Lucifer Season Two: Fall Spoiler Roundup!


Lucifans! A myriad of spoilers came across the interwebs today, so I thought a little roundup would have be good right about now. After all, we had some sizable TV previews released courtesy of Yahoo and TVLine.

The Lucifer scoop was particularly interesting in terms of we are in for some new mysteries, new fun and some tag team shirtlessness! Let me explain, haha

TVLine is reporting the upcoming premiere will be starting two days later, with Lucifer and Amenadiel having spent that time searching all over for their loose cannon mother, whom Lucifer is genuinely terrified of. He may be doing it at the behest of his father’s orders, but his brother who spent all season trying to do what God commanded is not very happy about Lucifer being the one who got the message.

Their reunion with “Charlotte” will also be bringing Uriel into the mix, though his allegiance will not be made clear immediately. The bigger issue will definitely be geared towards Mom, who may have a lot of unresolved baggage when it comes to Lucifer. She isn’t there without any kind of “agenda.”

On top of everything else, Maze’s former position as chief enforcer down in Hell will have her wondering if she should take her job back up now that “Mom” is topside in LA. One can only wonder how that conversation will go…

Yahoo also reports that Chloe having seen Lucifer do the impossible means she will be investigating him again…and this time she’ll have something she didn’t before: his blood

Last, but certainly not least, during one episode this upcoming season fans will be treated to Lucifer and Dan going undercover. Well, figuratively speaking. They’ll apparently end up in a situation where they be shirtless, and if the writers comments are anything to say about it I’m going to need a bowl of ice cream when its finished.

Are you getting excited for the premiere, Lucifans?! I can hardly wait!

Lucifer returns Monday September 19 9/8c on Fox.

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