Madam Secretary Photos: “The Linchpin”

We can’t wait to see if Elizabeth becomes Vice President, but we’re kind of banking on the fact that it will happen. We want to see her succeed – we’re invested in this family.

We’re waiting on this season to begin, we’re thrilled that CBS has released photo’s from the second episode, entitled, “The Linchpin,” which airs October 16th.

With Algeria on the brink of a civil war, Elizabeth delicately negotiates a regime change, but her plans go awry when Roy Curtis (Dakin Matthews), the trusted U.S. Ambassador to Algeria, dies unexpectedly. Also, Henry fights to save religious antiquities in Algeria when he discovers they are being destroyed by Hizb al-Shahid, and the McCord children get their own security detail after Jason’s computer is hacked, on MADAM SECRETARY, Sunday, Oct. 16 (9:00-10:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network. Michael Boatman guest stars as FBI Director Keith Doherty, who helps the McCords investigate the hacking of Jason’s computer.

Find photos from the season premiere, HERE.

Madam Secretary airs on CBS.

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