Madam Secretary 2×22 Recap: Is He Still Alive?

So…can we talk about Dmitri Petrov possibly being alive? Um. I screamed aloud when the Russian Foreign Minister suggested that the student that has been haunting Henry’s dreams may still be breathing. Before we discuss what that might mean for the show, let’s go over everything else.

Jibral Disah is dead, finally. After risking their lives by going after one of the most dangerous men in the world, The Murphy Station presumably took him down (as well as other Hizb al-Shahid related threats). The only hiccup in the operation was that Jose was severely injured and the team had to take refuge in a local market. We learn towards the end of the episode that they will all return home safely (phew!). Although Jose is not my favorite, I truly feared that he wouldn’t make it out alive. He may be irreverent, but he’s a trooper.

While Pakistan is still rioting about US’s nuclear tracking agreement, Foreign Minister Abedi appoints himself the new Prime Minister of Pakistan since the former was killed when he was savagely taken from his car by the angry crowds. Our friends over in Russia decide to support this action and refuse to help the US secure all of Pakistan’s nuclear weapons. Since the US is now alone in doing so, they’re able to clear out 11 of the 12 bunkers containing weapons; the last one has been wiped out by Hizb al-Shahid which terrifies everyone. This poses a huge worldwide threat. Hizb al-Shahid proceeds to post a video claiming they have the weapons and plan on using them to kill millions, so now it’s Jay’s job to figure out how to solve this mess. With Walter Nowack’s help, he finds out that Hizb al-Shahid is working with a Moldovan nuclear scientist. He’s eventually taken down after Russia finally cooperates and provides the US with information on how to track him. Thanks Russia. Also, thanks Jay for saving the world yet again. Super dad AND super policy advisor. It seems like we won’t have to worry about Hizb al-Shahid anymore. Well, at least for now.

With all that out of the way, we can finally talk about Dmitri. Although he was presumed dead, Russia’s Foreign Minister suggests otherwise. This may be a ploy to get the US to release a dangerous Russian spy though so Elizabeth is cautious. The previews for the next episode show Elizabeth making an attempt to use this information to free Dmitri and Talia. The downfall? It may cost Elizabeth her job. Of course Elizabeth wants to bring Dmitri home, especially for Henry’s sake. We aren’t quite sure if she tells Henry or how he responds, but we’ll find out next week. The stakes are high for the season finale and we have a few questions that need to be answered:

Is Dmitri actually alive? How will Elizabeth tell Henry? When exactly is the next election that Russell and Dalton keep bringing up? Will Alison meet the cast of Hamilton? Does Alison even like Hamilton? Can she give me her ticket?

Dmitri being alive can change the whole game; not only will it put Henry in a better state of mind but it will rid him of the agonizing guilt that is coming between him and Elizabeth. There’s no question that if he is alive, he’ll want nothing to do with the spy business. I can’t blame him. The poor kid is definitely traumatized by his experience. We just want Henry to be okay.

This episode’s highlights:

Daisy – After being pestered for an official statement about Hizb al-Shahid’s threatening video, Daisy gave someone a piece of her mind. You go girl.

Hamilton reference – I can’t believe Alison is going to see Hamilton. I say Lin-Manuel Miranda makes a special guest appearance. Please?

Jay solving all the problems as usual – Is there anything Jay Whitman can’t do? He’s a great family man and problem solver. If it wasn’t for Jay, Hizb al-Shahid would be planning their next attack.

Episode MVP: Tim Daly.

Just a reminder: only ONE episode remains. Are you ready?

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