Marvel’s ‘Runaways’ 1×02: Rewind

While the first episode of Runaways focuses on the kids, “Rewind” focuses on the parents point of view. And it was perfect. The first episode put you in the same position as the kids were, with barely any knowledge of what was really happening. So in a way we were caught up on the same events but in a way that necessarily doesn’t forgive but tries to explain how taking this life affected the parents.

The episode literally starts with the kids running, for what they believe, is their lives. The kids bickering as they run mirrors the adults arguing about what the flash might have been. In typical dramatic fashion the kids are seemingly trapped while being pursued. But as we’ve started to notice, Molly’s abilities come to play just at the right moment to save everyone’s asses. They finally get out of the house. The kids again find themselves at odds. The moment of them fighting and then Nico telling Alex she trusts him just tugs at the old heart strings.

As most kids they’re trying to rationalize what they’ve seen. Because it has to have a reason behind it. But Nico says it best, “what ever happened I think our parents killed that girl.” And the lights flicking off at the end before the titles is so ominous.

The Wilders

Amy’s death seems to have affected Alex the most of the kids (other than Nico obviously.) It’s left him very visibly isolated. And his parents aren’t sure what to do with it. The Wilders almost seem worried about what the other members would do to them. Geoffrey dealing with the thugs makes you realize his past is very different from his life now, from the hood to Brentwood. And that transition is something Geoffrey seems proud of but he gets the feeling that the other Pride members want more hood than Brentwood out of him.

The Minorus

This whole family is grieving in ten million ways. The loss of Amy is palpable in each character, it’s shaped them so much. Even though we don’t really get to see what they’re like before Amy dies, you can just tell they were a much different family before. I felt Robert’s plea to Tina to change in my soul. He’s trying so hard to hold the women in his life together. And I think Tina heard Robert, she almost seems hopeful that Nico was looking for her at the end.

The Deans

The Deans are a case of ‘opposites attract’. They are the manipulative masterminds with a kind smile and the blissfully ignorant husband, desperate for a life of his own. Leslie is in charge of everything at the church. She’s definitely the power holder in every way in their relationship. But Frank is just there to be arm candy. Leslie is obviously a very smart woman, I don’t think she could pull off everything she seems to if she weren’t. Yet Frank has all of these things staring him in the face for at least 17 years and never questioned anything. I think Leslie likes being in the background pulling the strings while Frank is almost desperate to be back in the limelight, to the point of trying and failing to manipulate those around him. Leslie looks sad about having to trick Destiny but she still plays that girl like she’s a fiddle.

Frank just wants to be more than Leslie’s poster boy. And he should be talking to Karolina because I think she’s feeling the same way. I almost feel bad for him, he’s just so desperate to find where he belongs. Midlife crisis alert! Meanwhile Leslie just pushes him away and treats him like he’s an idiot. Which drives Frank to go to the extent of even breaking into the church looking for information Leslie refuses to give him.

The Steins

You can tell that Chase and his Mother do their best to shield each other from Victor. His anger has mostly been hinted at by this point but we do get glimpses of it when Janet visits him in his workspace. I get the sense that Janet lets him get away with a lot on the surface but she has things she does to cope. And whoever she’s talking to on the phone is one of those things (whichever husband or wife of a friend it is.)

It’s almost like Victor is Doctor Jekyll and Mr Hyde with how fast he switches between attitudes, which just speaks to how talented of an actor James Marsters is. That little flinch as Victor leaves and touches her shoulder just says so much. He even seems to goad Geoffrey on like a typical bully. But his surprise at finding someone still in the box is a hint at his arrogance is very telling, the box didn’t work earlier and as far as I can tell he did nothing to change it.

The Yorkes

The Yorkes are my favourite kooky couple. Dale and Stacey are adorable. They’re the most obviously in love of the couples. And they make me want to wrap them in bubble wrap and protect them but then I remember they make a girl disappear later on. It puts the amount of characterization they have given all of these characters into sharp focus.

By the time we get to the actual meeting, all the parents shields are up. They all seem to have issues with it in one way or another but they just hide it in different ways. Even joking about denial and chardonnay. We still don’t know why they are doing what they’re doing (I promise no comic book spoilers) but they all hope it’s the last time.

This whole thing feels very an old school ritual with a dash of sci-fi science for sure. And every person seems to have a role; like the Yorkes making whatever that mix was that paralyzed Destiny. The Minorus create a soundproof barrier as well as Tina seems to cast something over Destiny that calms her. Victor Stein created and operated the box while Janet seemed to be there to support him. Leslie is there to bring the sacrifice and possibly explain it away to anyone asking questions about this missing girl. The Wilders supply the chamber the ritual is in as well as setting up all of the items needed. And I’d think that box was cool if I didn’t know it was most likely going to kill someone.

And we’re caught up to the end of the first episode just like that.

Random Thoughts

  • I really love the music interwoven into this whole episode, it fits and definitely takes you up and down as the story goes
  • I’m curious to see the kids band together as the adults fall apart
  • You have to admit this is a group of smart kids. They think on their feet to come up with a plan. And I think the parents were just too quick to believe them, I think the parents were just hoping so much for the kids to remain ignorant to their activities that they believed them instantly.
  • The kids being typical kids and being in denial. Some of them are quick to believe their parents capable but the majority are definitely clueless to any activities of their parents. The more they find out as this series goes on, the crazier things are gonna get.
  • I really like the dynamic between Alex and Nico. He seems to understand her pain the most. But Nico’s right, he’ll never truly know. She’s lost so much from just losing that one person. Amy was her world. Alex watching her through the door as she left, just tugs the heartstrings.
  • This scene with Frank almost coming across the other box and whoever or whatever is in it. My heart was in my throat imagining what could have happened to Frank. Because obviously what they do with these kids they’re killing has to do with that. And if it didn’t get what it needed and Frank walked in. I feel this episode would have gotten extra interesting.
  • Gert singing that beautiful and haunting song, nothing more to say. Other than that possible dinosaur in the basement seems to have good taste. Kudos to Ariella Barer on her amazing voice.
  • That DAMN barrett! If they get caught over Molly’s cute kitty she’ll never live down the little sister umbrella she’s under.
  • This is going to be one wild ride, and I am here for it!

Marvel’s Runaways airs on HULU, new episodes every Tuesdays. And for my fellow Canadian’s Showcase runs it every Wednesday at 8 pm.

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