the beach was heart wrenching no doubt, but their sheer honesty ended their season long arc perfectly. Thank you Mom, it was lovely to meet you (pardon the amount of times I screamed NO HURTING MY ANGELS at the screen, lol.)


How to start with Chloe Decker and Lucifer Morningstar’s relationship and burgeoning romance? It’s not easy, but right out the gate I need to say: F*CK YES I LOVE THESE TWO! Fangirl shout out, their relationship’s ups, downs good and bad moments tugged at my heartstrings every step of the way. Which usually resulted in yelling at the screen, but I have no regrets. To get straight to it, what surprised me more than anything was the writer’s choice to continuously throw stereotypical “will they/won’t they” out the window (BYE BYE WE DON’T MISS YOU), and write their relationship in a way that was natural. They went from reluctant partners, to true friends to people who both at times truly wanted more, but the timing or obstacles that, while annoying in the moment, weren’t just put there to keep them apart, it was honest.

All the little moments when Chloe just told Lucifer shut up and went in for a hug that baffled and warmed his heart at the same time, or him looking at Chloe in wonder for the one happy moment he believed it was “real” between them. (Lucifer, I promise it is, and I pray you figure it out sooner rather than later, but moving on.) Everything about them encompasses two people who are vastly different and yet similar in so many ways. They never stop learning about each other and letting the affection, love and respect they have for one another shine out anytime they have a conversation. Their closeness gave way to many of my favorite scenes, though I don’t think you can top their adorable first kiss on the beach after Lucifer gave a speech of how he’s not good enough for Chloe disproving his own point listing out all the little details he’d collected and never forgotten about her. Talk about a swoon-worthy moment, I can’t wait till we get more next season!

What Didn’t Work

Story Balance

 Storytelling-wise, as much as I loved practically every case of the week, and character’s stories I will be honest and say the balance didn’t always gel right. The first half of the season for the most part was wonderfully balanced between cases, Lucifer’s family drama, his relationship with Chloe and stories going with everyone else. However the second half stumbled a bit, after Lucifer’s return from Vegas with his fake stripper wife. I can’t believe I just typed that, but I felt that the balance went from good to falling on the wayside of family drama dropping other stories for episodes at a time. Including his relationship *cough romance cough* with Chloe, even just subtly. I loved their scenes and banter don’t get me wrong, but their focus on the blade hunt left a lot in the dust. I’m hoping the balance in the third season will come together again for their stories.

     What I Wanted to See More Of

Mix & Match Characters

 Characters are a big theme here clearly, but if there’s one aspect I would have liked more of, it’s throwing characters together you wouldn’t have expected to like so much. Case in point, Chloe & Maze, Lucifer & Ella, Dan & Amenadiel, Dan & Lucifer, Linda & Maze and the list goes on. Some of the best (re: hilarious) scenes came out of throwing people who hadn’t interacted at all or very little before together. Lucifer dressing up to act like Dan or Amenadiel becoming buddies with Dan (even as he questioned how strange their family is, oh if you only knew.) I about cracked a rib when Charlotte was trying to bond with/interrogate Candy. There’s so much more potential in this area, that I will happily cross my fingers there’s even more mix matching to come in Season 3.

Ella & Trixie

Ella Lopez and Trixie Morningstar, I’m sorry, Decker, are ladies I dearly love but felt I didn’t get to see enough of. Given the cast size I can understand some screen time is traded off depending on the stories, but I noticed if we saw Trixie we usually didn’t see Ella and vice versa. One I wish this didn’t happen because I can almost guarantee Ella would love Trixie as much as everyone else does (Lucifer you can pretend otherwise all you want but face it the doctor scene gave you away.) Second, really I tend to miss them when they aren’t on screen. So onto Season 3, here’s hoping they meet and create more onscreen Lucifer magic.

                    What We Wanted to See Less of

                      Family Sword Hunt

When it comes to storytelling, family is usually the people we have the most about since we spend quite a lot of time with them, even as adults. When it comes to Lucifer’s family time, I liked their dynamic in all their scenes, but their hunt for the blade that could cut through the gates of Heaven was one story I felt we could have done less with. Don’t get me wrong, I love the world building, but during the second half of the season the hunt for the pieces of blade overtook any other stories aside from the case of the week. I felt it could have been done just as well even if it wasn’t as focused to the point where I felt I didn’t even need my glasses (and my eyesight is terrible.)

Favorite Episodes

“Weaponizer” (Episode 2×05) – The appearance of Lucifer’s brother Uriel brought a well paced character thriller, ending in a jaw dropper when Lucifer made it clear he would do *anything* to save Chloe.

“Quid Pro Ho” (Episode 2×10) – Quite honestly my favorite episode of the entire season, with it’s combination of clever plot, hilarious character moments (see Lucifer tackling Dan for sleeping with his Mom.) Not to mention the perfect montage revealing Chloe’s miracle status interspersed with Chloe & Lucifer’s dinner.

“Lady Parts” (Episode 2×04) – The quintessential ladies night episode was perfect in its hilarity, how distracting our phones can be when we want distractions, but more than anything I loved watching Chloe, Maze, Linda and Ella bonding over drinking, fighting and investigating. What’s better than that?

“Candy Morningstar” (Episode 2×14) – The episode we waited months for was not a disappointment in compelling story, delicious Deckerstar angst, Chloe pretending to be a stripper, or the revelation Lucifer hired Candy. Talk about an hour where my eyes were glued to the screen every second.

     Least Favorite Episode(s)

“Monster” (Episode 2×06) – I’m cheating a little because honestly there wasn’t any one episode I disliked entirely, but Monster was the one I had the hardest time sitting through. It tore my heart to pieces to see Lucifer so lost and broken truly believing he was a monster after what happened with his brother Uriel. It was well written, but damn this will always be hard to sit through for my Devil loving heart.

 Season Finale Impression

My initial impression of “The Good, The Bad, and the Crispy” can only be described as “HOLY SH*T THAT WAS AWESOME!” Taking some time to think about it however, it boils down to the sheer truth of how well rounded the writing turned out for all the major story-lines. Lucifer was finally able to reconcile with his mother and send her to a place where she could be happy, Amenadiel regained his belief (and powers back), and Linda stood her ground in the face of a goddess. Despite the danger her choice rang true in accepting literally the good bad and crispy in being a friend of the Devil. A choice Lucifer was finally ready to give Chloe by choosing to be honest before his waking up with his freaking wings back! All the little things, the fantastic one liners and subtly was not lost on how well crafted each episode is and the finale topped that off with one hell of a cliffhanger. Pun included, but bravo Lucifer writers, you did a damn good job.

Next Season Speculation

Leaving off with Lucifer in the middle of the desert with his wings miraculously restored opens an entire new mystery and likely struggle for our favorite Devil in a suit. If I had to bet, knowing these writers, we won’t be finding out right away who one kidnapped him and two how they managed to give him back wings he’d previously burned. My next question is how will this affect his relationship with well everyone? Chloe especially as he was right on the verge of being completely honest and while I imagine that’ll be set back my head canon till proven otherwise is he reveals who he is by literally showing his wings. Outside of all these questions comes, if Mom’s gone does that mean Charlotte is as well? How will Amenadiel handle his powers being back, will Maze (and Trixie) take care of Linda, and was God involved in Lucifer getting his wings back? As you can see a million questions need to be answered, and man I pray (yes I know the irony) we get our answers Lucifans. Season 3 can’t get here soon enough!

              What were your thoughts on Lucifer season 2?



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