‘Mad Max’ Reshoots To Happen This November


Mad-Max-Fury-Road-Production-HellMad Max – oh Mel Gibson you are no more. The shoot of the film went off late this past year, but there will be reshoots happening. Does this mean that Charlize will be shaving her head again?

Well, add one more bump to the road. After being a complete no-show at Comic-Con 2013 and mysteriously absent in terms of early online publicity, Fury Road is going back for reshoots.

Fury Road initially finished shooting back in December 2012 in South Africa. According to If.com.au, three weeks of additional shooting will begin November 22nd, 2013 and “at least some members of the ensemble cast” will take part. That’s basically a year between shoots. Is this being mandated by Warner Bros.? Was it suggested by the director? The report doesn’t specify.


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