Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD: 5 Questions We Want Answered At SDCC

Season 3 of Agents of SHIELD ended with a flashforward showing us a very different Daisy Johnson, decked in goth attire and being chased by SHIELD agents – namely Mack and Coulson.

As always we were left with a lot more questions and answers, and knowing that the San Diego Comic Con (SDCC) is where we find out all the juicy scoop, we have compiled a list of what we are burning to know:


1. Who is the director of SHIELD?

One strange moment in the flashforward has Coulson out in the field with Mack, his partner, chasing after Daisy and he mentions “the director” meaning that he is no longer the director. So then who has taken his place? I think the obvious answer is May or General Talbot, especially since Coulson didn’t seem to bothered by it indicating that it is someone that he likes. But Agents of SHIELD also likes its big shockers so it might be someone we haven’t even considered. I think bringing back Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury might be a bit outside of their budget but perhaps Colbie Smulders’ Maria Hill, who was also a SHIELD director in the comics, and notably absent from Captain America: Civil War.

2. How will Dr. Radcliffe’s AI’s factor into the story next season?

The flashforward also revealed that Dr. Radcliffe, the experimental doctor, who switched teams from Hive to SHIELD, created a humanoid AI-system called AIDA, which gave us some horrid Ultron-esque flashbacks. Will AIDA be yet another bad decision that Radcliffe made that will cause SHIELD get into more trouble with the UN with regards to the Sokovia Records, or will it be positive inclusion to the team like Vision?

3. Who will be the next big bad?

Last season our eternal nemesis, Grant Ward in all his forms was destroyed when the spaceship he was in blew up in space. Also the organisation he represented, HYDRA which was the big bad since season 1, was diminished. Does this mean we will be facing a new trope of bad guys? The SDCC van shown in the tweet below shows a chain on fire which many speculated to mean that Ghost Rider would be in the new season seeing as Marvel recently received the rights back to the character who was played by Nicholas Cage in two films. Another option might be Hellfire, the Inhuman that we saw last season who had a bit of a nasty temper.

4. Will Bobbi and Hunter return next season?

In a teary moment in Season 3, Bobbi Morse (Mockingbird) and Lance Hunter left the SHIELD team in order to go on the run. The plan was originally for them to star in a spinoff, Marvel’s Most Wanted, but it was not picked up by ABC. So will Bobbi and Hunter return to the SHIELD team? Or perhaps guest star more often? Is there space for them in the next season?

5. Why did Daisy go rogue?

One of the more poignant moments in the flashforward featured Daisy as a rogue agent on the run from SHIELD, dressed in goth attire but still doing random acts of kindness showing that she is still herself. It could have been Lincoln’s death that tipped her off or there could be more to that. Newspaper clippings showed that Daisy is well known and had been using her powers to knock down banks etc.


Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD returns on Season 4 on September 10th at 10pm

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