Marvel’s “Runaways” 1×03 Review: Destiny


Marvel’s Runaways “Destiny” was an enjoyable hour of TV that progressed the storyline and only suffered from a few missteps. And that’s saying a lot considering that this is an adaptation and so many things get lost in translation along the way or are altered for the TV adaptation. And that’s something I’ve definitely noticed about this series. (Which, if you haven’t checked out the comics, then what are you waiting for?)

Spoilers ahead! Let’s go!

The biggest change between this show and the comics so far is the expansion of the parents storylines. In the comics they’re very one dimensional super villains in a world where people like Captain America, the X-men, and Spiderman are common knowledge. In this adaptation time is spent on each parent as a means of strengthening their bonds with their parents and making the kids interactions more relatable to us, the viewer. 

And it’s such a smart move! We all can relate to the overbearing parent who’s on your case to do better at school or the hipster parents who try to be cool.

Then we have Molly Hernandez.

Molly is one of the kids that’s been changed the most from her comic book counterpart. A lot of these changes are especially highlighted in this episode. In the comics she’s arguably one of the most powerful, but much like the show. she’s constantly underestimated. The Molly in the books is a much more naive and eager character. In the show she is that sunny, bright character with the ability to hide her issues and deal with them on her own. Also, Molly in the comic books may have superhuman strength but she relies heavily on the older kids.

This version of Molly is a little more assertive, braver, and funnier. And that makes her even more relatable in my book.

Additionally they raised Molly’s age, which has made her resourceful and street smart. But like a typical teenager she doesn’t always think things through, case in point passing out in the alley after using her powers. When Mrs. Wilder had that syringe reading I was yelling at the TV screen for Molly to get the hell out of the car. Thankfully Molly plucked at her heartstrings and she left it to the side.

A relationship that hasn’t overly changed (and I’m super grateful for it) is Chase and Gert. In the comics they were really the only romantic relationship that worked out. Granted they started as just physical, but by the end they truly loved each other. And the relationship seems to be building the same way on the TV adaptation. The only road bump in the show for them is Karolina, who wasn’t an issue in the comics.

I see Marvel’s Runaways trying to push us to ship Chase x Karolina and I’m sorry, I’m a hardcore Chase x Gert fan. They’re my favourite kind of couple. They snark back and forth and don’t take shit from the other. Chase builds up Gert’s confidence and Gert breaks down Chase’s walls. I’m hoping they continue to move in that direction and not just have Gert pine over Chase the whole season. Gert is so much more than that. She’s such a strong and independent character and I only pray that comes through in the show more than it has already.

Don’t get me wrong, we got some cute moments with them this episode. I was squeeing at Gert checking out Chase’s junk in the X-ray goggles. In the comics Chase had done it to the girls. And then Gert figuring out exactly which fabric she needed and suddenly having a dress made out of it when Chase would be wearing the same goggles, I would’ve been rolling on the floor if I didn’t have my headphones on at the time. I really like the funny moments we get with them. Because even though it dealt with serious shit the comics had plenty of room for humour. I’m ecstatic the show has decided that this an important part of what they’re bringing to screen.

Also, Gert saving them from the dinosaur is right out of the comics, and I’m glad they figured out a way to incorporate that because Gert and her dino are kick ass.

Now that we’re done comparing the show to the comics, let’s dive into the meat of this episode and hit up on a couple points I really enjoyed:


They do a great job of highlighting just how young Molly is compared to the others; how it isolates her because she’s different, even before her powers came to light. But as much as she’s wrote off by the older kids, she thinks pretty fast on her feet throughout this episode, covering up for all of them if any questions are asked about the night before.

I kind of got a Dawn Summers trying to be a part of the Scooby gang vibe from Molly. Like she tries to be in the crazy as much as the older ones but it usually lands her in hot water. But Molly is way better at dodging trouble than Dawn ever was.

Gert & Chase

Gert is so eager to help Chase and he’s still just trying to pretend he isn’t enjoying it. I’m all for the jock loving the nerd trope, but this is also the jock as a secret nerd trope. I’m all in. Gert checking Chase out with the X-ray goggles is the complete opposite of the comics but I was yelling “you go girl!” at my TV. I like their sarcastic banter back and forth even in the serious moments when they’re both freaking out about possibly finding dead bodies.

Gert and Chase are definitely an important relationship in the comics and I’m happy that this has translated well onto the screen. 


This episode has Karolina questioning her life while at the same time grasping at this image of her Mom as this strong, fair person. But it’s one of those things, once the blindfold is pulled off it’s hard to pull it back on. Karolina has started to notice everything, slowly but surely. And yet she still seems to miss certain things, like the fact that Destiny’s phone plays a disconnected message but she’s been texting her. Here’s hoping that by the end of this episode her naivety and trust in her mother will shatter. 

If this episode was an indication of the storytelling we’ve got coming at us, we’re in for an amazing adventure with Marvel’s Runaways. The comics were always very character driven and I’m glad, even though many changes have been made to the actual plot line, this has stayed on. 

Random Thoughts

  • I need to know what happened to Frank Dean. The Wilders discussing him taking the Synergy Serum and never being the same again has me piqued. I was curious why Frank wasn’t included in the Pride as he’s definitely a full card member in the comics.
  • I love the burgeoning relationship between Nico and Alex, they are very isolated characters before the show starts. And I always wanna see those kinds of characters find happiness in people.
  • The monkey wrench of Janet Stein and Robert Mironu being in a scandalous affair is a sign of the show cashing in on the sex aspect of TV. I honestly could’ve done without it but I do want Janet and Robert to be happy. Their spouses are real pieces of work. I think they are better people than that.

Marvel’s Runaways airs on HULU, new episodes every Tuesdays. And for my fellow Canadian’s Showcase runs it every Wednesday at 8 pm.

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