Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD 3×21 & 3×22 Review: ‘Absolution/Ascension’

Finales are always a feels-fest, and Agents of SHIELD promised right at the beginning of the second half of Season 3 that the two hour finale – Absolution and Ascension – will end in one of the SHIELD team members dying – and they delivered.

Losing any member of the SHIELD team was difficult, especially since it was not that long ago when we lost Bobbi and Hunter, so I always figured that they would try and toe the line between someone we truly care about and are invested in on the team, and someone we have not had the time to get to know yet. So that means that it would be neither Joey or Elena (speaking of which Joey still has not returned to the team and it is making me anxious), or Coulson, because he is the central character of the show after all, May because it would be way too soon after Andrew, Daisy, we aren’t ready for that death yet when she just got redeemed, there would be a public mutiny if it was fan favorites Fitz and Simmons, and after Tripp and Andrew, no one would take kindly if Mack died. That left Lincoln, a character that we met in Season 2, has a connection with a lot of the team, but is not apart of the breathing system of Agents of SHIELD like the old timers.

(ABC/Richard Cartwright)

(ABC/Richard Cartwright)

LIncoln’s sacrificial death not only made sense but was pertinent for the character, who was struggling with his choices and controlling his powers throughout the third season, he also helped Daisy and the others understand Inhumans better throughout his tenure. Daisy truly loved him and in the snippet of what to expect in six months time we can see that his death truly impacted, even more impactful was that he died so that she didn’t. He died to save Earth from Hive  He redeemed both himself and Daisy. I really enjoyed the Daisy/Lincoln relationship, and I was truly sad to see his character go, but if it had to be someone and it seems as if the Inhuman-focused storyline is coming to an end, well then Lincoln is the perfect candidate.

Hive also met a sticky end this episode as Lincoln boarded the Zephyr with Hive and the warhead that was meant to turn the world into those blockheaded Inhuman like creatures. And boy was I glad, because as much as I can appreciate the fact that Brett Dalton is a great actor, I was tired of both Ward and Hive’s schtick, and the show needs some fresh villains which are not just Hydra goons, or Hydra gods. Hydra has been destroyed, it’s time for Agents of SHIELD to enter this easy foe, well at least for now.

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As with every episode, Absolution and Ascension, offered us many comedic moments, which usually involved General Talbot who has become a formidable feature in every episode, and the new addition of Dr. Radcliffe, who seriously found to be a delight, especially his obvious crush on Fitz and Simmons.
Talking about Dr. Radcliffe, he will have a big role to play next season, if the ‘Six months later’ segment at the end of the episode suggested as he seemed to have created a human form, no news yet if that will be a proper Inhuman or just an ordinary robotic human. The ‘six months later’ has Coulson and Mack (now ordinary agents reporting to a new director) chasing after Daisy who is apparently MIA. What’s going to happen between now and then? And who is the new director? We’ll have to check back in, in the fall.


Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD returns with Season 4 in September 2016 on ABC


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