Marvel’s ‘Runaways’ 1×04 Review: Fifteen


If you think that your parents are crazy, well you need to realize that your parents are pretty sane compared to the parents on Marvels Runaways. Lord, if my parents ever said that they were joining a charity after watching this show, I would seriously be like ya – not happening.

So we’re picking up right where we left off. We know that the girl from the weird ass church is dead, but not the way that the parents thought she died. She didn’t disappear or whatever that damn box is (which hey – memo to ones self – never get in the van with strangers, but I thought that was common sense).

Lets break it down by parents and kids.

Crazy Damn Rents

So when you think your parents have issues, these ones take the cast. We all know from the first few episodes, Mr. Stein seems to have short dick syndrome, cause he can’t admit that he’s washed up. But he crossed over from that syndrome to really fucked up when he went trying to find someone else to sacrifice.

Like seriously, did you really just hit some girl in the head with a tire iron and toss her in the back of your van. YOU ARE CERTIFIABLE.

I haven’t read the comics, so I don’t know why they are doing this and I don’t know who the man in the spiritual room is that makes me gag. Like I don’t get it. Sure, yes – we’re going to find this out. But what I would like to find out is why they all lost their fucking minds and thought it was okay to kill people for this man.

Also I would like to know why the fuck Karolina’s Mom crawled into bed with him naked. LIKE GIRL…

Though I will say that Karolina’s mom is too manipulative. She worked her shit to make her husband think that she was praying  on him. Why is he the only husband not involved?

What the hell are these parents up to? The only parents I like are Gert and Molly’s, because they want to get away from the craziness. But why the hell is it that any of them joined Pride, I don’t know. I have to say though, how everyone is dealing with the fact that there is a dinosaur in that family – well….

The truth is all these parents make me worry about how these kids are gonna be – cause LORD. If you are a product of your environment – they are fucked.

Alex and Nico 

I am anxious to learn more about Alex, because he seems like a people pleaser, but he also seems like a good kid. But I think that he’s dealing with whatever is happening harder than anyone. There is something more to learn about him, but what that is right now, I am not sure.

He wants to believe that his parents are innocent – that all the parents are. So no shock here that he agrees to go with Nico to the police station to tell them what’s happening. But when they get there, and they are waiting to talk to the cops – they see Chase’s Dad and Nico’s coming in to talk to the cops.

They know that it’s not longer safe to talk to the cops. So seriously, what’s going on with that?

But whatever it is – when the two of them are at a coffee shop and Alex gets kidnapped, I freaked out.

Who is after these kids?

I feel the person that is suffering the most is Nico. She’s lost her sister and there is something happening there, but the thing is – I think she knows more than she’s saying.

Karolina and Chase

Well, well, well… Karolina seems so sweet and innocent, but not going to lie – sometimes I am not buying the overly sweet act. She seems to be too quick to believe that the parents are innocent, that it’s all part of her church.

I for the life of me can’t see how that is any better.

Now, no shocker here – we seem to be on the path to Karolina and Chase being together. Though Karolina doesn’t know why everyone is mad at Chase because of her. I laughed out loud when that girl called her a lacrosse running slut. Umm… those assholes tried to assault her you small minded piece of shit.

What I love about Chase is that he may be a “meat head” (I hate that term, but…)/jock but he sticks up for what is right.

The guys on the team try to get him to let it go, but he’s not going to. He is not having their shit. The coach on the bus tries to tell the kids that whatever is happening to them should be put aside for the team. For a quick second you think that Chase is gonna fall for that shit.

But he quits the team and heads to Karolina’s. Gert is there, but when she goes, Chase and Karolina hang out. She shows him what happens when he takes off her bracelet. He’s enamored.

It’s obvious – the tension between these two. We know something is going to happen between them and I have to say I am here for it.

I just think that something happening between the two of them would be something that would cause issues with Gert, because it’s obvious she wants to be with him.

Gert Yorkes and Molly Hernandez

So the dinosaur attacks Molly and we see her wig out and the strength of 20 people embodies her. She is able to kick him off and goes running, but Gert is there quickly to save her.

For some reason that Dinosaur listens to Gert.

When the parents get back and they lock the dinosaur back in the basement, they try to tell the girls that they are moving.

Now I want to applaud these parents thinking that they could get away from Pride, but we’ve established, THEY ARE FUCKING NUTS

The Yorkes aren’t going anywhere.


  • Nico’s Mom is insane. Like stalker insane. Like someone needs to institutionalize her
  • What is up with the damn cult?
  • Is there anything that this show doesn’t have? Cause that’s a dinosaur.
  • Gregg Sulkin has big muscles.

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