Luke Cage 01×11 Review: “Now You’re Mine”

“Now You’re Mine” begins right where we left off: shots have been fired in Harlem’s Paradise and Diamondback has made the patrons hostages. Luke Cage is in the building and is trying to nurse Misty Knight back to health after she was shot. The police and SWAT team have the club surrounded, but Diamondback has them all under his thumb. He manages to take Congressman Daniel Boone hostage and threatens his safety if any police try to invade the space.

Claire Temple is one of the hostages and has to conjure up a plan to find Luke. When she sees that Candace has a sprained ankle, Claire convinces the guards to let her treat her. She finds out that Candace framed Luke for Cottonmouth’s murder. With the puzzle pieces coming together, Claire asks if there’s any place that Luke could hide. Candace says there’s one place: the basement under the kitchen. After convincing a guard to take her into the kitchen, Claire fights her way into the basement to help heal Misty’s severe injury.

Upstairs, Diamondback is slowly becoming more unhinged while he reveals more of his past. His mother, Dana, was a secretary for Reverend Lucas—Luke’s father. They had an affair which resulted in Diamondback’s birth. Luke and Diamondback grew up as best friends and thought of each other as family. However, when they had to answer for a crime, Luke’s father recommended that Luke go to the Marines while Diamondback would just go to jail. After that touching story, Diamondback kills Daniel Boone with some sort of electric device.

With the series coming to an end, it looks like Diamondback is not going to become anything more than someone suffering from Daddy Issues. What was so great about Marvel’s other Netflix villains is that their anger sprouted from different events in their life. It seems that Diamondback is only angry for this one event (even though it was very traumatizing). Unless we see more layers, Diamondback won’t be nearly as impactful as Kilgrave and Kingpin.

Tired of waiting for Luke to show up, Diamondback issues him an ultimatum over the loudspeaker: show your face or a hostage will die every 10 minutes. This forces Luke to leave Claire and Misty to fend for themselves. We already know what Claire is capable of but it was still satisfying to see her beat the crap out of Shades. It was great to see that Luke wasn’t the only one who got awesome moments.

After discovering Daniel Boone’s body, the police eventually storm into Harlem’s paradise. The hostages are rescued, but the the detectives have their eyes set on Luke, allowing Diamondback to escape. Thankfully, Misty has Luke’s back now and can hopefully save him from prison.

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