‘Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD’ 3×20 Review: ‘Emancipation’

This week’s episode of Agents of SHIELD ‘Emancipation’ was the setup for what we can assume will be an epic two-part finale next week.

But AOS still found a way to knit in the repercussions of Captain America: Civil War, into their ongoing storyline – with Talbot coming to the base and demanding that all the Inhumans register, although Coulson is not all that keen, saying sometimes they need ‘Secret Warriors’. Elena echoes Coulson’s worries by saying that if the corrupt Colombian government or drug cartels find out her identity there would be a target on her back.

(ABC/Kelsey McNeal)

(ABC/Kelsey McNeal)

This was a section of the Sokovia Accords which was not discussed in Civil War, not only will the United Nations be able to dictate to the superheroes what battles they would need to fight, they would also know the identities and details. So if this information is readily available, that means that the powered people and their loved ones would constantly be in danger.

But this was the main plotline of the episode, it seems that even though Daisy is readily donating blood in order to help Hive create Inhumans, she is spending her off hours hacking into the SHIELD security system to spy on Lincoln. Lincoln gets wind of this, and being cooped by in his cell, he hatches a plan with Daisy to escape to be with her. But she is hoodwinking him, pretending to be running off with him, she is actually tempting him to come to her so that Hive can have him. But things aren’t all surface level with Lincoln either as this was all a trojan horse type experiment to send Lash to Hive, as Lincoln believes that Lash’s mission on Earth is to kill Hive.

(ABC/Kelsey McNeal)

(ABC/Kelsey McNeal)

Lash dies in the process but he does manage to wound Hive and save Daisy, and it seems she is no longer under Hive’s control and she makes her way back home, back to SHIELD. Lash’s purpose was not to kill Hive, it was to save Daisy, to give her her ‘emancipation’ – which is why he could never hurt her. RIP Andrew, I will always miss you.

The last scene of the episode was poignant moment when Elena gives her cross necklace to Mack, we do know that someone is going to die in space next week, and we did see Elena’s necklace in that scene, so could it be Mack? I sure hope not, and I doubt it as I think the show enjoys surprising us and that would be giving their game up too early.

The episode itself was enjoyable yet not the best of the season, it did work to bridge the gap between the world of the Marvel films and the TV shows, as well as set up the finale.

The tie-in with Civil War made more sense than the Age of Ultron one but did not have the same reverberating effect as The Winter Soldier one. Even though Civil War made it seem as if the Sokovia Accords only affected the Avengers, we are aware that there are plenty more powered people around the world, and seeing as we’ve been seeing a bit of the repercussions of the superhero world on ordinary humans in the various TV shows, it makes sense for the Accords to transfer onto television as well. I wonder how the limitations of the Accords will affect the show going forward.


Last minute notes:


  • AOS addressed Civil War right off the bat, with Coulson watching a news report that said that Cap was M.I.A and he is reading a newspaper obituary about Peggy Carter (*que tears*)


  • When Talbot’s most hilarious line is when he is introduced to Lash:  ‘Rasta Hulk is your husband?’ to May.
  • Anyone else shipping YoYoMack?
  • Right now, my money on who will die next week is either Fitz or Simmons. I’m going straight for the pain.


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