Iron Fist Episode 4

Marvel’s Iron Fist Review 1×04: “A Line in the Sand”

Iron Fist doesn’t like to create compelling cliffhangers apparently.  After Danny’s surprising fall from a multi-story building, he wakes up in Harold’s underground apartment. Ward is the one who pushed him out of the window and then scooped him up and brought him here. Harold finally makes his ghostly introduction to Danny, giving him the gritty details of his fake death. Apparently, Harold did have cancer but was offered the gift of life by the Hand. Now, he is permanently indebted to them and wants Danny’s help to get out of his contract.

In exchange for his help, Harold forces Ward to drop all litigation against Danny, making him the rightful heir to 51% of Rand’s stocks. This means that he can enter the building now and take part in important business meetings. However, this good news comes with a warning from Ward. “All that Harold cares about is Harold,” he tells Danny. Even though he was shaping up to be a villain in the beginning, it seems like Ward might be the only one with common sense.

Colleen continues to be one of the most interesting characters in the series. A video of her badass cage fighting goes viral online, catching the attention of her students. She apologizes and claims that it was a one time mistake. But her addiction to the adrenaline gets her back into the ring, this time fighting two dudes at once. These fights add nothing to the plot, but it’s great to see some fighting sequences in the middle of this corporate drama.

Speaking of corporate drama, Danny isn’t quite used to the white collar atmosphere. Even though he has the loudest voice on the board, most consider him a hostile takeover. His very first meeting about a drug that Rand has patented for the third world countries. Everyone agrees to up the price to make a profit, but Danny disagrees. He demands that the drug is sold at market cost so that everyone can afford it. Despite everyone fighting against this suggestion, Danny’s wish is granted, leaving the Meachums to clean up his mess once again.

But there is one good thing that emerges out of the corporate plotline: Marvel’s signature hallway fight! The Triads attempt to kidnap Joy after she sold the Red Hook pier, but they had no idea she was getting cuddly with Danny over a vodka tonic. The scene was nicely choreographed but not nearly as fun as previous hallway fights. It wasn’t anything spectacular, but it did finally show off Danny’s fighting skills (even though it took way too long to get there).

We also get to see Madame Gao’s Iron Fist debut, and she’s more menacing than ever. She appears in Harold’s apartment to thank him for securing the Red Hook pier for them. In return, he gets to look at Joy from afar and kill the Triad member who beat her. Even though we’ve seen plenty of The Hand in Daredevil, it’ll be interesting to see how much more developed she is in this series.

Danny’s back in his hotel room doing Tai Chi when he gets a mysterious note from the Yang clan. It says, “This is the answer for which you seek”  and has a red symbol next to it. It looks like we finally have a plot coming along.

After three boring episodes, it seems like Iron Fist is finally picking up some heat. We get some character development in Danny and Harold and even see a slight change in Ward. Hopefully, it’s all uphill from here.

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