‘Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD’ 3×11 Review: ‘Bouncing Back’

It was straight back into the action this week in Agents of SHIELD, as the team banded together to stop Inhumans and perhaps co-opt onto their lonely three-man Secret Warriors team. This week saw an introduction of a new Warrior, an awkward romance and continued vengeful Coulson.

Let’s get into ‘Bouncing Back’:

The introduction of ‘Yo-Yo’

Much of the episode was centered around Mack and his team’s chasing of an Inhuman in Bogota who stole a bunch weapons from the police. Mack, Hunter and Bobbi track down Elena Rodriguez, while Daisy and Joey speak to the police to try and found out what happened to the mysterious woman.

Mack comes the closest to tracking down Elena, only for her super acceleration to be too much for him and she takes him hostage. He discovers that she can accelerate but she always returns to her original point – kind of like a boomerang – or a yo-yo.

Daisy and crew manage to save Mack and imprison Elena while the team back on the base – Fitz, Simmons and Lincoln try and decipher her powers. Lincoln does reveal to Simmons that the powers that Inhumans receive are not random they are congruent to the atmosphere that they are in, a form of evolution of balancing out, which is extremely interesting and will definitely come in handy the more we come into contact with Inhumans.


While Daisy, Joey and Mack are questioning Elena, Bobbi and Hunter chase after her cousin/accomplice but find him attempting to get rid of the weapons. Elena explains that they feared the corrupt police and that the weapons gave the police power but now that she has superpowers she was using it to help her people, and her cousin’s actions coincided with this. However the police cornered Bobbi, Hunter and Elena’s cousin with their own Inhuman who used his ‘cyclops’ eyes to temporarily paralyse Bobbi and Hunter and then proceeded to kill Elena’s cousin to send a message.

Elena joins forces with Daisy and her crew to rescue Bobbi and Hunter and get one up on the police and we get to see how fluidly her powers work with the rest of the team. She choses at the end of the episode to return home to bury her cousin and be with her family instead of sticking with the SHIELD crowd. So does Joey. The bunker life isn’t for everyone. But we can see a promising sense of camaraderie with this lot so we should be more than certain that they will return.

In the comics, Yo-Yo Rodriguez (Mack affectionately refers to Elena as Yo-Yo) is a member of the Secret Warriors and is otherwise known as Slingshot.

Coulson vs. Malick

While the main team were busy sorting out the Elena problem, Coulson and May met with the President of the United States, who told Coulson that although he respected him and wanted SHIELD to play a part in sorting through the Inhuman dilemma, he couldn’t legitimize SHIELD and will have them working with the ATCU, as a front. The president also tells Coulson that he can’t get rid of Malick because he is too powerful and he has fingers in too many pies.

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Coulson tries to use the TAHITI project on Baron von Strucker who is still badly affected by what happened to him because of Malick in order to find a way to get to Malick. With some help from Lincoln’s powers, they discover how to communicate with Malick. It’s eery watching von Strucker relive his trauma, having him repeat ‘please kill me’ and ‘you sold me out’.

Coulson eventually does get his phone call with Malick, just to warn him that he is alive and will be getting his revenge for Rosalind. But also, SHIELD is tracking everywhere the phone connection was reaching so in minutes they would find HYDRA bases. Malick is straight faced as he deals with the issue, not letting anything Coulson said faze him.

Bad Ward is Back

We get to see Ward, or the shell of Ward, as the great Inhuman evil, who the showrunners have confirmed is Hive, from the recent comics. In the show, however, Hive was regaining his strength and all the HYDRA folks were attempting to decide whether or not they do believe he really is this all-powerful alien or if it’s just Ward trolling them.

It’s easy to see why the Agents of SHIELD creators decided to use Ward as a shell for Hive because Brett Dalton is such an excellent actor, and we know he’ll do this ultra evil character justice. I’m excited to see the meaty material he’ll receive and how the character will unfold in later episodes.

Last minute thoughts

  • Fitz and Simmons were very awkward with each other after their kiss and Will’s death but they decided to take things slow and start again in their relationship

  • Fitz created a new hand for Coulson that looks more lifelike
  • May said to Coulson that when he went through the portal he ‘joined the Calvary’ so the two of them have more in common
  • Joey is a delight and I want him in every episode

  • ‘Cyclops eyes’ was stolen from Daisy’s hands by HYDRA as Gideon Malick says they need to rebuild their Inhuman army after Lash killed most of them.
  • Hunter is still hilarious, as he took one of the fish oil pills in order to check if he’s an Inhuman, he’s disappointed to note nothing happens, saying that he was wishing for x-ray vision.


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