‘Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD’ 3×17 Review: Secret Warriors Assemble

Around this time of the season, much like many spy shows, Agents of SHIELD likes to make us believe that there one or some of the members of the team may be betraying the others. In the first season it was Grant Ward with his psychotic HYDRA beliefs, in the second season it was Bobbi and Mack and their allegiance to the Other SHIELD, and now it’s Daisy and her quasi-bond with the uber evil Hive.

The reveal that Daisy is the Inhuman that had been swayed by Hive was really well done, the entire episode was framed like a ‘whodunnit’ with motivations behind each of the Secret Warriors given as to why they would be the betrayer, and then it ended up being the one that the team and the audience expected the least – Daisy. Even when Daisy framed Lincoln, I 100% believed that he was the traitor, even though it broke my heart. Although I did wonder why he denied it so vehemently.  

Mind control is a horrible thing to undergo, and probably even worse when the person controlling you looks like your former obsessed stalker. But I do think that it made sense for Daisy to be the one who was swayed because she is the only character I can see both the team and the audience forgiving for this. Everyone else will constantly be clouded by distrust and skepticism because they haven’t built up our trust, however we all know how loyal Daisy is to SHIELD and it would take a lot for her to turn against them, namely mind control.

It was great seeing the Secret Warriors in action as they infiltrated the HYDRA base but I am disappointed that before the season we were promised the season of the Secret Warriors and it took 17 episodes before they even fought together, and it was only one mission before they were arguing amongst themselves and now I’m supposing they are disbanded again because their leader went off to join Hive and HYDRA. If they do defeat Hive by the end of the season (because I’m so so tired of Ward already) I hope that the Inhumans who are freed from mind control (the ones who survived the Lash attack) will join the Secret Warriors so we can have a proper superhero team to rival The Avengers and the Defenders.

(ABC/Eric McCandles)

(ABC/Eric McCandles)

Another thing I like about SHIELD is that it is truly universal, if something happens in one episode, there is affects in other parts of the world. Especially with the introduction of Elena aka Yoyo, the Secret Warriors member, who is from Columbia and does not speak English. With how those fish oil pills spread, there might still be plenty more Inhumans around the world that SHIELD can discover and recruit.

And because Daisy and Lincoln are now no longer a thing because of her being mind controlled by an evil Inhuman, Bobbi and Hunter are gone, May and Andrew are on hiatus because he is Lash full time now,  and Coulson is single since Rosalind’s murder, we need our romance dose, which came in the form of the old faithfuls – Fitz and Simmons, who FINALLY stopped beating around the bush and kissed and accepted that they will move forward with their romance. It’s about time.


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