Marlene King Set to Adapt ‘Merciless’

Here’s the thing about books being optioned – I hate it. Why? Because it adds to me reading list. And my to be read list is really effin long.

Being a pretty big fan of Pretty Little Liars, I am a fan of Marlene King. I have always wondered what her adaptation of The Mortal Instruments was like. Any who… lets get off that story, cause that’s just a sore subject waiting to happen.

But Marlene King has been set to adapt Merciless, a Danielle Vega horror novel about good girls gone evil. It’s an Alloy Film – and they’ll package and produce the film.

The book centers on a new girl at a small-town high school who is taken in by the popular clique, only to have them compel her into joining them in a dangerous exorcism of a punky, rebellious classmate.

The book has been acquired by Lionsgate for King specifically to adapt. Can’t wait to see where this one goes.

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