‘Marvel’s Agent Carter’ 2×10 Preview Guide: ‘Hollywood Ending’


Endings. Because what is an Agent Carter ending without Howard Stark? Yes, the ‘meglomaniac’ himself is back this week as he helps Peggy and co. hopefully take down Whitney Frost once and for all. Joseph Manfredi switches sides this week as it appears that Whitney has gone full crazy.

Other things I am hoping  for: the whole crew does a mass exodus from the SSR, Daniel and Peggy get their long overdue kiss, and we get a third season.

As Agent Carter remains in danger of being cancelled, and there is still so much story left to tell, we can only wish that either this ending gives us some much needed closure or that ABC grants us with one last season to finish up this era of Peggy’s life.

Let’s hope this ending is truly Hollywood-worthy.

MARVEL’S AGENT CARTER (2×10): “Hollywood Ending ” 

Tuesday, March 1, 9pm, ABC



As Peggy is faced with a mission she cannot come back from, she needs Howard Stark to eradicate Zero Matter.







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