‘Lucifer’ Season 3 Review: A Long Told Story that Goes Out with a Bang

Lucifer was the devil that took a long time to figure his story out this season, which ended with a shocker that was nearly a series finale. Thank Dad it wasn’t, because I spent a full month with the rest of the Lucifer fandom in our own personal Hell I’d like to never visit again. I’ll be straight – Lucifer Season 3 brought out honesty I didn’t know I possessed until now. Starting with certain story lines to the extra episode order adding an unexpected lag, and lastly when I was screaming from the high heavens in happiness for my favorite characters.

For all the flaws I ranted about, I love and will champion this show till the end of time. This season probably won’t go down as my favorite, but it was definitely memorable and brought a lot of growth to our characters.

Why don’t we dive in?


Overall Impression

You ever take a look back at an experience that you struggled while you went through it, and then turn back to think, “that really wasn’t as bad as I thought.” That’s my general feeling about this season, as much as I loved individual episodes, and character moments to bits and pieces. Lucifer’s growth was sure, but slow as heck due to the 24 episode order which included two stand alones thrown in. Truth be told if I binged it all the way through, I’d freaking love it which is slightly ironic given where it’s now airing. However going through week to week turned the viewing experience into a foot drag more than anything.

In spite of all that, Lucifer jumped into new story avenues that I loved to bits and pieces. Others I was decidedly less enthusiastic about, but through it all it retained it’s signature heart, and wit that makes it stand out among the vast choices of television today.

What Worked

Lucifer’s Journey

Lucifer has never been a typical leading man, and his journey to understanding what happened to his wings, and devil face were intricately tied into understanding himself. He’s never been the go to person for self examination, which is one of many reasons Linda deserves a sainthood for being the springboard of learning for the Devil himself. Over the course of the third season Lucifer found beliefs he’d held onto for thousands of years challenged when his wings appeared, and Devil face taken away. Prone to ingrained habit he blamed his father – going so far to align with the world’s first murderer, which as windy and confusing as it got led him to what I’d been hoping he’d realize all along. His choices have always been his own, and no one including his father can take that away from him.

The Stand Alone Episodes

You might find this surprising, but despite the strange air order I loved every single stand alone, and how they allowed a focused honed in view of our characters. The chance to focus on certain character’s stories opened up more about our favorites, and gave us a chance to see them outside the confines of what constitutes a “typical” filler. Maze cracked me up, and then made me melt for her choice to stay with who she’s connected with on Earth. Ella’s past came to light strengthening her connection to Lucifer in a way I didn’t see coming, but frankly that’s the best part about Re Re showing up. I will happily admit that flashback to when Lucifer first landed in L.A., and nearly met Chloe will always hold a special place in my heart. Seriously I was screaming at the screen when he was standing right to next to her in that club, because I am a shameless fangirl. All in all, whatever criticisms I have about episode order, it doesn’t take away from how special these crafted hours of Lucifer were.

Chloe & Lucifer

Deckerstar, my dear OTP. These two went through a hell of a lot this year. Their evolving trust, and understanding of what they mean to each other brightened the season in ways words don’t do justice. Lucifer spent such a long time convinced he could never fully show who he is to Chloe, and Chloe believed her feelings for Lucifer were not truly reciprocated. Lucifer admitting this was not the case when they shared a heart melting kiss was the pinnacle of all the angst we suffered to get there.  Their fears were proved wrong embracing their feelings – right when the truth about my favorite Devil in a suit marched into broad daylight. The truth changes their relationship irrevocably going forward, but whatever happens next I believe their trust, and love for each other will win out over any obstacle thrown their way.

Charlotte’s Path & Friendship with Amenadiel

If you had told me last year Amenadiel would become dear friends with the woman his mom used to possess, I would have laughed. Yet through all the craziness of this season, their unexpected friendship lit up the screen. Charlotte was a lost woman when she came back to Earth, initially unaware she had truly suffered in Hell. Through a miracle of chance she got a second shot at life, and by God she did not waste a minute. The fact that it was short lived broke my heart, but it couldn’t have been more fitting that she fought to change herself, and was thereafter carried to heaven by her angelic friend Amenadiel, after regaining his wings. That entire scene where he held her, and then lifted her into the sky is hands down my favorite sequence of the entire show thus far. Bravo Lucifer writers, and RIP Charlotte.


What Didn’t Work

Linda & Amenadiel’s Romance

I’m sure I’ll get a few disagreements with this one, but as much as I love Linda and Amenadiel as characters, I did not connect with their romance. Sure it was kind of exciting when you weren’t sure if it was headed down that road, but by the time they broke up, the only aspect that broke my heart was how Linda and Maze’s friendship fell apart. I can’t say it wasn’t because D.B. and Rachael didn’t have chemistry, or that it was terrible writing, but the spark that makes it easy to fall for an OTP just wasn’t there. I’m kind of hoping they never rekindle it, because at the end of the day I liked Amenadiel’s romance with Maze way more. Disagree with me if you wish, but I fully believe in ship and let ship. So let Amenadiel and Linda stay friends in season four, I beg you.

Cain’s Story & “Romance” with Chloe

To set the record straight, I love Tom Welling. His portrayal of this complex character was the singular bright spot of having Cain around. Especially after Lucifer and Cain’s unholy partnership fell apart to segue into his – ugh romance with Chloe. As much as I am a sucker for angst, and slow burns a love triangle is never a writing choice I will agree with. Lucifer, Chloe, and Cain didn’t really do much for me till the very end of the season. Cain’s story of why he came to L.A. and found Lucifer was compelling, but it got lost in the dragged out nature of the entire season. The effect his character had on Chloe pissed me off rather than drew me into the story, so it was just a massive relief when it was finally OVER. I’d say “Rest in Peace” but I kind of doubt there’s any kind of rest in Hell.

Pacing Overall

I know that the episode count was not within the writer’s control, but the pacing of sticking to one overall arc for the entire season really dampened the story. A lot of episodes I enjoyed in the here and now, but I felt like half the season was solidly waiting to get to the “edge of your seat feeling.” I think it would have worked better if they had done two separate arcs, rather than one over 24 episodes. Granted that complaint will be moot for the fourth season, but in the case of a story like Lucifer’s the writers have proved they can do a lot with a shorter episode order, and making the pacing count.


What We Wanted To See More of

Charlotte & Dan’s Romance

I know that the ensemble cast was packed this year, but I sincerely wish we’d gotten more time with Charlotte and Dan’s journey to a true romance. Every bit of it that we got I loved, including the closet naked bit – however it just felt that time wise this plot line got the short stick of the season. Their connection was unexpected, given Charlotte had no memory of their former “courtship,” and yet it was wonderful in how much they strove to be honest with each other. Her struggles with her Hell experiences, and keeping an angelic secret notwithstanding. Every second counted for the two of them, and if we had more of that time I think it would have made the story richer in season three.


Ella Lopez will always be the character that I constantly wish to see more of. As thrilling as it was to dig deeper into her life with her brother, and ahem ghostly past there’s still so much we don’t know about her. She is the definition of a human generating their own sun just by breathing. The amount of light she spreads to the people around her is obvious every time she’s on screen, and especially when fiercely protecting those she loves. The fact that her family apparently took advantage of that was unsurprising, but still hard to hear. This is a lady who deserves the entire world, and while I know that’s not possible for any one person, her ghostly angel tried the next best thing – sending her to L.A. to meet Lucifer. His appreciation, and protectiveness of her was the cherry on top in season three, and I’m looking forward to learning more about this former car thief turned CSI in season four.

Lady Friendships

Romance may be the heart and soul of many T.V. shows, but one of the reasons Lucifer sticks out is the time it’s taken for their friendships – especially lady friendships. You know the kind where there isn’t constant gossiping, backstabbing, or selfish idiotic drama. The kind my mom loved on Desperate Housewives. Chloe, Ella, Linda, Maze, and Charlotte this year proved even among ridiculous boy drama, these ladies had each other’s backs. A delightful point set in stone after Chloe’s competitive bachelorette party, to Ella immediately accepting Chloe’s change on mind about Cain/Pierce, and Maze instantly forgetting her anger the second Linda was potentially in danger. However since most of these moments came at the very end of the season, it was a little short during the middle. So if we could get more of ladies supporting ladies next year, I’d deeply appreciate it.


What We Wanted To See Less Of

Maze’s Dragged out Downfall

I love Mazikeen with all my heart, but her fall from grace lasted way too long this season. I believed through it all she’d eventually find her way back, but by the time we got there in the season finale it was less satisfying, and more “well freaking finally!” That’s not the kind of feeling you want to have about a prominent story-line for such a dynamic character. I think it would have been a good arc for Maze if it hadn’t taken so long for her to find her way back, and realize how much these people, Linda especially matter to her even if they hurt you. Part of being human is making mistakes, and forgiveness was a hard lesson to learn for our resident demon badass.

Cain & Chloe

You might think this topic is redundant, but I stand by every single word written. Cain and Chloe we needed less of simply because the more we saw their romance, the worse it was for their characters. As in, we are going to be so blatant about why this is happening it takes the angst out of it, and is there purely for plot reasons. Look if I thought that Chloe grew as a person through her relationship with Cain and challenged her character to grow, I wouldn’t have minded the amount of time we spent with her and Cain. However what actually happened was a continual frustration to how much was being kept from her, because she was in the dark about who he really was. Lucifer has many faults, but he was always upfront from day one on who he really is, even if Chloe never fully believed him till now. Chloe finally came round to figure out where her heart always was, but I think this could have been done with far more respect to her character.

Favorite Episodes

“Devil of My Word” (Episode 3×24) – The season finale had the cliffhanger of all cliffhangers, and the best actions fueled by love drama I’ve ever seen – and yes I’m speaking of Lucifer using his wings to shield Chloe from a hail of bullets to save the life of the woman he loves.

“Boo Normal” (Episode 3×25) –  Ella’s stand alone hour was the most fun I’ve ever had watching an episode of Lucifer. As enthusiastic and pure hearted Ella truly is, it doesn’t mean she hasn’t had struggles, and bringing back “Re Re” did an awesome job opening how much her life L.A. has changed her. She’s found a home, and friends who truly care about her – and wouldn’t even think of taking advantage of her for a single moment.

“Vegas with Some Radish” (Episode 3×06) – Vegas was the episode I didn’t know I needed until I watched it. Lucifer going to help Candy as a man of honor, solving a murder to help a good lady, while Chloe and Linda partied it up in his place in L.A. Talk about fun from start to finish, ending with one of my favorite Deckerstar scenes to this day.

“My Brother’s Keeper” (Episode 3×14) – Lucifer stepping easily into a big brother role to Ella’s actual “brother” in the vibe of “Disappoint her and I’ll come for her” after what this guy pulled was nothing short of amazing. I loved that Lucifer can wheel and deal with his words, but when it counts he’ll never not stand up for the people he cares about. The whole pretending to be engaged bit and “I am not cheap” was also classic Deckerstar.

“Quintessential Deckerstar” (Episode 3×23) –  Lucifer’s trip down memory lane was one of his tactics to avoid facing the issue, and yet the best part was that he truly listened to Chloe. He admitted his focus on their “moments” was so he wouldn’t have to deal with his feelings for her. As much as he loves her, what mattered most in the end was that she knew the full truth, even if it didn’t come to light fully till the season finale. I mean who wouldn’t melt at a kiss like that?

Least Favorite Episodes

“Anything Pierce Can Do I Can Do Better” (Episode 3×21) – Competition can be flat out silly. Which was obvious in this case when the winner is clearly the man (Lucifer) who hasn’t repeatedly lied and deceived the lady he loves because he wanted to use her for his own ends, and then changed his (Cain) mind on a dime. Thank God that proposal didn’t even last past one more episode.

“The Angel of San Bernardino” (Episode 3×20) – There were a lot of things that frustrated me, but seeing Maze vindictively work so hard to bring Lucifer down because he refused to take her back to Hell was the worst of them all. I felt like I didn’t recognize her anymore, and Lucifer didn’t deserve to be messed with, and hurt so badly in this way.

“The Last Heartbreak” (Episode 3×18) – Normally I’d love a mystery that flashbacks to a mystery in the past, but when it centers around a character I had grown to care less about it wasn’t as compelling as I’d hoped for. Then it ended on a note of “Cain has an evil plan to use Chloe to get what he always wants.” If I never watch this again, I’ll be good Lucifans.


Season Finale Impression

A Devil of My Word was without a doubt the best season ender, and highlight of season three. Everyone was firing on all cylinders from start to close, and I believed that even when I thought it was the series finale. Thank Dad it isn’t because the cliffhanger alone elicited so many reactions. It was heartbreaking to think there wouldn’t be a story following Chloe finally seeing Lucifer’s Devil face. Their connection, and affection for each other was out in the open following their kiss the previous episode, and how easily they worked together with Dan, and Ella to prove Cain/Pierce had killed Charlotte. It was the culmination of everything all of them had gone through from Lucifer using the wings he hated to save Chloe’s life, to Maze fighting off multiple killers and running for miles to make sure Linda was safe, to Cain finally getting what he deserved after all the destruction he wrought in his question to die and then “live.” The game was changed with Chloe in the know, and I cannot wait to see how they top it in the fourth season.

Next Season Speculation

Thank Dad, Warner Bros, the entire Lucifer cast, Ildy Modrovich, Joe Henderson, and the Lucifandom for fighting like hell to get a fourth season airing on Netflix! Bless all of you that I get to speculate on the fourth season will be hitting our screens in 2019. I don’t mind the wait, because this show is worth it, and there is so much to wonder about what might happen next. The immediate mystery is how Chloe is going to take knowing the full truth about Lucifer, and his identity. I am deeply hoping Linda will be able to help her adjust to knowing, as she’s been privy to the truth for a lot longer. I can only imagine how this will affect her friendship with Maze, and reexamining everything that’s happened since she met the Devil in a bar. Does this mean Dan or Ella will find out next season? Will Dan find everlasting happiness that he deserves? Will Ella realize her “ghost” friend is actually the Angel of Death and Lucifer’s sister? There’s so much that can happen and I’m really excited to see what route they take with ten episodes to binge next season. Kudos and Good luck Lucifer writers I’m sure you’ll knock it out of the park with this second chance!

Until then enjoy watching this over and over again. God knows I have…

Lucifer returns with Season 4 in 2019 on Netflix!

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