“Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD” 3×13 Review: “Parting Shot”

One thing I truly about enjoy about Agents of SHIELD is that it is a brave show, it takes risks, it stretches its boundaries, and that is so poignantly put in this week’s episode – Parting Shot.

We got to say goodbye to new of our favorites (although not for too long), we saw an introduction of a new character and almost witnessed the beginning of another Cold War.

Let’s get into Parting Shot:


Credit: ABC

The entire episode was framed around an interrogation of Bobbi and Hunter by Russian authorities after they allegedly killed three Russian politicians.

In flashbacks we got to see that after the events of last week, Bobbi and Hunter followed Malick to Russia where they assumed he was creating an Inhuman camp. However through some spy work from the team they discovered he was attempting to stage a coup against the Russian government. SHIELD decides to protect the prime minister which means taking out his opposition and an Inhuman general. Bobbi and Hunter are found next to the dead body of the officials and that is where Russian officials arrested them.

Back in the interrogation room, they questioned separately but stick to their story that they were just a couple vacationing together and were caught in the wrong place at the wrong time (Hunter goes onto an hilarious rant about mushrooms). There is an emotional moment where Bobbi thinks that Hunter is going to be executed and you can see the fear in her eyes, and Adrianne Palicki’s performance is spot on.

However, Coulson and the President of the United States come to bail them out, just narrowly missing a war by convincing the Russian government that they aren’t working for the US government, which means that they would have to leave SHIELD forever.  The moment where Coulson tells the team about their decision is heartbreaking – perhaps just for Mack’s reaction. He’s the only one of the season two recruits left over.


Credit: ABC

The saddest and probably the most emotionally charged scene I have ever seen on Agents of SHIELD scene before (yes, I’m including all the Fitz scenes in here) is at the very end of the episode. Bobbi and Hunter are sitting in a bar discussing where they are going to go to next when Bobbi receives a drink from an unnamed person, and they look around and discover Jemma at a nearby booth but she cannot talk to them, they receive another from Fitz, from Daisy, from May, from Mack (I was bawling at this point because remember he and Bobbi go way back) and then Coulson. One by one they all leave the bar, and it truly cements the point that these two amazing characters won’t be part of the team anymore.

So I know the exit of Bobbi and Hunter is to prepare for their spinoff series Marvel’s Most Wanted, although I didn’t expect them to leave so early. One thing that they were able to convey by the fact that this episode was so heavily centered around these two characters was that they can definitely carry a show, but I hope they are able to utilize this well so that the novelty doesn’t fade.

I worry for Agents of SHIELD though, Bobbi and Hunter weren’t just peripheral players in the team they were active members. Hunter was definitely the comic relief, and Bobbi’s badassery and ruthlessness was akin only to maybe May, plus the sexual tension and playfulness between I don’t see replicated by Daisy and Lincoln. The team will have to work hard to replace the space these two filled.

Also I would like to leave with excerpt from an interview Adrianne Palicki (Bobbi Morse) and Nick Blood (Lance Hunter) gave to TVLine after the episode:

TVLine: How “completely different” will the new show be?

Adrianne Palicki: Well, not completely different.

Nick Blood: It’s all in Dutch. They just speak Dutch and it’s subtitled. That’s the main difference.

Adrianne Palicki: But Bobbi does it really badly. [Laughs]

Nick Blood:  Actually, I’m playing Bobbi and Adrianne is playing Hunter.

So we have lots to look forward to when Marvel’s Most Wanted hits our screens.

Last minute notes:

  • We still don’t know what Malick was up to in Russia other than staging a coup
  • At the very very end of the episode we are introduced to Malick’s daughter, played by Bethany Joy Lenz, who seems just as evil as him, believing in the power of Hive
  • When Hunter is asked his full name he says “Amadeus Ravenclaw Hunter” and I swear I couldn’t love him more
  • No Ward-ing Dead aka Hive this episode, so that’s an extra plus
  • Time to rewatch that final scene

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