Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D 04×02 Review: ‘Meet the New Boss’

Our favorite agents are still separated, but with a host of  new storylines to be told and exciting new characters – such as the new SHIELD boss – we can expect them to team up again soon.

Mystery seems to be a big theme of season four of Agents of SHIELD, as we attempt to uncover Robbie Reyes aka Ghost Rider’s origin, just who the new director is, what’s happening with May, what’s the deal with the ghost people and that’s not even getting into Dr. Radcliffe and AIDA. We are prepared for a hectic season coming up, and I can’t be happier.

One of the big shifts from season three to four is that Agents of SHIELD is now on at 10p.m. on ABC, there were a lot of speculations about why the later time slot, and the consensus seemed to be that they were going for more adult content. And boy were they right. Last week we saw a scene of Daisy in her underwear dressing as well as Ghost Rider ripping someone’s spine out (a la Game of Thrones style) and this week we got plenty more horrifying scenes.

The episode began with a little boy waking up in his home and seeing a terrifying ghost standing at his mantelpiece, his father then wakes up after him and asks him why is he awake but refutes that he had seen a ghost until the father sees the ghost for himself. The ghost goes into the father and he starts seeing people with hollowed eyes just as May does. The entire scene borders on horror movie life material with the ghost lady screaming for her husband and asking them what they are doing in their house.

(ABC/Jennifer Clasen)

But other than that poignant scene the group of ghosts were a disappointment, perhaps it’s the fact that they we saw too much of them in the episode or it was the CGI involved but somewhere between them arguing about themselves and trying to hack computers I lost interest. Although we did learn some vital information such as that they were part of an experiment at Momentum labs – there are two, one in Pasadena and one in New York. Also they are looking for a book, which might be the Book of Sins aka Darkhold which is an important part of the Doctor Strange comics, and this storyline might be what loops in the Doctor Strange movie into Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

One of the better parts of the episode and a dynamic and chemistry that is definitely working is between Robbie and Daisy. Through much of the episode the two were sparring or discussing their values – Robbie’s is about vengeance and Daisy’s is about penance. They also came to the realization that they are not different from each other, despite the fact that Daisy is an Inhuman and Robbie supposedly sold his soul to the devil…We haven’t gotten Robbie’s origin story yet and it seems as if the show is drawing it out to reveal at a particular point – much like what they did with Jemma’s time on Hive’s planet.

(ABC/Jennifer Clasen)
(ABC/Jennifer Clasen)

We were also introduced to the new boss, played by Jason O’Mara, and instead of him being a scary bureaucrat like I expected, he is was a nice, warm man. We learn that after the Sokovia Accords and SHIELD wanted to come out of the shadows, Coulson chose to let a new person become the face of the organization, and he wanted an Inhuman that people felt they could trust…cue the new director. We don’t even learn he is an Inhuman until May attacks him and he is indestructible, but we don’t know the full length of his powers yet…we just have to wait until his origin episode. We were not given his full name, other than his first name is Jeffrey so most internet theorists are guessing that he is Jeff Mace aka Patriot, a character that goes back to the 40’s and took up the mantle of Captain America at some point.

(ABC/Jennifer Clasen)
(ABC/Jennifer Clasen)

Everyone’s favorite badass, Melinda May was off her game this week, as the infection that we saw taking hold of her at the end of this episode seemed to increase. May was seeing delusions and falling apart slowly, it was strange to watch as May is usually the most put together of the team, and probably the reason why they chose her to be infected. Why this happening to her? We don’t seem to know yet, but it’s yet another mystery we’ll add to the pile.


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