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Marvel’s ‘Iron Fist’ 1×03 Review: Rolling Thunder Cannon Punch

The first two episodes of Marvel’s Iron Fist did not wow me. But the third episode titled “Rolling Thunder Cannon Punch” has made me more excited to see where this story goes. The entrance of an established character of the Netflix Marvel Universe improved the direction of the show. Jeri Hogarth’s character made the world of Iron Fist more recognizable.

What is up with Harold?

Ward goes to see Harold and we find Harold in a glass chamber sleeping. Thus far Harold’s fake death has a been a mystery. He also hasn’t aged since the time Danny saw him. Ward looks just as old as his father, which is really creepy. The big question is what is this glass chamber for? A real bed would be much more comfortable!

Harold wants some warehouses in Brooklyn, but Ward doesn’t know why. Harold then punches Ward in the lower back for his disobedience. Let’s face it, Ward kind of deserves it. He is a jerk that I love to hate. Harold is a really interesting and dynamic villain. His motives are questionable and his thought process is very intelligent. I hope we find out really soon why he fake his own death and why he needs that weird bed. 

Harold is in league with the hand and we hear a familiar voice from Daredevil, Madame Gao. But we still don’t know any of the specific of what the hand has to do with this? I’m also interested in seeing where Iron Fist fits on the Dare Devil/ Jessica Jones/Luke Cage timeline. 

YASSSS for Strong Independent Women

Danny escapes the mental hospital and goes to Colleen’s dojo where Ward’s security team shows up. Colleen shows off her badass skills. Colleen was the true stand out in this episode, besides Hogarth, and one of the reasons that I am much more interested in this show. Colleen doesn’t need anyone to protect her. I love her strong will and stubbornness. Yes, Danny is stronger. He has freaking super powers and has done nothing but training for 15 years. But Colleen has a lot of agency and I am really happy.

Danny doesn’t think Colleen’s dojo is serious enough and tries to teach them, but ends up hurting someone after they laugh at him. Colleen gets pissed, for good reason, she doesn’t need some man coming in and micromanaging her. The students come to her gym for a safe place and Danny disrespected that.

Colleen is at a cage fight and goes in to fight calls herself Daughter of the Dragon. This big guy steps up to fight her and Colleen shows off her skills. She takes her fair share of hits but goes bat shit on the guy in the end.

I am stilling holding out hope for Joy!

I saw a glimpse of hope in Joy for her to be a great strong, good character, and I am really pleased with her development. She is so attached to her brother that he is able to persuade her, but she has a lot of empathy. She doesn’t know Harold, her Dad, is alive. That could be something that sways her closer to Danny. For right now, she is a grey area but I hope we see her move away from Ward. 

Joy gives Danny the offer from her and Ward for Danny’s shares for 100 million dollars plus he has to change his name. Danny is offended that they want to turn their backs on him and treat him not as family. You would think by now he knows that they don’t want him there. I like that we see for Joy that this is about her hard work and dedication to Rand. She has worked hard for the company and doesn’t want to lose it, but she is very much under Ward’s control.

Joy is wining and dining in order to get the Brooklyn warehouse deal and takes the man to a hospital, which was super creepy but it turns out she has gotten a liver for the man for his nephew. She may have been really manipulative, but she beat Ward at closing the deal.

Okay so Danny is a bit less annoying

Danny is slowly becoming more likable for me. Danny has a long way to go before I root for him. He is full of himself and doesn’t treat everyone great, especially Colleen. He expects her to bend to what he wants.

Danny visits his parents and his own grave. The graves are covered in flowers which begs the question of who is leaving flowers. Danny to see Jeri Hogarth, the powerful New York lawyer, that we first met in Jessica Jones and who also appeared in Daredevil. She interned at the Rand company in the legal department and Danny remembers small things about her that no one else would. Jeri maintains the estate, including the flowers on the graves. She isn’t a fan of the Meachums, because clearly they are not great people. Danny is worth billions, not millions like Ward wants to give him as hush money, and deserves his family’s company. Jeri’s gonna help him for free if her firm can be on retainer for Rand so we’ll see more of Jeri in the future.

Jeri Hogarth saved Iron Fist for me

Danny has a fancy new place because of Jeri Hogarth, but ends up sleeping on the floor. I find Danny to be very unlikeable, but I liked seeing a humbleness to him. Despite his lack of money and the way he has lived for so long, he still has a bit of entitlement that has made him unlikable. He is the superhero protagonist. He should be the character you root for! 

Hogarth needs more proof that Danny could be Danny. Danny goes to find an X-ray from his childhood to find someone the Meachums paid off to destroy it. They have been getting rid of any evidence tying Danny to the past. When Danny confronts Joy and Ward, Joy tells him they’re not family and are looking out for themselves. Danny wants what his father left him. Joy seems incredibly conflicted over protecting her brother and seeing the truth of Danny.

Hogarth and Danny sit with Ward and Joy and their lawyers. They lowered the offer to 20 million and a restraining order, which was really cold. Hogarth and Danny want 51% share of Rand, a spot on the board, money he is entitled to, a corner office at Rand with support staff, and housing allowance. They have a fingerprint from a ceramic thing he made as a child for Joy that was in her entryway in Danny’s old house. This was a mic drop if I ever saw one!

The literal cliff hanger

Danny follows Ward to Harold’s apartment. We find out that Harold is trapped there by the hand for some reason we don’t know yet. Danny goes up through a window to see what it was Harold was hiding while looking through the window on the upper floor he sees the chamber Harold sleeps in and gets pushed out the window to what for a normal person would be certain death.

Clearly, Danny isn’t going to die. But what kind of super powers does he have that will allow him to survive that type of fall. So far we have seen his literal iron fist punch and the weird thing with the bird, but nothing that could save him from this.

For me, episode three definitely set this show on a much better course. I’m attributing most of that to the female characters of this show. Colleen is a badass and so is Hogarth. Joy is one of the characters that I hope will have really great character development. I was a bit iffy about this show at first, but I think it has a lot more potential.

Marvel’s Iron Fist is available on Netflix.