Turning the Pages: #LunarChronicles by @marissa_meyer Gets Anthology

More Lunar Chronicles could not come at a better time! The end is nigh people and hearing that Marissa Meyer is going to do her best to expand upon the universe even if it means only the addition of shorts in an anthology featuring already been published short stories elsewhere, I still am beyond pleased. As one of the many who read her extras on wattpad, knowing I can finally have them all plus new words in a compilation, a physical book… isn’t that brilliant news?! Who’s hurrahing with me?!

When I say there’s more – new words – well that’s the truth. A yet-to-be-determined story, brand spanking new to fans, will be included in the anthology.

ALSO… because that’s not all folks… Marissa promises a sneak peek of her newest novel in the works Heartless along with a possible glimpse of her super-secret project she’s been teasing us about for months. In fact, if you like, and have specific character stories or fairy tales you would like to see Marissa tackle, now’s the time to leave her suggestions. She asked for them.

A Lunar Chronicles Collection titled STARS ABOVE includes:

  • Glitches: A prequel to Cinder, detailing Cinder’s first weeks after her cyborg surgery and her introduction to her new stepfamily.
  • The Queen’s Army: A prequel to Scarlet, telling the story of one soldier in Levana’s army who is determined not to become the monster everyone expects him to be.
  • Carswell’s Guide to Being Lucky: A prequel to Cress, expanding on some of Carswell Thorne’s exploits when he was a young man with big dreams.
  • The Princess and the Guard: A never-before-released prequel to Winter, chronicling the friendship between Winter and Jacin and answering some frequently asked questions about Winter, her insanity, and her scars.
  • The Little Android: Retelling of Hans Christian Andersen’s “The Little Mermaid,” in which an android falls in love with a human boy.
  • BRAND NEW as-yet-to-be-determined story!
    SNEAK PEEK of Marissa’s first non-TLC novel, Heartless
    POSSIBLE GLIMPSE of super-secret project

Now there’s good news and bad news along with this announcement for fans though. First off… good news, right? No panicking because initially I feared that the release of Winter might be delayed with all this talk of new words. However, that is not the case. The last novel of The Lunar Chronicles is still on target.

WINTER will still release November 10, 2015!

The “bad/sad/okay I can deal with this news since everything else is so freaking amazing about this post” news — is that Heartless, Marissa’s next novel and first non-TLC book, has been delayed by nearly nine months! Yikes. Sorry folks.

HEARTLESS will now be out on November 8, 2016 rather than February 2016 as originally planned since STARS ABOVE is now coming out February 2, 2016!

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