Maggie Stiefvater Was Home Schooled From the Age of 12

Maggie Stiefvater leaning against gate Well I always hate it when an article starts out with this could be the next ‘Twilight’. How about it’s the first ‘Dream Thieves’. You can read an excerpt of the article below, but for the entire thing, CLICK HERE.

OK I’ll bite… Hold the bad vampire jokes, this is no Twilight. Stiefvater had the initial idea for the Raven series aged 19, but says she “didn’t know enough to do the material justice”. At the book’s heart is the friendship between sensible Blue and four boarding-school boys, but there’s also a quixotic hunt for a Welsh king, and a house of female psychics. Plus street racing.

Street racing? As in racing cars illegally? Yep. Stiefvater was a street racer during her youth: “I was a terrible, terrible teen who had a problem with boys being snotty, and loved driving fast.”

Anything else we should know? Stiefvater was home-schooled from the age of 12 – “which gave me time to do things like play bagpipes in a band, ride horses and be wild without people saying, ‘That girl’s insane!'” She’s married with two kids, and is an accomplished artist and musician.

She says: “My books reflect how I feel inside the whole time.”

We say: Intelligent teen fiction. Meet Diana Wynne Jones’s heir.

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