‘Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD’ 3×15 Review: ‘Spacetime’ or Daisy tells the Future

This week’s episode was all about challenging space and time, as the episode title suggests, with Daisy getting a glimpse of a not so happy future that she attempts she change and Andrew and May wish that they could change their past. It was a bittersweet episode that explored further into the Marvel universe. Let’s get into ‘Spacetime’:

The Future

The episode was centered around a new Inhuman, Charles, who when touching someone allows them to see a vision of the future. When touching him Daisy sees Lincoln with blood on his face, Fitz and Simmons standing in the snow and Coulson shooting her. This makes Daisy adamant to change the future, even though Fitz keeps reminding them that the future is fixed entity and nothing they do can change it.

Coulson decides that in order to let Daisy’s vision not come true, when the call comes to save Charles, she has to stay at the base and May must go in her place. So the team prepare to walk May through Daisy’s vision so she’s prepared for every challenge, it’s an interesting scene which sees the team working together which we see so rarely these days.

However the return of Andrew, May’s husband, to SHIELD in what he expects to be the last time he ever changes into Lash (meaning that he would just be Lash from then onwards) and he came to say goodbye, meaning that May was unable to go on the mission. With Bobbi gone, and Mack recovering from last week’s shenanigans, that only leaves Daisy, of course.

Credit: ABC

Credit: ABC

The team works together and everything starts coming true, little by little, ending on Charles sacrificing himself in order to save Daisy from Malick. She promises to take care of Charles’ daughter and when she touches him for the last time, she sees her death, which was the scene at the beginning of the midseason of someone floating in spaceship.

This episode made sense in that it showed us that the future is inevitable, no matter how much the show might mess with science, this is one thing that ain’t changing. But this episode did not grip me as the previous ones did. There were definitely scenes I enjoyed – the practice scene with May, Lincoln and Coulson’s scenes, and May and Andrew’s scenes, but I do think the Bobbi and Hunter shaped hole is starting to show more now, especially without Mack around as well, and Fitz and Simmons being relegated to the back row again. I’m looking forward to some more whole team action next week.

The Need for Inhumans

Both Andrew and Lincoln spoke about the role of Inhumans in the greater scheme of things in the episode.

Andrew said to May that even Lash was clearly a killer, he still felt there was a greater reasoning why he felt the need to kill the Inhumans, in the same way Lincoln explained to Coulson that the gifts Inhumans have are usually to fill a void or fix a problem, so they all have purposes to play.

With the addition of Hive, I think we will have a lot to learn about just what the purpose of the Inhumans is, and what they are working towards.

Last Minute Notes

  • There was a side piece power play between Malick and Hive, and it seems that Malick is a little disenchanted with his Inhuman master.
  • There is a scene where Fitz and Simmons are standing outside in the snow, and Simmons looks at him and says ‘maybe some things are inevitable’, it was adorable.
  • Lincoln and Coulson are bonding a lot more, and make an excellent team, even joking with each other.
  • Also, May and Andrew will forever break my heart.


Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD airs on Tuesdays at 9pm on ABC

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